Hetalia: Next Countries

We Need A Plan

"Are you sure about that?" Kibu asked Emily when she returned. Emily nodded.

"Uh-huh. Your friend was able to convince Mr. China about Yao."

"Whoa, so now it should be easier to bring Yao into custody, right?" Amelia asked.

"I don't know," Ita said. "That's a bit easy, don't you think?"

"What do you mean?"

"You really think Yao would just calmly accept going to prison? He'll fight back. I don't think we should give our hopes up yet."

"Ita's right," Germanancy nodded in agreement and crossing her arms, "We have no idea what Yao could do. We should come up with a plan on how to capture Yao instead of just arresting him right then and there."

"What are you suggesting?" Ivan asked.

"I don't know yet. We have to put our heads together for this," she sighed, looking at each of her friends. Amelia was still trying to look on the bright side of things.

"Well, things can't get any worse, right? We have China on our side now, and our dads are on their way! We'll get outta here in no time!" She won smiles of agreement from her friends. Emily looked concerned.

"I'm not sure if China will be able to help us," she said. Pedro stared at her and cocked his head to the side.

"Que? What are you talking about?"

"Do you think that China isn't going to listen to May?" Benji asked. Emily shook her head.

"It's not that, it's just..."

"What? You can tell us," Elizabeth told her. "What do you mean about China not helping us?" Emily was silent. She didn't want to tell them about China's condition, but perhaps it was better for them to know. She rubbed her arm before she spoke and her face was crossed with worry.

"I think Mr. China is really sick. He said something about dying."

"Dying? Why is he dying?" Roma asked.

"He was coughing up blood and said something about having already lived his life and that it'll been soon time for him to die."

"Are you sure you heard correctly? Maybe you were too far away from the window to hear," Melody suggested. Travis shoot her a glare.

"Emily has never lied in her life!"

"I never said she was lying," Melody glared back, "I'm just saying that maybe she just misheard."

"What I don't understand," Romia said, pacing back and forth around the cell, "is how China became so weak. The only way a Country dies is when they are killed by another Country. Or-"

"They are overthrown," Elizabeth finished. She bit her lower lip.

"He's killing China slowly, that cowered! He could have ended his life quickly like he did to my father. But instead he's making him suffer! I don't care what May has planned! I say we kill him now before he gets stronger! Cut him down where he stands!" She ran to the cell door and tried tearing it down.

"Elizabeth!" Germanancy said pulling her back, "We already agreed that we won't kill Yao! Don't let your anger blind you!"

"But all Yao has ever done is bring pain and death to everyone! He deserves to die!"

"Let me tell you something, Elizabeth, because I obviously have to remind you! Your father has killed countless of people und so have all our parents! This is war! No one is clean in wartime! Whether it's hatred, anger, or even death itself, we are all guilty in war! Just because Yao has hurt us does not mean we should do the same to him. We didn't come to kill Yao, we came to capture him und put an end to this var. That's all! And I won't allow anyone to have blood on his or her hands."

Elizabeth silently cried but didn't struggle.

"Don't forget. If we kill him then who will bring back your father?" Germanancy said quieter and calmly now. Elizabeth nodded, remembering what her wish was.

"Okay. I'm alright," Elizabeth said calmly. Germanancy let her go and she no longer made a fuss.

"Good. Now about the plan-" before she finished, Ivan grabbed the cell door and ripped it off its hangs with his bare hands! Everyone froze. It didn't even make as much noise as they thought.

"Ivan?" she asked him. Ivan didn't look back at his friends.

"I need to go see May. You can all escape if you wish, but I have to talk to May."

"That's a silent bust out," Amelia smiled a bit nervously, "Strong and sly kid Russia has."

"Maybe we should escape now while we still have a chance?" Melody suggested. Romia nodded.

"No argument here!"

"But we can't just leave May!" Elizabeth frowned, "Besides, they'll come looking for us." It was then that they heard men shouting and coming down to the prison room.

"Do you want to get caught?" Amelia asked.

"Well, no. Not really."

"Then let's go!" Amelia said as she grabbed her wrist and pulled her to a run. No one needed to be told twice and they all followed Amelia in hopes of finding another way out.


"We can't let Yao suspect us," China told May. "We should continue to play along with his plan. Whatever it is."

"But why, Father?! Now that we have come to an agreement, we should attack Yao while we still have a chance!"

"No, May!" China said, "We have to catch Yao off guard with a plan. It won't do us any good if we fight him now. That would just sound too easy."

"What should we do?"

"I think you should fake your death again until I can come up with a plan. If Yao comes back in and sees you're still alive, he'll get suspicious."

"...Alright." It was then when they heard a knock on the door.

"China, Sir. I have returned." It was Yao! They had to act fast. "Should we bury the body of May?"

"Alright, May, I'll try to buy you as much time as you need. You should get to work," He whispered to her. May nodded and closed her eyes. She put her hands together for the death chi to begin. China sighed and walked to the door, but did not open it.

"Who is it?"

"It is I, Yao," Yao replied.

"Oh, Yao! No, I am still mourning over the loss of May. Perhaps you should take her body to her room and let the servants take care of it," China said. He looked towards May and noticed that she began to breathe slower and starting to drift to the floor. She still needed time.

"Do you not suppose that it would be better if I buried her before her body rots?"

"No,no,no,no! I think I should bury her. But not yet," China said holding the door close. Yao was beginning to walk in and China had to hold him back.

"You're acting quite suspicious, Sir," Yao said, raising an eyebrow. "What's all this about?

"Nothing. I'm just very busy at the moment and I would appreciate it if I was left alone," China said as he locked the door and looked in May's direction. She collapsed to the floor and her breathing was fading. China walked over to her, ignoring Yao's attempts to get in.

"I don't understand, Sir! What is going on?!" he called. May's breathing had finally stopped, but she still had a pulse. China picked her up and walked to the door. He unlocked it and walked out.

"Finally! I was afraid that something had happened! What are you doing with May?" Yao breathed a relief but stared at May's body suspiciously.

"I am taking May to her bedroom. Is it business of yours?" China said.

"Well, no. I was just wondering. You do not wish to put her body to rest?"

"No, not today. Maybe tomorrow. Leave us," China said walking away. Yao stood there, thinking. He was sure something was up, but he didn't follow them.

China opened the door to May's room and laid her on her bed.

"Be careful, May. I hate for you to use that kind of chi when you're still trying to recover from the last. It is only way until I can figure something out. Never tell anyone about that Chi. It is dangerous and should only be used as a last resort. I'm counting on you, Daughter," he whispered in her ear before he left. May didn't move or flinch, she looked dead.

"After all," he said to himself," I have discovered that chi not too long ago, but deemed it unsafe. But I have no other choice at moment."
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