Hetalia: Next Countries

Blood of Revenge

"You didn't have to come along with me," Travis sighed at Melody, who was dragging her feet. Mostly because she was complaining that her feet hurt.

"You can't go it alone!" she nearly whimpered, "You need my help in fighting Yao and you know it!" Travis sighed again and started to walk again, when he heard Melody give out a shriek. Travis glared at her.

"Shush! We're close to China's border! You want them to hear you?" he said in a harsh whisper.

"Sorry," she apologized, "but I broke a nail."

"You're just like your father," Travis said, rolling his eyes. Melody stood firm and crossed her arms.

"Well, so are you."

"What's that?" Travis said as he pulled her down into the bushes.

"Travis, what are you-"

"Quiet!" Travis shushed her as he put his hand over her mouth. They heard a roar of an engine, actually two engines, drive by. They sounded like iron trucks by the engine, Travis guessed. He peeked his head over the bushes to see and he was right. Two iron trucks were driving down the road. As one passed them, they heard something ram into the rear that hardly caused a dent. It was obvious that these iron trucks were transporting prisoners somewhere. But who were the prisoners?

"I have a bad feeling about those trucks, Melody. I get the feeling we should follow them. They may take us to Emily," Travis said, nudging her. Melody shook her head.

"No way am I following them," she shivered, "And how do you know that's where they're keeping your friend? They may not be going to China."

"Those trucks look like they're from a big city. And the closest big city is in China. Our best bet is to follow them and maybe find Emily."

"You don't even know if she is in China. Neither do you know if Yao took her."

"I looked everywhere, Melody. She has to be there. Is the only lead we've had in weeks." Travis began crawling through the bushes like an army man sneaking up on his victim or victims. Melody sighed and reluctantly followed Travis's lead. Dirt. She hated dirt, but she was going to have to suck it up. No one said this was going to be an easy mission. She was a country and she was going to have to get dirty...a little.

They weren't the only ones looking for Yao. There was another figure hiding in the trees and glaring down at the approaching trucks. His brown eyes flashed with anger and he grinned his teeth. He had on his mind blood. Lots of blood. Blood of revenge.

"Today's the day, Yao. I've been trailing you ever since you left my country. And now, I'm going to make you regret ever hurting my father. And I'll make sure you pay with your life!" He jumped down and landed on the ground. He was clothed in a dark cloak and he glared at the approaching truck.

Travis saw the truck coming at full speed and could only stare in shock. The driver saw him too and screamed as he slammed on the breaks and turned the wheel, trying to avoid the boy. The truck went crashing into a tree. The other truck behind the first ended up hitting it from behind. All this and the boy didn't even move an inch, neither did he flinch. He was unmoved with those glaring eyes and his cloak hood seemed to have blown off his head as the wind of the two trucks went by.

Meanwhile as the second truck that was holding May and the others crashed into the rear of the first truck, they were smacked into the wall of the front seats. Amelia rubbed her head, while the others groaned in pain.

"Hey, what was that about?!" Amelia grinned her teeth, "I was TRYING to break out and-" Before she finished, she walked over to the door and tried to open it. No such luck. Now the door was jammed because of the collusion, which will only make it even HARDER to open. She could at least see out the window and see the boy. Was he the cause of this?

Yao stormed out of the truck they were in and glared at the boy.

"Who are you? What do you want?"

The boy smiled and turned to Yao, raveling the face of Romia. Even though it was still a little light out, a moon hung over head.

"Now you're in my game, Yao. And you're going to die here, along with your men." Before Yao could ask what he was talking about, Romia looked up to the sky and...howled? Yes, it was howling. But why was Romia howling? Before anyone could figure out how and why Romia was howling, fog emerged from the trees and buses and everything went blinding. When the fog cleared, what used to be a boy standing was now a magnificent silver, gray wolf. It glared at Yao and slobber started dripping from its mouth. Everyone, even Yao looked surprised. Was it still Romia? Who knew that he could transform into a wolf?

"Wow," Yao said, a bit more serious than he looked, "I didn't think that a brat like you could transform into...that. But are you still as strong as you claim?"

As if to answer his question, Romia charged over to one of the Chinese warriors that had gotten out of the truck and grabbed him into his jaws. The sound of bones cracking could be heard as the man cried out in agony and blood began to form on his shoulder. Not wanting his pal to get hurt anymore, another Chinese warrior ran up to Romia and tried to chi block. Romia saw his attempt and kicked him away, leaving claw marks across his chest. Romia tossed away the man he was chewing on and both man ran away, screaming in both pain and fear.

Amelia's hand flew to her mouth as she stared at the gruesome scene, but she was still glad that those warriors were getting beaten. Maybe he could help them escape? Yet, it still pointed to what Yao was going to do.

"Um, go! You can do it, kid!" she cheered Romia on. She wasn't sure what to do, really. "I think?"

After seeing what Romia did to their comrades, the other Chinese warriors ran way screaming, leaving Yao alone with Romia. Yao sighed in disappointment and shook his head.

"Those idiots. Screaming like children and running away." He looked up at Romia with a smile. "Well, Romia. I do believe you're serious about...'killing me'. But you haven't touched me yet. Don't expect me to run away with my tail between my legs. I won't be running away, unlike my men."

"Fine by me," Romia said with a bloody, toothily grin. He growled and ran towards Yao, who wasn't intimidated. Roma leaped at Yao's arm, teeth shining in the setting light of the sun. Yao smirked and held up his arm for Romia to bite. Romia bit into his arm, but Yao only grunted in pain.

"Now I think the tables have turned to my favor, Romia," he said, despite the pain he felt. Romia was confused and was about to slash at Yao, but was taken by surprise when his victim poked two fingers to his neck. Immediately, Romia let go of Yao and collapsed to the ground. He turned back into a boy, but found he could not move.

"What have you done to me? How?" Romia struggled to say.

"I have blocked your nervous system with a useful tactic called chi. It's a useful power to have, maybe you should start thinking about practicing it." Yao said with a smarty look as he looked down at Romia by his feet. He turned to the bushes.

"And you should quit your act too, my friends." With a quick wave of his hand, Travis and Melody were dragged out of the bushes and stopped at Yao's feet. Travis was shocked.

"How did you know we were there?!"

"Your little girlfriend screamed during Romia's little tantrum," Yao smirked. Travis glared.

"She's not my girlfriend!"

"Well, no matter. Come to think of it, I could use you all. Yes, I think you'll make nice, little additions to my world domination plan."

Amelia was shocked by the whole thing. She thought, they all thought, that Yao was nothing without his warriors. But he wasn't, he was something more!

Yao smiled as he opened the door to the truck and tossed the three children in with Amelia and the others.

"Your new best friends. Please make them comfortable," Yao chuckled as he closed and locked the door. Since he didn't have any more warriors, Yao had to drive them back to China himself. As he climbed into the driver's seat and started the engine, he began to mumble to himself.

"I have to do everything myself." Even though it was obvious that the warriors did everything for Yao, while he almost did nothing most of the time.
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