Hetalia: Next Countries

Yao Visits Romania

The taxi turned through big iron gates that lead to castle- like mansion. The mansion looked a bit frightening in the mid-day's light, but probably would have looked creepier if it was night fall or raining.

As the taxi came to a halt and Yao stepped out the car. He smirked as he looked the mansion over. Even he was a bit intimidated.

"Thanks for the ride," Yao said as he paid the driver. The driver smiled as he took the pay and gestured to the mansion.

"No problem. I always like driving up here. It may not look like much, but I've always liked this mansion. Mr. Romania is expecting you?"

"No, I don't believe so. I like coming unexpectedly. Makes things more...exciting," He smirked. The Taxi driver raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

"I have a question for you; why are you on friendly terms with Romania?" Yao finally asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, isn't Romania a vampire? Aren't you afraid that he could drink your blood or something?" The Taxi driver stared at him for a long moment, then he began driving away, laughing. Yao didn't understand that, but it was less important.

He walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. The door was open a crack. Yao was a bit suspicious. Either Romania didn't close the door completely when he came back from wherever, or he was expecting that someone would come.

He stepped in and looked around the room and the lights were on. There was a staircase and halls on both sides of the room. A chandelier hung from the ceiling. Yao smiled as he looked around at the structure of the walls. He could get used to this, in fact, he liked it. Romania had a fancy house, that's for sure. But where was Romania? Didn't he hear him knocking a moment ago?

"Hello? Romania?" Yao called. No answer.

"Heh, I guess he's sleeping in a coffin somewhere?" He looked up at the ceiling and saw a few bats hanging upside down.

"Bats, huh? This must be Romania's house. Who else likes bats in their home?" Suddenly, the bats screeched and began to fly around the room. They flew at Yao and began to claw at him. Yao gave out a disgust shout. He held up his hands for defense.

"Calm down, my children," came a voice, "That's not how you should treat guests." The bats obediently flew back to their resting place on the ceiling. Yao gave the bats a hateful glare, then looked up at the second floor. A man hand his hand on the railing and smiled friendly down at Yao. His hair was a strawberry-brown and his eyes were bright red.

"Good afternoon. Please excuse the bats, we don't get much guests," he said. Yao shivered.

"No wonder," he mumbled. The man walked down the steps to meet Yao.

"What brings you to my mansion? Who are you anyway?"

"Ah, of course! I should always introduce myself; I am Yao. I seem to cause a little...excitement wherever I go. Most people know me," Yao said giving a bow. Romania raised an eyebrow.

"Never heard of you. Of course, I've been asleep for almost 70 years. I'm just now keeping up to what happened while I was asleep. I did wake up during the Romania Revolution in 1989. But I've mostly been asleep."

"Romania," Yao smiled, "It is said that during WW2 you first took the side of the Axis Powers. Then you joined sides with the Allies.

"Yes, that is true. Although both sides were reluctant about having me on their side. I guess it was because everyone thought I was a vampire," Romania looked a bit saddened, "Actually, I'm not a vampire. I wish that others understood my culture other than a stupid vampire. All because of that stupid book."

"I'm afraid I don't understand that. Everyone believes that you're a vampire. And don't you drink blood-"

"Stop! You think all vampires do that?! I hate blood! I don't drink blood, but everyone thinks I do!"

"Forgive me, Romania. I guess I shouldn't have assumed such facts." Yao said, "I guess that means you won't be able to help me." Romania gave a frustrated hiss and turned to a mirror to brush back some hair that had fallen in his face during his little anger fit. However, there was no reflection of Romania from the mirror. Yao raised an eyebrow. He noticed that the windows were covered up too. He walked over to a window and grabbed it.

"I just want to prove something for a moment, if you don't mind."

"What are you-" Romania began as he turned around to face Yao, but Yao pulled the curtains away, reveling the afternoon sun. Romania hissed and held his hands up to cover his face as the sun's rays began to sizzle at his skin. Romania stepped back away from the sun's rays and his skin began to heal. He glared at Yao.

"Why did you-"

"Now, Romania," Yao said as he shook his head in disappointment, "If you were not a vampire, then you wouldn't have turned away from the sun. You shouldn't have lied to me."

"Alright, maybe I have a little bit of vampire in my blood, but how did you know that I was lying?" Romania stood up taller, now that he was out of the sun.

"I got suspicious when you turned to the mirror. Vampires don't have reflections when they look into the mirror. And when you cowered away from the sun, I knew for sure that you were lying," Yao told him. Romania smirked.

"You're a good observer, but that doesn't mean that you'll get me to do what you want. I got suspicious when I saw you, as well. What is it you're after?"

"World domination, of course. I was hoping that you and I would join sides."

"You're insane. Sure for now you may want me on your side, but then you'll turn your back on and kill me. Why would I join your side, anyway?" Romania glared. Yao stepped closer to him.

"Because I have a job for you, Romania. I'm afraid some blood will have to be involved," he said. Romania turned away.

"Never. I refused to hurt others for your filthy, evil deeds. I'd rather die first. Now if you'll excuse me, , good day," he began to walked away from him. Yao frowned.

"I was afraid that you would say that, Romania. Such a shame." He raised his hand to Romania and clinched his fist slightly. Romania froze and he began to shiver all over.

"I didn't want to have to do this. But I guess you left me with little choice. You will obey me, Romania. And you'll do whatever I tell you to." Romania began to calm down and he looked as if he was in some kind of trance. He chuckled as he turned back to Yao.

"What did you want me to do?" Yao smirked.

"That's better," he took out the knife that he had stabbed Britain with, "There are some children out there that I want you to find and lead them back to me. By licking the blood from this knife, you should be able to find the children easily."

"I guess by the fact that I can smell that it's Britain's blood, you want me to tack down his child and the others. That's all I have to do? Just bring them to you?"

"Yes, but to help you out, tell his daughter that he's dead. That will bring her running home, and to me," Yao said as he clinched his hand into a tight grip.

"I will not fail you Yao," Romania said. He turned to the door and it opened. But instead of a bright, sunny day like a moment ago the sky was darker and it started to rain. Romania rushed out, and Yao watched him leave with a smirk.

"You!" came a voice. Yao looked up at the second floor and saw a boy glaring down at him. His eyes and hair were brown and he was gripping the railing violently.

"What have you done to my father?!" he yelled. Yao stared up at him.

"'My father'? I didn't think that Romania was interested in having children. You must be his son?"

"Yes, I am!" the boy said, his nose flared. "I am Romia! Now what have you done to my father?!"

"I didn't hurt him, son. I only made him do my will. He obeys me without a second thought."

"You mean you forced him against his will!" Yao smiled and turned away from him to face the door.

"Don't turn your back on me!" Romia shouted.

"I'm not interested in fighting with children at the moment. I suggest you don't get in my way, or I might change my mind," Yao said as he walked out the door. The rain had stopped and the sky began to glow bright again.

"Today feels great. By tomorrow, I should have what I want. I feel better already, heh." Yao walked away from the mansion, but Romia glared after him. He soon closed the door.

"I may not be a vampire like my father, but even I can't stay forever in the sun. I'll get that Yao, and when I do I'll make sure he regrets ever messing with my family." Romia started to shiver as he felt like a beast was howling inside of him. But he felt good about it. The fun was about to begin and a wolf's howl could be heard from the distance.
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