Hetalia: Next Countries

Ivan Confesses

"Down this way! I thought I heard something!" One of the guards shouted as he and the other guards rushed down the stairs to the prison room.

"Don't overlook anything! Check every prison cell! You! See that no one leaves or enters!" the first guard called to one of the other men.

The men rushed around the long hall of the prison room, checking each cell and making sure no one was trying to escape. As one of the men pasted the cell that once held the children, he gasped.

"C-Captian! The prisoners are gone!" he called to the first guard. The Captain walked up beside him and stared at the empty cell, his face twisting into fear and anger.

"Um, should we go after them, Sir?"

"'Should we go after them?', of course we go after them! We can't let them escape!" He grabbed the man's shirt collar and started to tremble. "Do you realize what Yao could do if we let those prisoners escape? He could have our heads!" The men gulped and rubbed their necks, thinking about the sword or ax that could kill them. The Captain was angry and pushed the man he was holding to the ground.

"Well? What are you all standing around and gawking at?! Go find those prisoners before Yao does!" The men scurried around the room like chickens and one by one started to break open barrels and boxes, looking for the children. But what they didn't know, or at least didn't think to do was look up at the ceiling. There they were, the children, and they were all holding onto the sticks of wood that supported the ceiling.

Ivan started crawling across the wood like a stealthy ninja. Amelia smiled.

"You look like Spidermen," she whispered. Ivan stared at her.

"Like who?" she gave him a smile and shrug in a way that meant, 'forget it'. The wood began to creak and they all held their breath. The men below all looked around, startled by the sound.

"What was that?" one of them asked.

"It came from up there," another said, looking up at the ceiling. But before he could say that he found the prisoners, the wood gave out and the children fell. Everyone in the room screamed as the wood and children came crashing down to the floor.

"That could have been easier," Francis said after everyone overcame their excitement.

"Thanks a lot, Iv-" before Amelia could finish her sentence, the men shouted and began grabbing the children. Ivan only seem to smile and he grabbed two men by their head hairs and butted their heads together, making them groan in pain and fall to the floor unconscious.

"There, now you've meet!" he chuckled and dusted off his hands. Amelia smiled as she grabbed a barrel and threw it at another man, hitting him on the head and making him unconscious.

"Nighty-night!" she laughed and waved goodbye to him.

Kibu grabbed a fallen piece of wood and began hitting the men with it, but they 'karate chopped' it in half. Kibu could only stare wide eyed.

"Oh..." he managed to say. The men chuckled as he approached Kibu.

"Looks like you're out of tricks, Boy."

"But I'm not!" Germanancy said as she kicked the men in the head. "Looks like it's past your bedtime!" the men groaned and and became unconscious.

"You okay, Kibu?" she asked. Kibu nodded.

"Hai, thank you," he bowed in respect and gratitude. Then they heard a gun load.

"Alright, children! That's enough. Surrender quietly and no harm will come to you," it was the Captain. Ita stared at him in shock.

"That's my pistol!"

"Yes, I find the weapons that you carried to come in handy. Though, I am surprised to find an Italian having ownership of such a fine weapon," the Captain said as he looked Ita's gun over. Then he smirked and pulled out a sword. "Almost as nice as this beautiful thing."

Kibu gasped and glared at him

"That is my father's! You took it from me!"

"Well, we can't let our prisoners keep their weapons now, can we? Your time ends here, so I suggest you get on your knees and pray."

"Sorry, but we have other plans," Melody said.

"Yeah, like getting out of here!" Romia said. He lunged forward but the Captain pointed the gun at him.

"Sorry, but none of you will leave this room alive!" With that, he pulled the trigger. Unexplainable, the gun broke into a million pieces.

"WHAT?! What kind of gun is that?! I demand an answer, Italian!"


"Quickly!" the Captain persisted as he pointed Kibu's katana at Ita's head. Roma stepped up and the Captain pointed the sword at him.

"You see, in Italian guns when you fire a normal-strength bullet it breaks."

"What? What's the point of it then?!"

"They can be taken apart so they can be easier to clean!" Ita smiled and exclaimed with glee. Everyone but the Captain stifled their laughter.

"Are you trying to mock me?!" the Captain shouted.

"No, Sir. We were just-" Travis tried to explain, but the Captain hit him hard in the stomach with the hilt of the sword. Travis moaned in pain as he fell to the floor, holding his stomach.

"Silence! Get back to your cells, all of you! And if I find out that you escaped again, I'll-" Ivan hit him in the back of his head before he could finish. He fell to the floor unconscious.

"Thanks, Iv!" Amelia smiled. "What should we do with them? Tie them up?"

"And gag them," Elizabeth added. Germanancy smiled.

"Ja, we don't want them causing trouble when they wake up. Alright." Benji smiled and found some rope and tied the men up together while Germanancy gagged them. By then, Emily run up to Travis.

"Are you okay, Travis?"

"I'm fine, I guess," even though it was obvious that he was embarrassed and angry that he got beaten up. "Where have you been anyway?"

"I was hiding from those men," she said. Travis stood up and acted as if he didn't get hurt.

"Okay, I think we wasted enough time. We should go and find Yao," he said. Everyone nodded.

"Let's go, Amigos," Pedro said. They all made their way up the stairs. Before she followed them up, Germanancy asked, "Has anyone seen Ivan?"

Everyone was just now realizing that Ivan was gone.

"Didn't he say that he was going to go see May earlier?" Ita said, remembering.

"Ve should find him. He can't go wondering off on his own," Germanancy said.


Ivan tiptoed through the halls, searching for May's room. He tried pulling back the door to one of the bedrooms, but it was locked.

"May?" he whispered loudly. He then remembered that she still could be in her death chi, so he didn't call again. He could see a few candle lights glowing from the other side of the shoji. He also could see the shadows of a bed and a body in the room. The body had to be May! It was obvious because it wasn't moving or breathing.

Ivan looked around for a key, there had to be a key. He found one hanging on the wall and grabbed it. He put the key in the lock and turned, then he pulled open the door.

"May?" he said, peeking in. It was her. She was on the bed and looked plain dead, but Ivan knew she was faking her death. He walked up to the bed and took her hand.

"It's me...Ivan. I...I've been wanting to talking with you. About me," he pulled over a chair and sat down. "I've been very embarrassed about talking with you. And...I might not getting another chance. We could die, I could die. And I wanted to talk to you alone about all this, because..." he turned away for a moment. "To tell you the truth, I'm terrified. I pretend to be brave around our friends and I even act that I like to kill others so my father will not be disappointed in me. But actually, I can't. I'm scared of all of that, and I wish it would all going away. I don't want to kill Yao, and I can't. I don't want blood on my hands, even if they're the enemy. So you seeing, May. I just wanting to have a normal life like everyone else. I know we're not living normal lives, but I still wanting to be away from all of this. I can only be truly happy if we put an ending to all of this peacefully. I knowing that I sound like a coward to you, I just don't thinking it right to killing anyone. Also-" he stood up and petted her hair.

"I'm thinking I have feelings for you. I have tried to ignore it, however, I can't stop thinking about you. You are smart and very gifted. And since we may not live through this, I wanted to tell you how I felt about you. I...I yachtibolu!" then he turned away and blushed. "Forgive me...but I must show you...how much I really do!" With that said he leaned down to her and kissed her lips. He didn't notice that tears fell from May's eyes. Yet, he did hear someone scream. He looked up, startled, and saw a Chinese woman with her hands covering her mouth and staring at him in horror. Then she glared at him and started shouting words at him he didn't understand.

But to Ivan, it was obvious the woman didn't like the fact that he was there.

"I'm Russian! Russian!" he said, holding up his hands above his head. The woman didn't seem to understand him either and continued to shout at him. Ivan figured this woman was thinking that he was trying to steal the body or something, so he ran to the window and jumped out. The woman shouted after him and closed the window, and ran away. Ivan figured she was going to tell Yao or China about what she saw, and that would be bad for him if either men found him.
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