Hetalia: Next Countries

Feeling Weakness

China took a deep breath and exhaled deeply as he walked to Buddha's Temple. He's felt extremely weak lately and he didn't understand why. He had so many questions that he didn't understand, he had to ask Buddha for guidance. He lit a candle as he entered and knelt in front of the Buddha Statue. After a moment he then bowed his head to the floor and chanted a prayer quietly. He was silent a moment and then looked up at the Statue.

"Buddha, what must I do? May is gone and I have no idea where she could be. I no understand why she left in first place. Also, I'm growing weak. Ill. It's as if I am turning into normal human. Ever since Yao came...but I do not distrust him. I am sure he will be good suitor, but-"

"You seem a bit troubled, China." Startled by the sudden new voice, China looked up in sock. He looked back towards the entrance and saw Yao. He walked up to China and gave both him and the Buddha Statue an honorable bow. China started to relax.

"Oh, it is only you, Yao! You scared me a little."

"I've noticed," Yao smiled. He then noticed China giving him hopeful eyes.

"May? Is she alright? Have you found her?"

"No, I'm sorry," Yao said with a reluctant sigh and shook his head. China sighed sadly and put a hand over his face. He looked as if he had a tragic lost.

"Are you looking hard enough?"

"Harder than that, Sir, but I am afraid all we have been able to find out are...rumors. About May," Yao told him, "But don't be concerned. I'm sure they're only rumors."

"What kind of rumors?"

"I'm not exactly sure if you should hear them. They're a bit...disturbing."

"Tell me," Cina insisted, "I want to hear them."

"They're rumors the locals we're talking about. I had to execute them. I felt as if it was my duty. The rumors sound as if they were meant to insult you. But if you wish to know, then I will tell you."

"I have no heard the rumors yet, Yao. How could you execute the locals? Wouldn't that be my decision?" China said as he stood up. He seemed a bit angry. Yao bowed respectfully.

"Forgive me, Sir. I was merely doing what I thought was best. I will ask your permission next time. The first rumor I heard was that May jumped off a bridge and that she didn't survive. The second I heard was that she left because she hated you and now she's running away to start her own country."

"What disgusting rumors! I am glad you killed those locals. If they went around spreading rumors like that, the whole country would think ill of me!" China said with a disgust look. Yao smiled.

"Of course. But as I told you before: they are only rumors. I am a bit concerned, though. There is a group of rebellious children out there. I heard that...never mind," Yao said as he shook his head as if it wasn't important.

"What?!" China asked eagerly.

"Well, Sir. I have reason to believe that May...she could be the ringleader of this dangerous group. Just last month I captured Amelia, but she escaped."

"America's daughter? Is she part of this rebellious group?"

"I captured her to prevent her from meeting with the group, but I'm afraid she's now part of it," Yao nodded. China gasped and turned away. He bit the bottom of his sleeve.

"You really think that May wants to become a strong, new country?"

"I'm afraid it's worse than that. She wants to kill you to do it."

"Take over MY country?!" China was shocked and hurt. Would May really do such a thing? He didn't want to believe it, but he had to make sure.

"Yao? If you have any proof of this... rebellion of yours, I like to see it."

"Of course, Sir. I didn't want to believe it at first as well. But after I've captured two children who could be associated with the rebellion-"

"You captured someone who could be in league with the group? I like to see them. I wish to know my foes," China said. Anger was in his voice and his face wasn't too happy either. Yao smiled and bowed. Then he turned to the Temple's entrance and clapped his hands twice in a commanding order. Two servants walked in with two teenage boys. One looked 16 and the other looked 14.

The servants pushed the two boys to the floor and forced them to bow their heads.

"They look Spanish. Are you suggesting that Spain could be against me? What have you found out?" China said, staring first at the children then at Yao.

"I found them climbing over the Great Wall yesterday. So far I have not been able to get a lot of information out of them. But they know about the rebellious children," Yao said as he grabbed the 16 year-old's hair and forced him to look up to meet his eyes. The boy bit back a yelp and the other boy only glared at Yao in warning.

"So, China," Yao said with an evil smirk that he gave the boys, "What do you think we should do with them?" China stared down at the children for a long moment.

"Tell me. Are you in league with those rebellious children? You seem to know about them," he asked. But neither answered. China rested his hands on his hips and shook his head.

"If you will not tell me, then I will have no choice but to keep you as prisoners. We'll get information out of you two one way or another," he looked up to the servants, "don't give them anything to eat or drink until they decide to tell us what we wish to know. If that doesn't work then...we'll have to torture them." The servants felt concerned.

"Sir, don't you think you could reconsider that? I mean, they're only children," one of them asked. China sighed and shook his head.

"If they know about the plans of those rebellious children, then I'm afraid we'll have to be cruel to even children." The servants bowed to his wish and forced the children to their feet. The younger boy looked at China.

"You are being deceived. You're only a puppet in-" before he could finish his sentence, Yao smacked him in the face with the hilt of his sword.

"Silence! You had your chance to speak and you remained quiet. So watch your tongue, Boy!" he said. The older boy was outraged and struggled in the grip of the servant holding him. The teenagers were dragged away, but China seemed a bit concerned.

"That boy. He said I was a puppet and that I was being deceived. Who could he be talking about?" China asked Yao. Yao sighed in annoyance.

"Spirited child. Must be because of the rebellion those other children must be spreading. I wouldn't be concerned, China. They were only trying to make you doubt yourself."

"Yes, I suppose," China said. He felt a bit light headed. Yao grabbed him before he fell.

"China Sir?"
"I feel really weak, Yao. I must rest," China said holding his head that was beginning to sweat. Yao put his hand to China's forehead.

"You're ill. You're coming down with a fever. I'll carry you to your bed," Yao said as he picked China up and rested China's head to his shoulder while he held his arms around Yao's neck. China smiled and closed his eyes.

"Thank you, Yao. If you find May, please bring her home. I would like to have talk with her."

"Of course," Yao said. But he held a smirk.

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