Hetalia: Next Countries

We are Countries! Act like one!

Amelia was struggling with the door when Francis spoke up.

"Amelia, stop. It's no use." Amelia ignored him and continued pulling on the door. Francis sighed and shook his head.

"I don't know why you're even trying," he mumbled. Melody, Romia, and Travis felt different. They wanted to get out just as much as Amelia.

"At least you guys are helping me," Amelia stared at her friends and frowned.

"Some countries YOU are. Giving up so easily. You're only allowing Yao to walk all over you. He doesn't control you, you do!"

"Amelia. We can't beat Yao. He's way too strong for us. Besides, how do you plan on getting us out? He's just going to come after us again. What Zhen?" Nancy asked.

"He's only strong because you let him! Look at us, all of us! We started this journey because we wanted to do what was right. No one said it was going to be easy! Nothing's easy! Living is a challenge for crying out loud!" Everyone fell silent, thinking on what she was telling them.

"Now look at us. Sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves, despairing. Tossing hope away and embracing on giving up."

"Amelia," Kibu began, but Amelia continued.

"If our parents saw us, I'm sure they would be deeply disappointed. We're the next countries to lead our countries. We can't afford giving up! When the Pictonians invaded, did our parents run away?"

"Well, hет ," Ivan said.

"That's right! They couldn't run away, they couldn't afford it! If they ran away, why, the whole world would be white right now! Even when Germany was the last standing, he did give up. He'd rather die, then do anything stupid like that! Even Italy came through and found the courage to do something that no one else would think of! He gave them faces! He saved us all!'

"I remember that," May managed smile, while the others laughed.

"We all do! I mean, who would've thought of that? We have to be like our parents right now! We have to fight back, it's our responsibility!"

"I don't know what's going on with all of you, but I agree with Amelia," Travis said, "I have a responsibility to my country and to Emily. I have to find her and bring her back to Lichtenstein." He won a smile from Amelia.

"See? We all have a responsibility towards something. May, you started us on this journey to stop Yao, right? He's become everyone's problem now. If it's up to us to stop Yao, then we're going to have to remove him from power," she said as she put a hand on May's shoulder and looked at her friends. She looked over at Elizabeth, who had her face buried on her knees and arms wrapped around her legs. She looked miserable.

"And you, Elizabeth. I saw Yao as you walked out of your hose with him. I don't know what happened, but, girl, you did some damage to him."

"I hate him. I wanted to kill him so bad after what he did to my Father. But I couldn't," Elizabeth said in a small voice. "It wouldn't bring him back. But I could have done it! I was so close to doing it too! Yet, something pulled me back. I guess I'm just weak."

"No," Amelia said as she walked up to her, "You're not weak. I think it was good decision you made, so don't insult yourself. We're not killers. Our parents killed, sure, but that doesn't mean we should. Of course, being countries and all, it's easier said than done. But we make the future. We decide our fate. No one else does. I'd be more than happy just to see Yao contained. And I hope that we'll be able to do that."

Elizabeth managed a smile, but then it left.

"I just wish there was some way my Father could come back. It's going to be so hard without him."

"Maybe Yao's got something up his sleeve," Amelia said, giving her a wink and thumbs up. Elizabeth managed to smile again.

"Now what do ya'll say you help us get out of this pain-in-the-butt?"


The iron truck soon came to a halt. Yao stepped out and was greeted by a few Chinese Warriors.

"Careful when you escort the prisoners to their cells," he said with a smirk, "I hate for any harm to come to them. But be ready. They'll take any chance they get to try and escape."

Yao opened the door and the Chinese Warriors held guns. Amelia looked panicked and jumped out. She grabbed Yao's shirt.

"Yao! Thank goodness! We have a problem! It's May, she's not breathing!"

"What?!" Yao pushed her out of the way and peered into the truck. Sure enough, May was on the floor and she wasn't breathing. Her friends were gathered around and they all looked worried.

"Is she going to be okay?" Ita asked as Yao hopped in.

"Stand back, she'll need air. Probably fainted," Yao said kneeling beside her and checking for a pulse. The children stepped out of the truck and watched as Yao looked her over. He held an angry look and sighed.

"I was afraid of this. She's dead."

"No!" the girls and Francis cried, burring their faces in their hands. The other boys hung their heads.

"I'll take her to her father. I'm sure he would want to hear about this," Yao said as he picked her up in his arms. "As for the rest of you, you'll be taken to your cells until further notice."

The Children didn't even try to struggle, for they were upset about their friend. Yao thought it was a bit suspicious though. When they were gone, Yao stared down at the no longer living May in his arms.

"It's too bad. I had plans for you. Such a shame," he then smiled. "Well, I'm sure your father will mourn over you. After I take over the world, nothing else will matter. I'll have everything I would ever need. Even my deepest wish will be fulfilled."

He didn't realize that May's eyes flinched.

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