Hetalia: Next Countries

Ita and Roma

"Thief! After him! Don't let him escape!" shouted a man as he chased after an Italian boy about 16. The boy panted for air as he ran past the Italian guards. The guards ran after him and shouted for him to stop, but the boy didn't stop. He grinned mischievously as he ran out the bank. He turned a greedy smile as he turned to the guards.

"Sorry! But I'm going to need this!" he said. His hair was dark-brown and his eyes were copper brown. He wore a black tie and his uniform was tan. He had a curl on the left side of his head.

The guards growled as he left them behind. The man who was chasing him earlier came rushing up.

"Captain, he got away from us," one of the guards said. The man sighed in annoyance and shouted after the boy.

"Just you wait, Boy! This won't be the last you'll see of us!" he shouted as he shook a fist. He turned to his men, who stood at attention.

"That's the fourth time this week. He's a champion at stealing. Just like his father. Runs in the family, I suppose. Next time he tries to steal again, we'll be ready. Next time, we catch him. Understood?"

"Sir!" the guards said.

Ita sat on a huge boulder and put his hands on his cheeks. His brother, Roma, said he had some business to take care of. So he's been sitting there, waiting for him to return. He sighed and looked up at the sky. His light-brown hair was blowing swiftly in the breeze. His golden-brown eyes sparkled as he stared at the sky. His curl hung on the right side of his head. He wore the same uniform as his father, Italy Veniziono. He had been sitting there for a while now and he started to tire at his waiting. He sighed and stood up.

"Just where did Roma had to go anyways? I wonder what's taking him so long? He's so strange lately. He doesn't tell me much. I feel as if he hates me for some reason," Ita said to himself as he glanced in the direction where his brother had left earlier.

Then his brother showed up a few minutes later. He looked behind him as if he was making sure no one was following him. He smiled as he turned to the direction of his brother. Ita smiled, but it soon faded when he saw what his brother was carrying in his hand. It was a brown bag and something inside jingled.

"Hi, what's in the bag?" Ita asked Roma as he approached. Roma shrugged.

"Money. Hard earned money," His older brother replied. Ita cocked his head to his side.

"Where did you get the money? You don't have a job."

"Course I have a job!" Roma glared at his younger brother. Ita gasped in surprise.

"You didn't steal it, did you?"

"What if I did? I was going to pay it back."

"When?! You never returned anything in your life!" Ita almost screamed.

"You tell anybody and I'm going to make sure you never speak again!" Roma threatened, raising his fists at him.

"Roma," Ita said, crossing his arms, "What did Papa tell you?"

"Your Papa, not mine," Roma spat. Ita rolled his eyes.

"Okay, fine. What did Mama tell you?"

"What she doesn't know won't kill her, eh? You weren't planning on telling her, were you?" Roma said, giving his brother 'I'm going to kill you if you do' look. Ita stuck his tongue out at him and shrugged.

"Sure. Wasn't planning on telling her that you're nothing but a thief," he said in a sarcastic 'like pasta I will tell her' kind of tone.

"Just forget it, okay?" Roma said, glancing over his shoulder like he was looking out for the security.

"One day you're going to be in trouble. And nobody is going to help you," Ita mumbled as he crossed his arms, and looked away when his brother gave him a glare. Ita and Roma were only step brothers, but they fought like they were real brothers. The step brothers had the same mother, but they had different fathers. Ita was the son of Veniziono, while Roma was the son of Romano. Their mother was dating Romano, but Veniziono didn't know that his brother was dating her. It wasn't until after they got married that they found out she was pregnant with Romano's son. Outraged by his girlfriend's betrayal, he took his son and separated from his brother and his wife. Shortly after, their mother became pregnant with Veniziono's son, Ita.

Ita wanted to get close to his brother, but Roma often rejected him. This caused ill blood between them as well as their fathers.

Ita almost screamed in frustration as his pulled at his hair.

"Roma, how can I look up to you as my older brother if you keep doing stuff like this?" he asked him. Roma looked away and scuffed as he crossed his arms.

"Like you care. You don't seek any fun out of this kind of stuff anyway."

"Of course I care! I don't want to see you in the local prison. What would Mama think of you!" Ita said as he put his hands on his hips. He glanced at the brown sac.

"You return that money, or I will." Roma glared at him and frowned.

"Says who? I'm not going back there. They'll through me in kid jail."

"And who's fault is that?" Ita glared back. Outraged, Roma took the bag of money and stormed away. Ita frowned.

"Where are you going?"

"Away from you, eh?"

"Someone will catch you," Ita warned. Roma snorted.

"I dare you to tell. Go on! Tell the whole country, if you so wish!" he said over his shoulder. Ita opened his mouth to object, but nothing came out. Instead he looked away and began to sniffle. He didn't like what Roma was doing, but he didn't want to see him in jail either. Both brothers sighed as neither of them took a seconded look to each other. It seemed that Italy, North and South, would separate once again.

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