Hetalia: Next Countries


"Those brats," Yao hissed silently as he put his hand to his forearm. His strength was returning now that May's chi blocking was weakening. He wasn't going to give up. He was going to get what he wanted eventually.

"Well,well,well," Came a female voice, "Looks like someone failed what the master sent him out to do." Yao glared at the small sized woman as she walked closer to him. Her eyes held no color, for she was blind. Her hair was silver and her skin was pail. But, nevertheless, she was more powerful than Yao could ever be. Yao felt the room grow colder suddenly, and he shivered slightly.

"It's nice to see you too, North," Yao said, forcing himself to avoid the mockingly voice of pleased disapproval. "Where is your dear brother? I haven't seen him yet."

"My brother had visitors, apparently. I'm afraid he couldn't welcome you back," she replied.

"Such a shame," Yao said with sarcasm, "I was hoping to see him."

"The master is displeased with your results, Yao. He said to tell you that he won't allow your wish to be granted."

"What?!" Yao said, staring at her, "No, he promised me that once I took over the countries of the world he would return to me my deceased son!"

"Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you," the woman said. But it was obvious that she was being sarcastic. She seemed rather pleased.

"Looks like he wants me and my brother to take over. You were lucky, Yao. You are but a mere human, but the Master agreed to let you have power like the rest of us. Tell me, are you truly 79 years of age? You don't look no older than...30, perhaps. Why would the Master, a country, decide to save your life from the evil that has haunted your past? You are not like the rest of us countries."

"You know I don't like to talk about my past that I have been tormented with. I was five years of age when the war had come to China in 1940. Still, nothing has changed. The Master is lucky of that. If he had not saved me from that time long ago, I probably wouldn't be alive. He is perhaps, the only country I shall ever acknowledge." Yao said, anger appearing in his eyes at the memory. After a moment he asked, "What is it that he wishes of me now?"

"He doesn't wish anything of you, Yao. You have caused him much disappointment. From now on, my brother and I shall destroy all that stands in his way. We will do want you have failed to do. We will kill those children and their parents. The world shall belong to him, and him alone." With that said, she turned her back from Yao and walked away. Yao stood there, alone and miserable. His dream of returning his son to him was now lost. But with this only came more anger and he clinched his fists.

"I never trusted a country until he came, but now, he too betrays me. Countries are liars, cheaters, and they destroy the happiness of humans. From now on, I will destroy anyone who is a country or stands by them. I shall have my revenge!" With that he screamed towards the sky and the sky began to grow darker as rain began to pour.

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