Hetalia: Next Countries

A Talk with Father

A little girl no order than 8 years peeked from behind a corner in the prison room. She kept her eyes on the guards that passed the jail cells. She saw Chinese Warriors walk in with eleven children and the guards locked them in two separate cells. The guards and Chinese Warriors left, leaving the newbies in their cells.

"You think it will work?" Romia asked Amelia. Amelia smiled.

"If Yao is convinced that May is dead, it will. All May has to do is get an audience with her dad and convince him to let us go."

The girl noticed a friend of hers among them. She made sure that there were no guards around before she made her way over to the newcomers. She ran up to the cell that held the boys and she smiled and nearly squealed with excitement.

"Big Brother!"

"Emily?" Travis asked as he walked to her. Her put his hand through the bars and rubbed her head. "It is you! I'm so glad that you're okay!"

"So that's Emily, huh?" Amelia smiled. "She's cute!"

"Travis, what are you doing here?" Emily asked.

"I came searching for you. Your Mom's worried about you. Once I get out of here, we're going home!"

"Promise?" she asked, her hazel eyes sparkling. Travis nodded.

"Of course."

"What have you got there, Emily?" came a voice. The children looked at the cell next to the boy's and saw two Spanish boys.

"Looks like she found a few friends," the other smiled.

"Who are you two?" Roma asked.

"I'm Pedro and this is my younger brother Bengi," The older one smiled.

"You look a lot like Spain," Ita said.

"He's our father," Bengi nodded with a smile. "Emily's been keeping an eye on us since we've came her. Believe it or not, Yao lets her walk around freely."
"Why? He locks the rest of us up. She's still sneaking around anyways," Amelia said.

"Yao keeps her in a temporary room. The guards aren't familiar with her. She's a great digger for information. Ask her what you wish to find out and she'll go check it out," Pedro said. "She's help us out a lot. We tried to escape before, but Yao found us out and so we ended up back here.

"That's the Emily I know," Travis smiled fondly down at his friend.

"Wait, I think I know you. At least most of you. You're those children who are destined to fight Yao and put an end to him, right?" Bengi asked, as he looked the other G8 children over. Pedro put a hand over his mouth.

"Shhh, quiet! Don't mention them! You know that Yao is demanding information!"

"Sorry, but it's true, isn't it?" Bengi asked again as he removed his brother's hand.

"Whoa, hold on now," Elizabeth said, "We're not planning on killing Yao, if that's what you're saying." She held up her hands in a 'wait, stop' motion.

"Why not? After all he's done, I would be more than happy to kill him!"

"Bengi," Pedro frowned, "despite everything that Yao has done, I don't think that he should be killed in revenge." Bengi sighed and nodded.

"Maybe you're right. But I hate him moi mas!"

"I know. I do too. But Father wouldn't want us to kill anyone."

"Perhaps, if it isn't any trouble, maybe Emily could do some spaying on us?" Amelia asked. Emily smiled.

"Sure! It reminds me of hide-and-seek!" She clapped her hands in excitement and giggled. Amelia laughed.

"You are just the sweetest thing, aren't you?"


China was feeling exhausted again. He was resting in his bed and had a cold cloth draped across his forehead.

"I'm getting weaker. I feel more exhausted than before today, aru." There was a knock on the door.

"Who is bothering me?!"

"It is I. Yao," came Yao's voice from the other side.

"Please tell me you find doctor!" China sighed as Yao walked in.

"I'm afraid it's more disturbing news, China Sir. Maybe it would be best if you didn't know. It concerns May."

"You found her! I knew you would!" China smiled as he forced himself to a sitting position. However his smile faded as he noticed that Yao was carrying her body in his arms. He lied her body on the floor beside his bed.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I found her but when I arrived...I'm afraid that she is no longer among the living. I tried everything I could, but I couldn't revive her," Yao said. He looked disturbed and angry.

China stared at his daughter and turned away.

"Leave me, Yao. I wish to say goodbye to her," he covered his face with his sleeve. Yao nodded and bowed before leaving the room.

China knelt down beside her and held her in his arms.

"Oh, May. What have I done to you? You left and I don't understand why. Perhaps I may have been a foolish father. Please forgive me." He held her close and began to cry. He kissed her forehead.

"I know I said once that I was cursed because you were born woman, but that's not true at all. I love you, May. You are good and faithful daughter. I could never say such evil things about you!" May was beginning to find herself crying. China noticed that a few tears were beginning to fall from her face.

"Perhaps you do forgive me. I at least hope that in your next life you'll be something sacred."

"Father, please. Don't say anymore," May said. China looked up at his daughter.

"May? You're alive?"

"Yes, Father. I'm sorry, but I had to play dead. I had to make sure that Yao was gone so we could talk," She stood up and walked over to the door. She put her ear to the door and listened.

"I do not hear anyone around."

"May, I have been so worried about you. Yao told me that you were rebelling against me. That you were going to make your own empire by destroying me. You and the other countries' children," China said, looking concerned. May looked at him in shock.

"I was never going to do such thing!" She sat down beside him. "Father, I no trust Yao. He's been lying to you always. I left because Buddha tell me to."

"But Yao is a good man. He looks out for my well-being. I no believe he could be lying," China frowned.

"Please, Father you have to listen to me! You never listened to me in my life and I think you should this time! Yao is going to kill you, all of us!" May begged, holding on to his sleeve. China turned from her. He felt so confused.

"May, I don't think it would be best if you stopped telling wild stories your dying father," he said. May gasped.

"You're...dying?" she asked in a shaky voice.

"Yes. Soon. I have been growing weak. I do not understand why, though. I have notice that sine Yao came into our lives, things have turned miserable. Yet, I do not want to believe that he is cause of it. I have lived over 4,000 years and maybe my age is finally catching up to me."

"But, father, you do not understand. Yao has caused trouble to everyone. Now people are going to war, even as we speak countries are marching over here to stop Yao. Yao has even killed-" she trailed off, thinking that her father wouldn't want to hear more. China stared at her.

"What? Speak."

"Yao has killed Britain, Father," May finally finished.

"What? But why?" China said, feeling even more confused.

"For power. He wants to kill the other countries so he can be the strongest in the world. He mentioned something about a wish he wanted to fulfill, but I no understand what he means."

China felt unsure about Yao now and sat down on the bed again.

"If you are telling the truth, then..."

"I am, father. Yao must be stopped. I suspect that the reason why that he's going stronger is because you're giving him more power. That's why you're slowly dying, father." May sat next to him and held his hand into hers.

"Please believe me?" China stared at her a long moment. Was this perhaps the answer that Buddha was giving him?

"So I am a puppet. That must be what that Spanish boy was trying to tell me," China said. "I feel so stupid now! To think that Yao has tricked me! Well, I'm still in charge of this country. I'll make sure that Yao-" before he could finish, he began to cough and cough. Blood began to appear on his hands.

"Father!" May screamed. China fell to his knees and began to choke and gag.

May didn't know what to do. She could call for a doctor, but who knows if they would come in time? Her father could die right now.

China managed to calm down and take control over himself.

"I am alright, May. For now. But I won't be for long. It is getting worse. I'm afraid the end is near for me."

"Oh, Father," May whimpered as she held him close. She had the feeling that someone was watching them. She looked towards the window and saw a glimpse of hazel eyes before they disappeared.

Upon seeing what was going on with May and China, Emily quickly made her way back to the prison room before anyone saw her.

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