Hetalia: Next Countries

Finally, we're together

"We stay in there until storm passes, da?" Ivan asked Germanancy as he pointed to a dark, gloomy cave. Germanancy was rubbing her shoulders for warmth. The snow was rising by the second and, because of the blizzard that was on its way, it was also getting colder. If Germanancy only knew that she was going as far as Russia, she would have worn warmer clothes. But she didn't plan on coming to Russia. She looked over at the cave Ivan was pointing at. She forced a small smile.

"Will it be warmer?"

"Da, if we start a fire," Ivan smiled and nodded, "It will protect us from blizzard."

"Then I'll take it!" she exclaimed as she quickly rushed in. Ivan smiled, but shook his head.

"It snow in your country too," he said.

"Ja, but you're not the one who vas foolish to come without wearing warmer clothes."

"I get firewood, da?"

"Okay, but what can I do?" Germanancy asked. She didn't want Ivan to do all the work, and she didn't want to sit there looking pathetic. But Ivan smiled and took off his scarf. He rested it on her neck.

"You just try to stay warm, tovarich."


"It meaning friend," Ivan explained. Germanancy smiled and nodded.

"Alright, friend." She could see that it was probably better for her to stay someplace safe without Ivan worrying about her. As Ivan left to get the wood for the fire, Germanancy rubbed her hands together and blew hot air into them. That scarf was warm and it felt warmer to have it. She was glad that Ivan was kind enough to lend her his scarf, but she felt as if she should do something.

Ivan came back a few minutes later and held branches and twigs from trees in both arms. Within another moment, they had a fire going and it started to warm up quickly. Ivan looked over at her and noticed that she started to nod off to sleep from the warmth.

"Why not get sleep? We will be here for long time," he suggested.

"Oh! Do I really look tired to you?" Germanancy asked. She blushed out of embarrassment. She probably looked really silly, starting to fall asleep. She decided that maybe she should get some sleep. They have been looking for shelter all day, and he did have a point, with the blizzard and all.

"Alright." she lied down, but she couldn't bring herself to sleep. What happened to her father and Russia? Did they give up the fight? Did one of them die? Where they out looking for their children? Was her father taken prisoner? All kinds of questions arose inside her head. She knew, however, that it wasn't best for her to worry about bad possibilities. Her father was strong, but so was Russia. Her father just had to still be alive. It wouldn't solve anything if she worried about them. She closed her eyes and decided to let herself go to sleep.

Ivan was thinking the same as Germanancy too. He was worried for them both. But just like Germanancy, he knew that he shouldn't let himself think of things like that. He looked out the cave. Everything was darker, and the snow was blowing more violently. At last, the blizzard had come.

Ivan fell asleep shortly after. They were both sleeping soundly, until he woke up to a growling sound. He opened his eyes and the growling got louder. It was coming from deeper inside the cave. He sat up and looked towards the growling. It didn't sound like a stomach growling, that's for sure. Sweat feel from his face as a large, brown bear came into the light of the fire. He didn't sound too happy that there were strangers in his cave. Ivan tapped Germanancy's shoulder gently. One of her eyes opened.

"What?" she said in a drowsy voice. She sounded half asleep.

"Waking up now, da?" Ivan asked as he started to shake her shoulders. She now opened both eyes and stood up, wiping away the tiredness.

"Is the blizzard over?"

"No, but we having company," Ivan said as he gestured his head at the bear. Germanancy followed his gaze that fell on the brown bear. She almost jumped out of her skin.

"I-Ivan, that's a bear! What do we do? He doesn't seem too happy about us staying in his cave."

"Da, but I knowing what to do," Ivan smiled.

"What? What do we do?"

"We running!" Ivan said as he picked up Germanancy. Germanancy could only guess what Ivan was going to do.

"Oh no! You're not thinking of going outside, are you? It's a blizzard! We could get frostbite!" she complained.

"You want frostbite or bear to be eating you?" Germanacy stared back at the bear. His mouth was drooling and he looked really hungry. Germanancy gulped and wrapped her arms around Ivan's neck.

"I choose frostbite! Get us out of here!"

Ivan liked her plan and he turned around and ran out into the blizzard. The bear growled and stood on two feet, waving his arms in anger. Then he got back on all fours and ran blindly after them. Both children could hear the bear following them. The blizzard was blinding, and Germanancy doubted that Ivan knew where he was going. But right now, getting away from the bear was the important thing.

Without warning, Ivan tripped and they both crashed into the snow. Germanancy couldn't find the strength to get up. It was way too cold. Ivan wasn't even close to giving up. He picked her up again and continued to run, even though it was harder to do in a blizzard. He looked down at Germanancy. She was freezing and her lips were a little blue. She looked a little pale too. It didn't sound that the bear was chasing them anymore. Most likely, it gave up. Or waiting for the runaway food to freeze so when the blizzard pass, he cold feast. Ivan wasn't going to let that happen. He had to do something about his friend. If he didn't, she will freeze to death. He stopped running, but he didn't for long. He reached in his pocket and brought out a bottle of vodka. He let some of the alcohol drip on his hand to test the temperature. He gave it a taste. It was still warm. Perfect.

Ivan patted Germanancy's cheeks to wake her. She opened her eyes and shivered.

"Here. Drink and it will be warming you," Ivan said. She grabbed the bottle with shivering, cold hands. She then brought the vodka to her lips and took a few sips. Vodka wasn't what she was used to, but it was warm and did help some. Ivan picked her up and started to walk again. Thankfully, he was still able to move.


"I do not think it would be best if we went that way," Kibu told the group, "There is a blizzard. I can feel the wind coming down from the mountains." May stopped too. She nodded.

"Yes, that is what chi of earth say." Amelia raised an eyebrow.

"What's 'chi'?"

"It is what gives both living and non-living things movement. Without it, nothing could function," May explained. Amelia started to nod in understanding.

"Oh, so it's like the muscles in your body," she concluded.

"Hai," Japan nodded. May smiled and nodded.

"Yes. Something like that."

"Do you think we'll find the other two soon?" Elizabeth asked.

"I don't know," May said, "but I hope so."

"Don't touch me!" Roma said as he slapped his younger half-brother’s hand away. Ita whimpered and rubbed his sore hand.

"But Im so nervous! What do you think these other children are going to be like?"

"How should I know? I'm not them!" Roma said.

"He's only curious, Roma," Francis winked and blew a kiss. Roma shivered. Francis was so WEIRD!

"What is that?' Kibu asked as he looked towards the mountains. Everyone followed his gaze. Amelia frowned.

"I don't see anything. Just a big mountain."

"People!" May said. Sure enough, they could see a person carrying another coming into view.

"They look like children!" Ita exclaimed. As they came closer, the group could make out that it was a teenaged boy and a teenaged girl.

"They probably should have help," Francis said.

"Right!" Amelia smiled, "come on!" she gestured to her friends to follow her.

The boy looked a little relived as he saw the group approaching.

"Hey, are you okay?" Amelia asked. The boy collapsed to the ground, dropping the girl in the process. May rushed up.

"What happened?"

"Help...friend," the boy said before he fell unconscious. The group could only guess that he was referring to the girl. May gasped.

"She has frostbite! They must have come down from the mountains. From the blizzard.

"They must have wasted themselves," Amelia said, nodding to the bottle vodka in the girl's hands.

"I doubt that was the case," May said, "I think this boy was trying to help her. The vodka is warm, so he probably gave it to her so she could stay warm."

"But he looks like he's in bad shape too," Elizabeth said.

"What if they're the ones we're looking for?" Ita suggested. Amelia laughed.

"Dude, I don't think they are!"

"Well, think about it," May said, "We're looking for a Russian boy and a German girl. And that's what they are. I also don't think us meeting them is by chance. I think they are the ones."

"Well, I think we should do something to help them. Part-Countries or not," Elizabeth said. The others nodded.


Germanancy regained her consciousness, only to find an Italian smiling down at her. She screamed and moved away a few inches. She was sitting by a fire and the sun looked like it was going down.

"Who are you?! Where's Ivan?!" she said. Ita smiled.

"My name is Ita. You're friend is okay, and so are you! By the way," Ita blushed, "you're cute."

"Oh, well, danke. I guess. Thank goodness that Ivan is okay. I was really worried that we weren't going to make it."

"So now we are together. Good, now we can focus on defeating Yao," May said. Germanancy stared at her.

"What? Who's Yao? And what do you mean we are together?"

"Yao is a man from my country who is trying to rule the world. He hypnotized my father into making him give up country and hand it over to him. But it's not just my country he wants. No, he wants to rule the world. Everyone is in danger because of him. There is a prophecy that only the children of the Great Eight Nations can defeat him," May explained. Germanancy could only listen.

"If we defeat Yao, we'll have peace," May continued, "We cannot run from this."

"So basically, it's another World War?" Germanancy asked. May nodded.

"I am afraid so."

"I think it sucks," Amelia said, "I mean, why did it have to be us?"

"Why would it have to be anybody?" Elizabeth said, crossing her arms.

"And what about Ivan? Has he agreed to help you?" Germanacy asked.

"Yes. He doesn't like the idea about Yao, so he has agreed to help us. Will you help us?" May said. Germanancy gave it some thought. Her father has just paid off the First World War Of course, saving the world was more important than money. But there was still the matter of survival. Will she live through this war? Being in a war not only sounded really important, but it also sounded really terrifying. She couldn't just let this Yao character take over every nation. And if the prophecy said that she was one of the heroes, she had to accept.

"Alright. I'll help you defeat Yao. But you can't promise us going back home, can you?"

"No," May said after a moment. Germanancy was silent. She didn't want to die. If she was to save the world, then she would have to accept her fate. She nodded.

"I have made up my mind," she said. May nodded.

"Very well. Welcome to the team. What is your name? What should we call you?"


"Germanancy?" Ita said, raising an eyebrow. Germanancy chuckled.

"Just call me Nancy for short."

"VE! Nancy!" Ita said as he started to give her a hung. Nancy held up a hand.

"Nein, I hardly know you. I'm not ready for hugs yet."

"Oh," Ita said, feeling a bit sad. Instead, they shook hands.

May looked to the setting sun that day.

"Look out, Yao. We're are coming for you. And we will defeat you." She looked back at her friends, who were getting to know each other better. "I hope so, at least."
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