Hetalia: Next Countries

Attack on Britain!

Britain took new-born Elizabeth down to the basement. He didn't want Victoria to see what he was about to do and he wasn't too proud of it himself. He walked over to the alchemical circle and laid Elizabeth down in the center. He then went to the bookshelf to get a spell book. When he found the book he went back to his daughter and flipped to the page that had the sealing spell. Before he was able to chant the spell, Elizabeth began to cry. Britain smiled and knelt down beside her and gave her a little cuddle.

"Shh, I'm right here, Princess. Everything's going to be alright. This won't hurt you at all." Elizabeth began to quiet down as she put her tiny hand to her father's face. Britain kissed her hand and held it to his face. He didn't want to do it. How could he? His daughter was innocent. She didn't know that she had control over black magic. Yet, he had to seal her power. She didn't have to suffer like he did. He knew she would want nothing more than to be an ordinary child.

He had to get it over with and done, no matter how much he didn't want to. He rested her back down in the circle and stood up.

"I have no other choice. If I don't do this now then it'll just be even harder later. I should do it now, before she has any memory of having this power." He nodded and opened the spell book again. But then the bookshelf began to raise from an unknown source. Britain rushed to the bookshelf and tried to pull them back down, but to no avail. Then a few lamps began to raise as well.

"Could Elizabeth be responsible for this? No, she shouldn't be able to do any of this while still a baby." Britain left the bookshelf and made a dive to catch a lamp that was inches away from hitting the floor.

"I didn't think she would have so much power as an infant. I hate to imagine what she would do if she was older. If I'm going to seal her power, I better do it now." Britain put both the lamps down and opened the spell book. He began chanting the spell and the alchemical circle began to glow. As Britain continued, a giant 'X' appeared above the circle. It reduced its size to fit Elizabeth's forehead. Because of all the bright lights of the spell, Elizabeth began to cry again. The light began to fade and the 'X' glowed as it made its sealing on her forehead, and then every light from the circle faded.

Britain sighed, closed the book, and closed his eyes. It was done. Elizabeth was a normal girl. The bookshelf fell calmly back into its place and all was calm. It seemed as if nothing was unusual in the room, unlike a few seconds ago. Britain took a step towards his daughter, but a scream made him almost jump. He froze as he looked towards the basement door. There, standing in the door with hands covering her mouth...was Victoria. She was shivering and her eyes were wide with fear.

"Victoria...did you?" Britain began. Victoria nodded. She ran to her daughter, who was still crying from all the bright lights. Victoria picked up her daughter, but she frowned as she saw the mark on her forehead.

"Arthur...is there something that you have been hiding from me? What was all of that just now?"

"Black magic," Britain told her, a bit reluctantly. He knew he couldn't hide anything from her now. Victoria shot him a glare.

"You mean that you control that ugly power?! What is this on Elizabeth's forehead? What have you done to her?!"

"I didn't hurt her. All I did was seal away her power," Britain told her. He was finding difficulty to meet her eyes. He was a bit ashamed from hiding the truth from his wife.

"Seal her power? Are you saying that she too has control over those ugly things?" Victoria sounded a bit furious, and Britain didn't blame her.

"Arthur, it was hard enough for me to understand you being a country, but now this? Is there anything else you want to say? Or are you finished with your secrets?" Britain looked away and said nothing. Victoria nodded.

"Alright. If you don't have any more secrets, then I guess that means this conversation is over," she took Elizabeth and began walking out of the room. She stopped in front of Britain. Britain still found it a bit difficult to meet her eyes.

"Look at me, Arthur!" Britain meet her eyes, "I don't like what you've done to our daughter one bit. If I've known that you were going to do this to her...If I've known that our child would be cursed..."

"She's not cursed, Victoria. Not anymore. That was the point of sealing her power in the first place," Britain told her. He tried to bring her into a hug, but she stepped away.

"I should have never meet you. I should have never give birth to...a cursed child," Victoria sounded a bit hurt and angry.

"Victoria..." Britain didn't know what to say to her. She slapped him and walked away. It was obvious she wanted to show how angry she was. Britain stood there, feeling ashamed. He should have known that he couldn't hide the truth from her, yet he tried to hide it anyway. Now she was angry with him, and it was only one of their first fights.

Things didn't get better after Victoria found out about Britain and Elizabeth. It only got worse. Now Victoria refused to be with Britain. She never smiled or talked. All she did, day and night, was sit in a chair by the window. She didn't even seem to want to eat. Britain was worried. He tried everything he could think of to make her smile or talk again, but nothing worked. She was too miserable. Her isolation with Britain lasted for four days, and Britain could no longer take it.

He walked up to his wife and knelt down. He put his hand over hers. She usually pulled away, but she didn't this time. She was ready to listen, and Britain was thankful. But she still wasn't happy. Britain swallowed before he spoke.

"Victoria? You haven't been yourself lately, and it's not healthy. You're miserable and you don't talk to me anymore. I can't let you go on like this. So I've made a decision. The only problem is, I can't bring myself to do it. I think it would be best if you had a say in it as well," He rubbed her hand as he spoke softly to her. She needed to be comforted. She looked up slightly and gave a little nod.

"I know of a way that can make your pain go away, but it involves black magic. I know you don't like the sound of it, but...It erases your memory, Victoria." Victoria looked up at him completely now and her eyes showed a spark of hope.

"If you erase my memory, I'll no longer have to suffer like this?" She asked. Her voice was quiet. Britain nodded.

"Yes, but it comes with a price. If I erase your memory then you will forget everything about me. But that also means forgetting about Elizabeth too."

"I see," Victoria said, feeling a bit uncertain.

"I don't want to do it, but I don't want to see you suffer either. I didn't want to do it without your permission. It won't hurt you. You will forget everything about me and Elizabeth just as easy and fast like turning off a light switch."

"I don't want to feel this pain anymore, Arthur. As much as I don't want to forget about you or Elizabeth, this could be the only cure for me. Please, erase my memory. Take it away so I can feel better again," Victoria said. She sounded as if she was going to cry. Britain was afraid she would say that, though. He didn't want her to forget about him, but he knew she was right. She'll never be happy again if he doesn't do it. He put a hand to her forehead.

"Alright. Is there anything you regret? Something that you won't be sorry for later?"

"The only thing that I regret is that I actually loved you. That I was too blind to know what you truly were." Britain wanted to object to that last remark, but decided not to. This was her decision, and Britain knew he couldn't change that.

"In that case," he swallowed, "Let me tell you one last thing. I love you, Victoria. More than anything. Perhaps...could you at least say goodbye to Elizabeth?" Victoria nodded.

Britain picked up his daughter from the cradle and brought her over to Victoria. Victoria smiled as she took Elizabeth into her embrace. She was beginning to cry.

"Goodbye, Elizabeth. I love you so much," she then looked up at her husband, "And I love you too, Arthur. I am ready." Britain took a deep breath and almost choked. He couldn't cry, not in front of Victoria. He couldn't stop a tear from falling from his face, however. He wiped it away.

"Alright then," he put his hand on her forehead again, "Let your memories of Elizabeth and I begone forever. When you awake, you will be back at your old apartment. You won't remember anything. So now, Victoria, sleep. And a new life will begin for you." A bright light appeared around Victoria and she began to fade away. Just before she was gone completely, she gave Elizabeth one last cuddle and handed her to Britain. Britain took Elizabeth into his arms, but he could no longer could keep his tears at bay. When Victoria was gone, he fell to his knees and wept uncontrollably with Elizabeth in his arms. Four years, and already it seemed like only yesterday when he saw that beautiful woman standing beside him in the rain.

As Britain walked in his home, he felt the memory of Victoria return to him. He wondered what she was doing in her life. Was she well? How much older has she gotten? Where was she now? He sighed and decided to push the thought of her away. No sense in worrying about her. But he returned home without Elizabeth again today. It was terrible! Where could Elizabeth be? There was so much danger now, he wondered if she was still alive.

"Well, well, well. I was hoping that you would return, Britain," came a voice. Britain turned around and saw a Chinese man leaning against the wall in the hall.

"Who are you?" Britain asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course. Where are my manners?" he gave a slight bow in greeting, "My name is Yao."

"Yao? Are you the character that's going around and causing disputes among the other nations?"

"Why, yes. I guess you can say that," Yao smirked. Britain glared at him.

"Why are you here? To make me get into a fight with another? Or do you want me to join your side?"

"I don't want you to join my side, nor am I here to make you get involved in a fight with other countries. I'm here because I'm looking for your daughter."

"What do you want with Elizabeth?" Britain didn't like where this was going. He was beginning to get bad feelings about Yao. He didn't trust him.

"She seems to be lost," Yao said, "I came here to get something. I'll need it to bring Elizabeth to me."

"What is it you're looking for?"

"I've already found it. You, Britain. I'm looking for you," Yao smirked again. Britain began to back away.

"Me? Why do you need me?"

"I'll only need a DNA sample. So, Britain, come and show me your strength." Britain had no clue what Yao was talking about, but he didn't want to stop and ask. Just when he was about to show Yao what he could do, three Chinese warriors broke through the windows and began to surround Britain.

"So you're sending in your servants to fight me. Eh, Yao?" he said.

"They've been waiting for a chance to play with someone, Britain. So I promised it would be you. But these aren't just any warriors. They're a special source," Yao answered. He didn't tell Britain any more than that.

One Chinese warrior rushed up to Britain. Britain smirked and raised his arm. Within a few seconds, a wild breeze filled the room. The Chinese warrior held up his arms in defense as the rough winds filled the room. Britain was a bit distracted by his spell he did notice that the Chinese warrior, that was caught in the spell, had run up and stab two fingers into Britain's right arm. Britain tried blocking himself, but the warrior was too quick. Britain felt his right arm go limp on contact with the warrior's fingers. Britain gave out a cry and held his arm. What just happened? Why did his arm go limp? What kind of fighters are these?

The other two warriors rushed over their friend and began to throw fake punches at Britain. They were moving so fast that Britain couldn't tell if the punches were real or not. In all the confusion, one of the warriors stabbed his fingers in Britain's other arm while the other leaped over his head and stabbed his fingers in his back. This time Britain's entire body seem to go limp. He fell face-down to the floor like a lifeless ragged doll. Yao smirked and gestured to the warriors to hold off the attack.

"My body. I can't move. What kind of warriors are these?" Britain asked.

"So you still haven't figured out their true identity? They're chi blockers, Britain. They have paralyzed every muscle in your body. So that gives me plenty of time to get what I need from you," Yao said. He told the men to lift Britain up.

"I'm going to need something far more than a single hair on your head. No, I'm going to need a blood sample, Britain. You don't mind if I take a few drops, do you?" Britain only glared at him. He didn't like where this was going. He tried to struggle out of their grip, but the warriors held Britain tightly. Yao took out a knife and, before Britain could react, he stabbed him in the side of his stomach. Britain only grunted in pain, but he felt a bit light headed. Yao stabbed him deep and it seemed as if he wanted to do more than take a sample of his blood. Yao seemed a bit pleased as he took out the knife and saw it covered with blood.

"That should be more than enough. Thank you, Britain. And now, I shall leave you here to die."

"So I was right," Britain managed to say, "You did want more than a sample of my DNA. You want to see me dead, is that it?"

"With you dead, Britain, It will bring just what I desire to my grasp. Don't worry, I have a purpose for your blood. In the meantime, I think it's best if you don't try to get up and move. That is of course, if you don't want your wound to get worse than it is." Yao and his men left Britain alone. Britain gasped and held his wound. He was losing a lot of blood, and already a pool was beginning to form.

"Elizabeth, I'm sorry. It looks like I won't be seeing you for quite some time. Whatever happens, please don't despair. Stay away..."
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