Hetalia: Next Countries


May Ling peeked through a hole in the door. She saw, Yao, looking around the room. She pouted. Her father, China, recently began to act strange since Yao came along. Lately, he's been giving Yao some of his land. May thought of this as strange. Her father wouldn't just hand his country over to somebody. May always felt a strange feeling whenever she looked at Yao. Something haunting. She knew something was wrong about him, but trying to convince her father about Yao being strange was difficult to do. Yao always had a cold look in his eyes. May didn't notice that someone was standing behind her.

"May, what you doing?" May jumped and looked behind, only to see her father frowning at her. His arms were tucked in his sleeves. May stammered.

"I-I was-worried. I no trust Yao."

"Why worry. He good man," China said.

"Father, why you give country to Yao? You never do that."

"'Part' country," China corrected her, "He is good warrior. He will make us feel protected."

"'Make us feel protected'?" May almost laughed in disbelief, "He makes me worry. I no like him."

China frowned and put his hands on his hips, obviously starting to be stubborn.

"Someday, you understand. But maybe you no trust him because you no want to."

"Of course I no want to! I can tell that something bad will happen if this continues, Father! He's making you give up the country!"

China was angry by his daughter's words. He wanted to slap her, but forced himself not to.

"You disrespect family! Aiya! I have been cursed since day you born!" Then he walked past her and into the room where Yao was waiting. May fought back tears.

China never listened to her and it wasn't fair. Times have changed a lot in China, but she still felt as if she was an outcast because she was born a girl. China hoped to have a son, but he claims he was cursed because May was born a girl. Often, May hated that fact that she was a girl and wished she was a boy instead. She knew that she couldn't force China to listen to her, but it scared her to think that Yao would soon take over the country. She often questioned herself if her father loved her or not. But he must love her, because he hasn't proven otherwise. However, he was trusting Yao, a complete stranger. And things were only getting worse.

May had a shivering feeling every time she looked at Yao. She had visions of him in her sleep. She knew something was wrong with him. He only wanted power that was all. May was worried at the fact that China may be thinking about having May marry Yao. Yao was at least thirty years older than her, it wouldn't work out. The thought of Yao being her future husband made her shiver in disgust.
May decided to pray in the temple. She ran up the stairs and knelt when she stood before the Buddha statue. She bowed her head to the floor and began to weep.

"O great Buddha, what must I do? I am confused. I no trust Yao, and Father may be thinking about me marring him. Father is giving up his country to Yao. I am certain that Yao is hypnotizing him, but how can I stop that from happening?" she was silent for a moment as if she was speaking to the god in her mind. After a few moments she lifted her face.

"I no understand. How can I fight Yao?" Another silent moment.

"What? I will stop him, along with seven others? If we fail, he will rule world? I must not let that happen! Who are the seven others? When must we stop Yao?" she asked. Then she heard lighting in the distance. She got up and walked to the entrance. She looked up into the sky and saw dark rain clouds covering, making the sky look gray.

"Buddha, I pray only that you are right," May said as she held her blue kimono closed as a breeze blew around her. She had a bad feeling, and knew that she had to gather the other seven.

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