Hetalia: Next Countries


She took a deep breath as she put her fingers on the piano keys. She began to play and instantly, she was deep into the melody of the music. She could understand how her father, Austria, loved it so much. The music was enchanting and calming. She didn't even notice that her fingers were hardly touching the piano keys.

As she sat there with her eyes closed, lost in the music, she didn't notice that her mother was walking in. Hungary watched happily as she saw her daughter enjoying herself in the music. When she finished playing, it was then that she saw her mother smiling at her. She hit a bad note as she stood up in shock.

"Mother, I didn't see you there! I was just..." she didn't finish as she began to blush, so she turned her head. Hungary smiled.

"You don't have to apologize, Melody. I'm just glad to see that you are happy. You are just like your father when you play that piano. You look so relaxed and calm. As if the music is talking to you somehow," she said. Melody blushed again, but she smiled as well.

"I understand why he loves it so much. I helps me keep calm when everything is out of place," Melody said. She noticed her mother carrying a try with two teacups.

"I thought you would like a cup of tea. You don't have to drink it right away if you're busy harmonizing," Hungary said. Melody shook her head.

"No, I'll drink it. I can return to it later." Her mother smiled and walked out of the room. Melody put her hand on the piano's dark surface. It was well polished and even the inside was spotless. For years it was played by her father, but even Melody felt connected to it. Every note she played felt like a cool stream running through her veins. Every rhythm was like a heartbeat. She loved music. She was music. Neither could live without the other.

At last, Melody forced herself to move away and start enjoying her tea. But as she sat on the couch and stared at the piano, the more she felt attached to it. The more inspired she felt. The more relaxed she became. She couldn't help it. She loved to play, and she wanted to play more and more. So she finally finished the tea and sat at the piano again. She looked to the blue sky and sighed with joy. It was a perfect day. She put her hands on the Piano keys again, and played one of Beethoven's finest classics.
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