Hetalia: Next Countries

The Final Battle

The beach began to shake and huge gashes of winds began to swarm around the children, yet they would not falter. Whatever Yao had up his sleeve wasn't going to turn out well for them. The wind and vibrating of the shaking island was fierce, but the eight children knew they had to be fiercer.

Germanancy closed her fist tight that her hands began to shake from the pressure she was giving. With a war cry, she charged at Yao. She jumped at him, aiming her fists at his face. However, Yao only smirked and turned to the side, leaving Nancy to tumble to the sand. Yao backed into Ivan, who tried grabbing him into a headlock. Yao back flipped over Ivan and he stumbled into Francis who was going to attack Yao while he was in Ivan's headlock.

Yao turned his head in time to see Amelia's angry fist coming at him. Yao ducked and jammed his elbow into her gut, causing her to step back and gasp for breath. Then he grabbed her arm and tossed her over to Germanancy, who had recovered from her fall and tried to take him from behind. He felt something grab his feet and he looked down to see Ita. Yao glared but before he could do anything to the boy, Kibu sliced at Yao's arm. Yao screamed in both pain and surprise, but he grabbed the katana and pulled it out of Kibu's hands. Then he punched Kibu to the ground and kicked Ita off him. Yao took only a few seconds to look down at his injured and bleeding hand before refocusing on the battle with the children.

May was now making her advance on him and they both were locked into a kung Fu battle, punching and kicking at their vital muscles, organs, and bones. Elizabeth closed her eyes and began to feel power engulfing her body. She then focus the energy to her hands as she watched Yao and May battle.

The others hand recovered and watched, standing at ready for a chance to strike at Yao if anything happens to May. Something did; Yao had kicked her knee at such a rough point, that May cried out in pain and fell to the ground. Elizabeth didn't hesitate and her hand began to glow with flames. It formed into a ball and she through it at Yao, who raised his hand at the light-speeding magic and held it in his own hand! Elizabeth and the others gasped while Yao smiled.

"Thank you, Elizabeth. You just gave me the weapon to kill Mayling." He turned to May and aimed the ball of fire at her, but Ivan stood in the way, protecting her. He cried out in severe pain as the ball of fire struck at his arm.

"Ivan!" Elizabeth cried as she ran towards them, forgetting about Yao at the moment. As Elizabeth knelt beside them, Yao smiled and reached out to grab her neck.

"Leave her alone!" Cried Francis as he charged at Yao. Yao raised his hand at Francis froze in place. Francis tried to move his feet and arms, but he couldn't. Then he felt his neck tighten and he began to gag for air. He was lifted off the ground a few feet and he could feel that there was some kind of force that was choking him.

"Looks like I'll have to take care of you first, Frenchman!" He began to close his hand more and Francis was struggling more.

"No!" Ita cried as he began to step forward. Yao glared at him.

"All of you stand back! Unless you want to share his fate." There came a rumbling and the ground around Yao began to split. Yao lost his hold on Francis and dropped him. Francis gasped and coughed for breath.

"Leave my friends alone!" Kibu said as his hand was pointed towards Yao. Yao frowned as he noticed the creaks on the ground had started from where Kibu stood, making it obvious that he was the cause of the earthquake. But Yao's distraction was enough for Germanancy to jump on and pin him to the ground. She took out a pocket knife and pointed it to Yao's neck.

"If you surrender now, Yao, no harm will come to you."

"And why would I do something like that?!" Yao said as he punched and threw her off. But as he stood up, May came up from behind and pressed her hand to his back.

"Because, Yao. You've lost. You took everything from us and now you're paying the price." Yao couldn't move, he was paralyzed.

"But...how? There is no way you could recover so fast."

"It was Elizabeth. She healed me. We have questions that need to be answered. So, please. Tell us why you wanted to rule the world," May said. Yao smirked.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, May. But I'm afraid your questions will have to wait for another time." Before the children could ask what he meant, fog emerged so quickly it seemed like gas steaming out of a bottle. When the fog and cleared, Yao was gone. And so was the island. The children were back in the room where they confronted Yao.

"He's gone?" Amelia asked as she looked around the room.

"It appears that way," Germanancy sighed in frustration.

"But we had him!" Francis said.

"I guess he fooled us," May said. She looked over at Elizabeth and Ivan. Elizabeth was healing Ivan's burn with her white magic. Ivan sucked in air painfully and Elizabeth cringed.

"Sorry, I've never done this before," she said, timidly.

"The rest of us will look for our parents. Elizabeth, how long until you can heal that burn?" May said.

"I don't know. A few more minutes, I suppose."

"You and Ivan stay here, until his arm heals."

"Roger that," Elizabeth said. May and the other five left the room and searched for their parents.

"I'm sorry, Ivan. I didn't mean for my magic to hurt you," Elizabeth told him. Ivan shook his head.

"Don't blaming yourself. Your magic wasn't intended for me. I wanted to protect May from Yao. It is Yao's fault, not yours."

"Yeah, well now that he's gone I'm still empty handed. Now I again don't know how to bring my father back. I thought Yao would have the answer, but I guess not."

"Don't give up. You'll finding a way." Ivan smiled, confidently. It helped Elizabeth smile some.

"You fought Yao?!" Germany screamed as he and the other trapped countries walked out of their prison. "You realize how dangerous that vas?!"

"Ja, Father. But he escaped. I'm sorry that we scared all of you," Germanancy said as she hung her head. Germany sighed in frustration and he put his hands on his daughter's shoulders.

"Don't be. I think I'm more angry with myself for not being there for you," he said as he gave her a hug.

"I still have a problem with all of this," America said. "Y'all scared us to death! You would've died!"

"Mr. America," Japan said, "The children saved our live and the world. We should be thankful, not angry."

"I'm not angry, I'm just-" he pulled at his hair, but forced himself to calm down. "I was just worried."

"We all were," China said as he, Travis, Emily, Melody, Romia, Roma, Pedro, and Benji entered the room. The families cried and hugged as they were reunited with each other.

"Where is Ivan?" Russia asked.

"I'm here, Father." Russia turned to the doorway and saw Ivan and Elizabeth. Ivan smiled as he walked up to Russia and they exchanged hugs.

Elizabeth turned away from the family and friends and forced herself not to cry. Francis noticed her and walked over to her.

"I'm sorry. I wish I could help," he said as he put a hand on her shoulder.

"I'll find a way," Elizabeth said, not turning to him. "By the way. Thanks for saving me back there. I really appreciate it."

"Anytime," Francis nodded with a smile. Elizabeth turned her head to him and smiled, but after a moment it turned into a frown.

"Now...get your hand off me. It's not proper for a man to touch a lady without her permission." Despite how rude it may have sounded, Francis obeyed and winked at her.

"As you wish," he smiled, removing his hand from her shoulder.


Elizabeth tore at the bookshelves in the basement of her home. There had to be something! Anything that would bring her father back! Surely there was a spell in one of these books that restored lives. At last she came across a book with white magic spells and smiled as she found the spell she had been hoping to find. She rushed back into the room where her father's corpse lied.

"I hope this works," she said as she reopened the book and looked down at the spell she was going to cast. But before she could utter a word, a voice interrupted her.

"I would not do that if I were you." Elizabeth turned and gasped as she saw Norway frowning at her. His blue eyes seemed to be unreadable.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm going to bring back my father with this spell. It can restore his life," she frowned back. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"I heard that Britain was attacked and supposedly killed. I came to see if it was true," Norway answered. Elizabeth nodded.

"It's true. But I can bring him back with this spell."

"And what about your own life?" Norway charged her. Elizabeth raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that casting that spell comes with a price. As do all magic. If you try to bring back your father then you'll life will be taken. He will live, but you will die."


"Not a fair spell, don't you think?"

"Of course not! I want my father back!" She said as if a slave pleading for freedom. Norway frown again.

"I know how you feel about your father, Elizabeth. But you can't mess with nature. You bring your father back, it could disrupt something. Your country, perhaps."

"But there has to be something that can bring him back other than this spell! Please, Norway. If you know of a way, please tell me!" She looked so desperate that tears began to fall from her face. She knelt down beside her father's body and held it close. Norway stared at her for a long time and sighed.

"He really means that much to you that you'd go against the laws of nature?"

"He's the only family I have left. The only person who means so much to me. So yes. I would do anything to get him back."

Norway turned from her and stood silently for a long moment before sighing again.

"Alright, then. I think I may have something," he pulled out a golden feather from his cloak.

"What's that?" Elizabeth asked as Norway showed it to her.

"It's a phoenix feather. It restores life. It can bring your father back," he said. Elizabeth could only stare in wonder as Norway handed her the magical feather.

"You must prick your finger and press the feather to his heart," Norway told her.

"Why do I need to prick my finger?" Elizabeth said as she looked at the feather in her hand.

"To bring back someone from the phoenix feather, it requires the same blood type. Pricking your finger and pressing the blood to the feather will bring your father back."

"I understand," Elizabeth nodded. She looked around the floor and took one of the broken window glasses to her hand. She pricked her finger on the edge and whimpered slightly. Blood immediately began to form on her fingertip and she rested the feather to her father's chest with the hand she pricked.

She held her breath and waited. The color from the feather faded and the color to her father's face returned. He exhaled quietly and opened his green eyes. Elizabeth's hand flew to her mouth as if to keep her joyous scream to herself. Tears of happiness began to fall from her face.

Britain smiled and petted her hair.


"Yes, Father! It's me! I'm here!" She couldn't contain her happiness anymore and held him close, not wanting to let go ever again. "I thought I lost you!"

"You could never lose me, Princess. I'll always be with you. Both in life and death."

Elizabeth and Britain looked at Norway.

"Norway, thank you," Elizabeth smiled, tears running down her face. Norway was hesitant, but he eventually smiled back...a little. But he frowned when she looked away and back at her father. Elizabeth still had a lot to learn about magic. Right now, she was too naïve.

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