Hetalia: Next Countries

Running away from Russia

Germanancy was glad that she was in Ivan's warm home, but she could hear rough winds bowing outside and knew that the blizzard was on its way. She was bundled up by the fire place, drinking some hot coca. Ivan smiled at her, which was kind of creepy.

"Is there something on my face?" he asked. Germanancy realized she was staring at him. She turned away.

"No, it's just that...we're enemies. Why would you show me such hospitality?"

"I am not like my father, nor am I like many others around here. I'm caring and I give the person a chance to speak instead of killing them instantly," Ivan said.

"You say that like you know me. What if I attacked and killed you now? I've noticed that you often drop your guard," Germanancy said.

"I only make you think that I dropped my guard, but I've been watching you closely since you've arrived. I know that you are not that kind of person who would kill the person who helps her."

"But I could, you know. I have the power to kill you if I wish."

"You are not like that. And I have the power to kill you as well," Ivan said. He did have a point, Germanancy thought to herself, he was a part-country too. Countries could only be killed by other countries, so they both could kill each other if they wanted to.

They heard a door open and close. Ivan was a bit shocked. Who would be foolish enough to be outside when a blizzard was going to hit? He went to the door and put his ear to it to hear who it was who walked in. Germanancy held a confused face.

"What's wrong?"

"Shh! Being quiet!" Ivan whispered to her. He heard Lithuania's voice.

"Oh, Mr. Russia! I didn't expect you home so soon." Ivan nearly choked. Russia was home! And Ivan had Germanancy in their house without Russia knowing! If he found Germanancy...Ivan didn't want to think about that.

"Hiding, quickly!" Ivan said as he grabbed Germanancy's arm.

"What?! Let go!" Germanancy said. Ivan led her over to the closet and tossed her in.

"Ivan!" she exclaimed as she landed hard on the floor.

"Being quiet! If my father finds you, it could get ugly. Being quiet until I come back for you, da?"

"A-alright," Germanancy said with a nod. Ivan closed the closet door, just as he heard his father approaching the door.

"Mr. Russia! I don't think you should be going in there!" Ivan heard Latvia say. Russia ignored him and opened the door.

"Oh, Ivan. Are you feeling well?" he smiled as he saw his son. Ivan forced a smile.

"Da. Who did you fight today?" he noticed that the Baltics were giving him looks that were wondering where Germanancy was hiding.

"Switzerland again. I'm begging to think he doesn't like me," Russia said. He turned his back to his son for a moment. Ivan took that time to give the Baltics a jester to the closet. He then mouthed, 'In there', silently. The Baltics nodded, understanding that Ivan had hid her in the closet.

Russia smiled and turned to the Baltics.

"I'm sure my son and I have a lot to talk about. Why don't you all go doing cleaning the floors in the halls?"

"Oh, well, actually," Lithuania said as the three of them swallowed nervously and trembled. They glanced at Ivan and he nodded in a way that told them that he would handle the situation.

"Go on ahead," he smiled.

"Y-yes, Sir," they said to Russia and left.

Russia took off his coat and walked over to the closet. Ivan stood in the way.

"What are you doing?" he asked him. Russia smiled and played along.

"Putting coat in closet, da?"

"But you should be hanging it on a coat hanger," Ivan said.

"Coat hanger in closet," Russia smiled.

"It not really that important. Why don't you sit down and relax?" Ivan said.

"You seem to not wanting me going into closet very badly, Ivan. You hiding something?" Ivan swallowed and all at once, he felt himself begging to sweat. Then they heard a cough come from inside the closet. Russia smiled at stared at the closet door. Ivan though fast and he pretended to cough.

"I-I am having this cough lately. I might be catching cold," he said. Russia put his hand of Ivan's forehead.

"You don't have a fever. You were born in this climate, you should not be getting sick so easily."

"Yeah, that's because it came so suddenly. I was thinking that maybe-"

"Who is our guest, Ivan?" Russia said, cutting him off.

"'Guest'? What 'guest'? I didn't know that we had company," Ivan said.

"Move," Russia said, pushing past his son.

"No, Father! It's nothing! A rat maybe?" Ivan said. Russia sung open the closet door and there was Germanancy, hands covering her mouth. She stared up at him in shock as he only smiled. Ivan pretended he didn't know her.

"W-where did she coming from?" he said.

"A rat, Ivan? She doesn't looking like rat. She looking more like a person," Russia smiled.

"Did I say 'rat'? More liking 'girl'." Russia shook his head.

"You disappoint me, Ivan. You planed on hiding her until it safe for her to leave."

"No!" Ivan said, the word coming out before he could think of anything else to say.

"Da. You thinking to fool me," Russia said, "You should know that I cannot be fooled." Ivan hung his head a little.

"She is daughter of Germany. Another nuisance to destroy." Before Ivan or Germanancy could react, Russia grabbed her around the neck and gave it a squeeze. Germanancy pulled back at Russia's arm, trying to get him off her.

"Father!" Ivan said as he tried to help her.

"Other countries will be destroyed by me. That goes for future generations too," Russia said. Germanancy was begging to gag and she struggled to breathe.

"Father, please don't! She came here by accident! She doesn't mean any harm! I've kept a close eye on her! She ran away from home because of an argument! Don't kill her, she's innocent! She didn't hurt me!" Ivan said, desperate for his father to let her go. Germanancy could feel her air tubes begging to puncture and her vision was begging to fade.

Suddenly, there was a gunshot. Russia loosened his grip on Germanancy, and she gasped for air. Ivan and Russia stared to see Germany, with a gun in his arms. He had the gun pointed at them.

"All right, Russia. Both of you step away from her quietly," he said. Germanancy was glad to see him, despite that she was still a little angry with him.

"Father!" she breathed with relief. Ivan began to approach her, hoping that he could help her get up.

"You stay where you are!" Germany said. Ivan froze and decided to obey Germany's wises. He slowly stepped away from her. Germany began to approach her, not putting his gun down for a seconded.

"You alright?" he asked her. Germanancy nodded and rubbed her neck. Germany put down his gun and helped her stand up. That was a mistake, however. Russia grabbed his gun and swung it around Germany's neck and held him back.

"Fazer!" Germanancy screamed. Ivan grabbed her and pulled her down to the floor.

"Taking cover!" he said. He knew this was going to get ugly.

Germany thought fast and jabbed his elbow in Russia's chest, forcing him to lose his grip a little. But even a little was enough for Germany to make another hit in the chest. Then he grabbed Russia and though him over his shoulder to the ground. Russia grabbed him and pulled him to the ground and stabbed a pocket knife in his arm.

Germanancy screamed and Ivan covered her eyes.

"Don't look! We should leave before we end up getting hurt, da?" Ivan said.

"I can't just leave them!" Germanancy said, shaking her head.

"Listen! I know better than to get involved into fights my Father starts. Neither are they going to leave until the other dies or admits defeat. And I doubt that even your father will accept defeat. Is better that we leave before it gets worse."

"NO! I'm not leaving!" Geranancy said. Ivan put a hand on her shoulder.

"Da. We must." Germanancy pulled away.

"Nein! Nein!"

"I am sorry," Ivan said as he picked her up, despite her kicks and screams of protest. They left, but neither country refused to back down for even a second. Germany did notice Ivan take her away.

"Nein! Germanancy!"

Germanacy shivered for fear of what would befall her father as Ivan put her down.

"I understand how you feel. But if my Father succeeds in killing yours, then I am most certain that he would kill you as well. I'm sure your father would do the same to me," Ivan said.

"That doesn't give my any comfort. But my Father is not merciless. I doubt he would kill you. He came for me, not to slaughter you," she said. Ivan smiled.

"We should be getting the sleep. Tomorrow is another big day, I am sure." Germanancy turned away, but then a thought came to her.

"Ivan? I thought you said there was a blizzard coming?"

Ivan held a surprised look on his face. Then he smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

"Forgetting about that."

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