Hetalia: Next Countries

Our Only Hope

Belly crawling, America and the other five nations crawl over to a wall with China's home behind it. Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romano, and Portugal were with them. They peeked over the wall and saw China's house surrounded by Chinese Warriors. Night had fallen by then and candles lit up the yard and house.

"What's the plan, America?" Russia asked him. America twisted the side of his mouth upward, thinking and observing the situation.

"Well, first we need to find a way in there and find the kids. Then we need to find China and change his mind about siding with Yao. After that, we take down Yao. Mostly, this plan involves not being captured or dying," he said. Germany nodded.

"Sounds like a good plan to me. But how do we get in there?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out," America said, "I mean, look at this. The whole area is surrounded by these goons and we need some way to get them away from the door long enough for us to get in."

"We may need a decoy," Austria said. Every eye fell upon Italy and Romano, who only stared back. Romano pointed to him and Italy.

"You mean...us? No way! Not for a million pastas!"

"But I don't want to die!" Italy whined loudly. Germany put a hand over Italy's mouth and the other nations quickly ducked behind the wall.

One of the Chinese Warriors stopped and looked towards the wall. He turned on a flashlight and shined the light around the wall, looking for any trace of an intruder.

"What is it?" A Chinese Warrior called.

"I thought I heard something...I guess it was nothing. Probably just a mouse," the first replied. They continued walking around the area, soon forgetting the noise.

America sighed and they looked over the wall to make sure that the Warriors were not watching them. He turned a glare at Italy.

"What are you trying to do, Dude? Make us all get captured?"

"I'm sorry," Italy whined, "but I don't want to die."

"Come on, Man, it's only until we can get the chance to get inside. Unless you don't care what happens to your kids?"

"You want us to say no, do you?" Romano sighed.

"It's up to you, Dudes. Chances are they're being tortured. Or held prisoner. Who knows, maybe they're already dead. We won't know for sure unless we get inside," America shrugged.

"But we-" Italy started, but America held up his hand.

"No, Dudes, it's okay. If you don't want to do it. But the thing is, everyone will be disappointed because us saving the kids will be up to you. If you don't do this, who knows what's going to happen. Nothing too bad, I guess. Yao would just take over the world, is all-"

"No!" Romano said, "I'ma saving my son and I'm not going to sit around and let that dastard Yao take over the world either."

"What do you want us to do, America?" Italy said, holding an angry face. America smiled. Hook, line, and sinker.

"I have something in mind," he said with a look that made the Italian brothers swallow with regret.

"I don't want to do this!" Italy cried as Germany slipped him in a greed dress.

"Stop complaining," Germany frowned, "You and Romano had already agreed to do this."

"Why can't you get in the dress for once?" Italy mumbled and sniffled.

"Because...I don't have the hips for it!" Germany said with an awkward smile.

"Wahhh! Germany's a pervert!"

"Nein!" Germany said, nearly about to strangle Italy.

"Please, calm down, Italy," Japan said, putting on a brown wig with pigtails, "America said it will only be until we get inside."

"But how will me and Romano get in without making those Warriors suspicious?" Italy asked. Japan look concerned.

"Well...Mr. Germany?"

"America didn't tell us that part. Just...trust America, ja?"

"That doesn't make me feel better," Italy sniffled.

"I can put on my own dress, Spain!" Romano said, grabbing the dress out of Spain's grip.

"But, Romano."

"Shut up! I'm not a little kid no mas!"

"I know that, Nino. But..." Spain couldn't finish because Romano was ignoring him. Romano slipped on an orange dress and a brown wig. This one didn't have pigtails, and Romano laughed as he stared at his younger brother.

"I think if your mother saw you she would probably faint."

"But that's your mother too! She would faint if she saw you!"

"Oh," Romano said, his smile fading. "Whatever!" he walked away, no longer joking.

Russia was only smiling in the situation, which was creeping Italy and Romano out.

"Wonder if he'd still be smiling if he was the one in the dress. Heh," Romano chuckled to himself.

"Alright. Now's your chance," America said waving for the Italian brothers to come forward.

"You know, America, I think I'm changing my mind," Romano said. He turned around, but America held on to his shoulder.

"Nope, you're not getting out of this, Dude. Go on!" he said, giving them both a shove out in the open. Italy and Romano gulped as they caught the attention of the Warriors, who pointed their swords at them.

"Who goes there?!" one of the Warriors demanded.

"Uh," Italy said, but Romano punched him and Italy forced his voice to sound high pitch like a girl's. "Uh...nobody. Yao...sent us. We came to deliver some fruit!" He lifted up a basket full of fruit. The Warriors looked at each other, looking confused.

"Yao didn't say anything about fruit," a Chinese Warrior said, stepping forward. He must have been in charge of the group.

"He doesn't say much. He said he wanted a snack," Romano said in the best girl voice he could manage, although it sounded like he had a sore throat.

"We have plenty of food. What is your real business here?" the Warrior in charge said.

"Yeah! Like'a you living off of China's-" Romano kicked Italy in the ankle, mostly for him not to give away the plan of attack, but partly because he was starting to talk in his normal voice.

"Er...what my sister means is that...uh...China requested our visit. He didn't want any delays either, so please...let us pass?" Romano said, trying to make up for Italy's outburst.

"Sir, maybe we should just let them go? They're obviously innocent," A Warrior suggested. He must have been afraid of crossing with China's orders.

"Silence!" The lead Warrior hissed at him. He turned back to Italy and Romano, "You take me for a fool, do you?"

"No?" Romano said, feeling uncomfortable.

"You think I don't know that you're men?" he tore off Italy's wig. "Aha! I knew it! It's a trap! Get them, men!"

"I'a think this is the part where we run away!" Romano screamed as he grabbed Italy's arm and pulled him into a run.

While the warriors were busy chasing the brothers, America and the others made their move. One by one they ran across the yard to the doorway. As the Warriors came about the side of the yard again, America reached out and pulled Italy and Romano inside the doorway. The Warriors stopped and looked around the yard, searching for the two brothers.

"They couldn't have gotten far. Search everywhere!" the lead Warrior shouted.

"See? All you had to do was trust me," America whispered. "But I wonder how they found out so fast? I mean, sure, it wasn't exactly a perfect disguise. But-"

"Maybe if you added makeup they wouldn't have found out," Hungary said.

"You saying I did it wrong?"

"Well, it looked so obvious without makeup."

"We don't have time for this. By the time we get this worked out, they'll find us," Germany said, trying to get everyone to focus on the mission.

"Si, we got those children to think about. We should focus on helping them next," Spain said.

"I agree with Spain. Who knows what happened to them?" Portugal nodded in agreement.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go look for them," Belgium said.


Yao was meditating in a room that was lit by candles. The candles expanded and descended in rhythm to his breathing. He then smiled and turned he head slightly to the right to see out of the corner of his eye.

"I knew you would come. I've been waiting," he said, standing up.

"Don't try any sudden moves, Yao," Switzerland said as he pointed his gun at him. America and the other nations walked in, holding a glare.

"Let me guess," Yao said with a mockingly raised eyebrow, "You came to rescue your children. Is that it?"

"Well, mostly. But also to put an end to this war by taking you prisoner," America said. He reached in his pocket and pulled out some handcuffs.

"If you don't mind, we're going to use this as a safety precaution."

"You really think I would just give up like that? Let you take me prisoner while letting all my dreams go down the drain?"

"What are you talking about?" France asked, "What dream?"

Yao didn't answer, but he smirked. Before the nations could react, a cage shot up from the floor around them.

"What the...?" America said as the cage enclosed them. "What's going on here, Yao?"

"Well done. You fell into my trap. I knew you would come after your children, so I made arrangements," Yao said, clapping his hands and smirking. Russia glared and grabbed the iron bars holding them, but an electric charge zapped him. Russia screamed and stepped back.

"Mustn't touch those bars. I'm afraid they're a bit sensitive. You see, the cage will soon drain your power and give it to me. Isn't that marvelous? And once your energy is completely drained...you'll be dead." Yao explained.

"If you think we're just going to sit here and let you drain our energy, then you are wrong!" Switzerland said. He used the butt of is gun and struck at the cage. But he too was met with an electric charge.

"Switzerland," Yao said, shaking his head. "I don't think you understand the situation. You can't get out, no matter what you do. Now if you were outside of the cage, maybe you would have a better chance." He began to walk away.

"Wait!" Belgium shouted, "What about our children?"

"Your children? They were a nuisance, so I put them out of existence."

"No!" They all cried. Hungary and Belgium fell to their knees, sobbing. Yao smirked and walked away, saying, "Don't worry. I'll make sure that you see them again. In the afterlife. Soon, the entire race of countries will be extinct. Leaving me ruler of all. And no one will be able rise and become countries ever again!" he laughed as he exited the room.

"No! We were so close!" America began to cry, "We lost. And now the world will forever be in darkness. If only there was something we could do."

"America," Germany said, putting a hand on his shoulder, "We don't know for certain if he killed the children. He could have been lying to us. If that is true, then our only hope rest within them."

"And if they did kill them? What then?" Japan asked.

"Then...we're going to die. But I don't think we should give up yet. However, we can't do anything while we're in here. All we can do is wait."

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