Hetalia: Next Countries

Ivan's Cousins

Russia passed back forth across the study room. A dark gloom rose around him. The Baltics trembled and could only stand there as he continued to be displeased with the situation. Germany returned home after an agreement to a cease fire. Both were still a bit on edge, however. Russia was more upset that Ivan ran away with Germanancy. But those two reasons were not the only reasons why Russia was angry. In his hand was a crumbled up piece of paper. It was sent by Belarus and Ukraine, and they were coming for a visit and join in the search for Ivan. And that meant that their children were coming as well.

Russia didn't have a liking for his sisters' children. In fact, for reasons no one understood, Russia saw his sisters' children as a threat to Ivan's future reign over the USSR.

"Um...Mr. Russia. Perhaps you should give your sisters' children a chance? You never know, you might learn to like them," Latvia said. Estonia and Lithuania quickly covered his mouth.

"Er...What Latvia means, Mr. Russia, is that he hopes that someday Ivan and your niece and nephew may someday be friends," Lithuania said. Russia turned a creepy glare to their direction.

"Or we could be wrong," Estonia said with a nervous chuckle.

"Don't even joke about silly things," Russia said with a creepy smile.

"Y-yes, Sir. You're right, it was a stupid idea," Lithuania said. It was then that the doorbell rang.

"Oh, that must be them," Estonia said as he walked over to the door. Russia seemed to wear a patient smile, which made Lithuania worry. What was with the sudden change of attitude?

"Hello, we've been expecting you," Estonia smiled as he opened the door. In stepped Ukraine, Belarus, and their children. Russia gave each a smile and nod, which all but Belarus's son returned. Belarus noticed that her son didn't smile or nod back, and she gave him a glare. Reluctantly, her son nodded back, but it was only a slight nod.

"Perhaps if we all sat down and did some talking, we might get to know each other better?" Russia said. Belarus and Ukraine quickly agreed.

"Do we have to?" Belarus's son mumbled. He saw right through his uncle. He hated them, and he didn't have to pretend that he liked them.

"Yes, Nikolai," Belarus told him, "today is a good day as any to know your Uncle Russia better." Nikolai sighed and sat down beside his mother. Ukraine and her daughter sat down with them.

Nikolai was 16. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He had Belarus's attitude, that's for sure. He only meet Ivan once when they were both kids, so he didn't know much about his older cousin.

Ukraine's daughter, Ukrania, looked more like her uncle and mother. She too had blue eyes and her hair was just like her mother and uncle's. She didn't have big breasts, however. She was 15, and like Nikolai, only meet Ivan once. Ukrainia had more of a respect for her uncle, but she was just as afraid as anyone was when they were around him. Of course, due to the known fact that Russia didn't approve of them, the two children thought that Ivan didn't care about them either.

"So where do you think Ivan has gone to, Brother?" Ukraine asked. Russia shook his head.

"I'm having no idea. But I'm worried about him. If something did the happening about him..."

"Da,da, we know," Nikolai said to himself as he rolled his eyes like he heard this a million times, "You don't know what to doing. 'Ivan this' and 'Ivan that'. All he cares about is Ivan."

"Uncle Russia looks really sad," Ukrainia was thinking to herself, "I don't know much about Ivan, but I don't mind helping him if he'd just say so."

The children soon left the room as their mothers talked about what they were going to do about Ivan.

"At least we're away from that mess," Nikolai said as he closed the door. The two children sat on the bench that was sitting outside the room. Ukrainia looked thoughtful.

"I wonder if Ivan is okay, da?" she said. Nikolai shot her a look.

"Not you too! He probably okay. I bet he got lost on purpose because he wanting the attention," he said as he crossed his arms.

"But what if he is being lost? He could need the helping. He is probably laying wounded somewhere."

"Ukrainia, you're just like Aunt Ukraine. You worry about stuff all the time. I'm doing the telling that he is fine. Besides, I bet he thinks of himself like he 'special' or something. He probably never even gave us a thought. He's too busy basking in his father's praise-"

"Nikolai!" Ukrainia said, "We hardly know Ivan, true. But I don't think that we should do the thinking of him that way. He probably not like that. I'm sure that he thinking of us sometimes."

"But you can't do the proving, can you?" Nikolai taunted. Ukrainia clinched her fist and glared at her older cousin.

"Maybe you might not wanting to help Ivan, but I do! And I'm going to do the searching of Ivan with Uncle Russia!" Ukrainia said as she walked back into the study room.

Nikolai sighed and shook his head.

"She being nuts," but he reluctantly followed her. He cared less about Ivan, but he figured his mother would want to search too. He figured he didn't have a say if he wanted to help or not.
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