Hetalia: Next Countries


"Big Brother! Big Brother!" Liechtenstein cried as she ran out of Switzerland's back door of his home. Switzerland was hanging the dirty laundry on the clothes line to dry. He turned to Liechtenstein as she ran up. She breathed for air and let her hands rest on her knees as she tried catching her breath.

"Liechtenstein, what's the matter? You're usually not this upset," Switzerland said. Liechtenstein had tears in her green eyes, and she wiped them away before she spoke.

"It's-It's Emily! She's gone! I've looked everywhere for her! I'm so worried!" Switzerland was worried as well, but he didn't want her know it. He put his hands on her shoulders.

"Well, the first thing you can do is dry those tears and take a deep breath. You're so worked up that I doubt you can think strait. You always was a silly girl, you know that?"

"Okay," Liechtenstein said as she wiped away her tears and took a deep breath like he instructed her to do.

"That feels better, doesn't it?"

"Not really," she replied, struggling not to cry again.

"Tell me what happened. When was the last time you saw her?" Switzerland asked.

"Last time I saw her, she was home with me. I woke up this morning and went to wake her, but she was gone! I've looked everywhere! Even in her favorite places to hide and play! I don't know what to do anymore! She's never done this before! She's only eight years old, you know!" she was beginning to panic again.

"Come on now! I told you to stop crying!" Switzerland said. He understood that she was worried for her daughter's safety, but Switzerland didn't like seeing Liechtenstein cry.

"I'll help you look for her, I guess. Know stop crying. I like to see a happy look on your face." Liechtenstein sniffled and wiped her tears away again and nodded. He looked to the lush, green fields on they countryside.

"I'm going to need an extra pair of eyes. Someone will need to stay here in case she returns," he said.

Travis sat on a rock and played the flute. The goats and sheep brayed as if they were singing to the tune the teenager played. Some went to eating the grass, however, but their ears twitched in sync to the rhythm of the tune. Travis put down the flute for a moment and stared out to the mountains.

"Travis," Switzerland called as he walked up to him, "I have some bad news, I'm afraid."

"What is it, Father?" the teenager asked. Travis was the very picture of Switzerland, but he wore a red beret. Because of his father's neutrality, Travis was never involved in any violence. He'd only heard what war was, but it was only recently that he has discovered what it was because of Russia's invasion. He never pulled the trigger on anyone, but his father still taught him how to use a gun for defense.

"It's Emily. Liechtenstein says she has disappeared," Switzerland told him. Travis stared at him.

"What? Has she looked hard enough? Maybe she has overlooked something?"

"She said that she looked everywhere. Liechtenstein said that she would never leave home. I'm afraid that she was kidnapped. It's the only conclusion," Switzerland said. Travis was shocked.

"But Emily's so innocent! No one hated her! I don't think that Liechtenstein has looked hard enough!" he was so outraged by the news that he stood up and clinched his fists.

"Travis, settle down. I know that you are close to Emily. I couldn't tell Liechtenstein that she was kidnapped. I know that I would make her more upset if I said that to her," he put a hand on his son's shoulder, "I'm going to need an extra pair of eyes to help find her."

"I'll go look for her! I'll even leave the country, if I have to!" Travis said. Switzerland shook his head.

"Travis, you know that the world has grown a lot more dangerous now that that Yao person is on the lose. You and Liechtenstein stay here in case Emily comes back. I'll leave and go look for her outside the country."

"Father, please! I know Emily more than anyone! I'm sure I'll could find her faster! I don't care about that Yao person! I'll beat him up with your peace prize!" Travis said. Switzerland smiled only for a brief moment, but he again turned back to his seriousness. He was proud that his son was brave and determined.

"But you haven't killed anyone before. How do you expect to kill Yao? You don't have it in you to kill anyone. No, its better that I go searching for Emily."

"And if someone happens to invade the country while you're gone, who will protect the land? If you say that I don't have it in me to kill anyone, then how can I keep the country safe with you gone?" Travis challenged. He wasn't going to back down from this argument. He knew he had a better chance to find his friend. Emily was more like a little sister to him, in truth. Switzerland sighed.

"You're not going to give up until you're the one looking for Emily, are you?"

"No," Travis said. Switzerland stared at him a long moment.

"Well, in hard times like these, you'll going to have to learn how to fend for yourself. Maybe if you promise to be careful-" He couldn't even finish when Travis's face turned to joy and happiness.

"Thank you, Father! I promise that I'll return with Emily! And when that day comes, I'll no longer be a child!" Switzerland gave a nod with a grunt.

"I'm probably going to regret it later, though. Just promise that you'll be careful and that you'll return as soon as you find her."

"Yes, Father, of course! I won't come back until I find Emily and bring her home safely." With that said, Travis went to pack for his trip. Switzerland followed, but he still felt unsure about the whole thing.

"From here on, it's only going to get worse," he said to himself.

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