Hetalia: Next Countries


Kibu opened his dark chocolate eyes. He noticed his father sitting next to him. Kibu sat up and put a hand on his face.

"What happened?" He asked. Japan smiled.

"You were training yourself again. You passed out," he said rubbing his son's head with a white cloth.

"I passed out? I must train more," Kibu said as he tried to get up. But it hurt to move.

"You have been training hard. You should get some rest," Japan suggested. Kibu shook his head.

"But I must become a strong nation like you."

"I did not become a great nation over one night. It took time for me to become strong," Japan said.

"But-" Kibu started, but Japan stood up.

"You should take some time off. Don't try to rush these things." He walked out the room. Kibu sighed in disappointment. He too had short-black hair like his father, Japan. He noticed his father's katana leaning on the wall on the other side of the room. He crawled over to it.

As a child, he was always intimidated by the sight of the powerful weapon. He picked it up. The weight always made him shiver and he pulled out the sword to see it magnificence. If only he could wield a weapon as powerful and intimidating as this one. He dreamed of it often. Kibu sighed as he put the katana back leaning on the wall. He often imagined himself as a samurai fighting alongside his father in defending the country. Somehow, Kibu wasn't sure if that would ever happen. But he could still dream, right? He decided to get some more sleep. He crawled back to his bed and lied down.

He dreamed he was a samurai again. This time, he wasn't fighting with his father. He dreamed about fighting with other nations. He didn't recognize any of them though. There was an Italian boy and a German girl beside him, and they were best friends. Then a Frenchman, a British girl, a Chinese girl, a Russian boy, and an American girl appeared beside them. Kibu then saw a shadowy figure in the sky. It was a man and he was a country. He had dark hair and his eyes had a deep brown.

"Fools! You think you can defeat the great Emperor?!" he said as lightning broke through the gray sky. The nations pulled out a weapon, even though the Italian waved a white flag. Kibu turned to the Italian.

"Please be brave, my friend!" then he turned to this 'Emperor' and held his hand to his face. Then with a mighty wave of his hand, the ground in front of him split in two. The force headed towards the figure, but the 'Emperor' blocked Kibu's attack with his hand. Kibu gasped. When was he able to split the ground with a stroke of his hand? Only his father could do that. But who was this 'Emperor'? Just how powerful was he?

The 'Emperor' smiled at the nations.

"I will rule this world! And you pathetic children won't stop me! You will fall as well as your parents and their country!" he said. A huge gust of wind blew around the children as he disappeared.

Kibu woke up and sweat fell down his face. He panted and trembled.

"What a strange dream. It feels so real! But it's only a dream. I'm sure of it," he said as he wiped his forehead. Somehow, he still had a bad feeling. Kibu shook his head.

"Wake up! You've had dreams before. But-" he decided not to think of it anymore. He got up and opened the outside door. He smiled as he saw the sakura tree blooming. Birds chirped happily and hopped around the tree. Kibu sat on the porch and the cat, Tama, sat next to him. Kibu stroke his dark fur and white fury mussel. He couldn't get the dream out of his head. Was it only a dream, or was it real?
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