Hetalia: Next Countries


"Please, Sir! I'll try again, give me another channnnce!" wined a short-blonde French boy of 17. The chef didn't seem to appreciate him. He opened a door and threw him outside.

"Sorry, Francis. Maybe you should try serving the food instead of trying to make it?" with that he slammed the door. Tears streamed down Francis's face as he leaned on the door and whined even louder.

"But Monsieur!" he wined, but no reply came to the door. Francis sat there brawling. He was the only child of his father's seven children who couldn't cook even toast or eggs. He could ruin even cereal. He was the worst. He even failed cooking class! His father, France, showed him many times, but he stilled ended up destroying everything. As hard as he tried, he could never be able to make his dream of becoming a famous cook come true. He looked down at his wrist watch and moaned in disappointment at the time. It was getting late and he knew that he should head home.

"I can't go home now! Father said that if I didn't learn how to cook, he would kill me! That would suck!" He continued to sit there and cry. Yeah, he was a wimp too.

After a while, he decided to stop whining and make his way back home. He would take his time, of course. He didn't want to rush home and have his father expecting to see progress. Maybe other talents for his career would show up if he looked and found something better.

Paris is one place someone would get lost in their dreams. Francis' dream was to be a chief, although he never really stopped to consider that maybe it wasn't his destiny to be a chef. But when you're surround by every other family member that can cook, that can be a little difficult and impossible to think about. Francis had three older sisters and three older brothers. Already they were way ahead of him. His eldest sister, Francisca was 'Miss Princess' and everything had to be perfect with her. The entire family always gagged when Francis made something. He either over cooked the food, didn't cook it long enough, or didn't make it at all. There had to be SOMETHING he was good at. But just what, he didn't know. He wondered this as he looked around the streets of Paris and golden lights shine in the night sky. Many people laughed and danced around the streets. Francis smiled, but didn't feel at all that happy. He decided to buy a cup of red wine. It always made him feel better.

The bartender smiled as he dried off a clean cup and filled it up for Francis.

"Don't worry," he said as he handed it to him, "There will always be another pretty one." Francis stared at him, trying to understand what he just told him. He blushed upon realizing that he looked like he had just been dumped by a girlfriend.

"Are you talking about- No, I wasn't dumped. Well, I was. But not the way you think! I failed cooking class!" then he started to cry again and buried his face in his hands. The Bartender smiled and patted him on the back.

"It can't be all that bad. Hang in there, somethings bound to get better. But maybe you should take my advice and ask a pretty woman out. Like that one," he said as he pointed to a young woman sitting in the far corner of the bar. Francis followed his finger and noticed the woman. Francis smiled and winked at the Bartender.

"I see what you mean," then he took another sip of the whine and started walking over to the woman. He smiled as he approached her table. Yeah, he was a skirt-chaser too. The woman had her face covered and she wore a cloak with a hood.

"Hello!" he smiled as he blew her a kiss, "you look so very gloomy. How about we walk around Paris and I'll show you the sighs?" The woman glanced up at him.

"Sit down. Please," she said. Wow, it worked already? When Francis took a seat, he could see the woman's face more clearly now. Francis's face grew into worry.

"Y-your’re from China!" he almost screamed. The woman stood up and covered his mouth.

"Shhh! No one must know! I need your help, Francis," she said. Francis glared at her and removed her hand.

"Wait a minute! You knew I was coming in here! So you've been waiting for me, is that it?"

"I saw you outside. You came in, so I followed you. I just sat down actually." Francis stared at the young Chinese girl suspiciously. She was actually kinda cute, he thought, but didn't want to give that hint. He was more concerned of how she knew his name. It's kinda creepy when someone you don't know knows your name.

"You know who I am? How?"

"I noticed something different about you than the other people. You're part country, aren't you?" She said. Francis stared at her in disbelief.

"How did you know?"

"Because I am one as well," She pulled back her hood, "I am May Ling. My father is the great China. However, I am here to tell you that the future rests in our hands. I came here in search for you, but I don't have much time to explain everything. That will have to be on the way to find the others. Are you ready?" Francis smiled. He leaned in close to her and had his lips perked. May noticed what he was trying to do and pushed him back.

"What are you doing, aru?!"

"What you were wanting to do. But just to make sure, w-what are you doing?" Francis smiled awkwardly. May frowned.

"I am trying to find the other six to stop evil man," she said. Francis chuckled nervously and blushed. Right, she was on a mission. Francis wanted to slap himself for being so stupid in front of her.

"Oh! Oui, I was aiming for that too. Hohohohoho!"

"Wait, did you think we were going to KISS?! I hardly know you!" she screamed. She grabbed Francis's collar and threw him across the table. The drunkards laughed and started fighting as well. Wine bottles and liquid stared to fill the air that followed with laughter and things being tossed around and breaking. Francis stood up and held his hands up.

"Wait! I can explain!" he cried. But May grabbed him again and threw him out the window. The glass shattered as Francis fell through the window. May gave a little sigh and shook her head. She rested her hand to her forehead. This one was an idiot.

"I can't believe he is one of the chosen," she turned to the Bartender, "put it on French boy's tab."

"I can't believe you thought we were going to kiss! I no interest in Frenchmen. You must pay attention because this is destiny," May said to Francis later. Francis whimpered. They were walking down the streets of Paris, but it wasn't meant for a date. May was telling Francis why she was here and why it involved him too.

"She's strong too," he mumbled and his heart was broken when he looked down at his empty wallet. He had to pay all the damages to the Bartender. May snapped her fingers for attention.

"You! Pay attention!" she barked. Francis whimpered but nodded.

"I left my father because he trusts I no like. I think my father is being controlled by him. His name is Yao. My father has been giving him some land, but day by day he's turning over his country."

"But Monsieur China wouldn't do that. No one would turn over their country to just anybody," Francis said. May nodded in agreement

"My father wouldn't. So I thought it strange. But I am certain that he is being controlled. I have strange dreams about Yao. He will be strong very soon. And only eight children of the Great Eight Nations can stop him," May continued. Francis smiled.

"How do you know all of this anyway? And what's this have to do with moi?" he asked. May pointed a finger at his chest and stood confidently with a hand resting on her hip.

"Buddha tell me. You are one of Great Eight's children, yes? You may not be able to cook, but you can save world." she smiled. Francis thought about it.

"I don't know..."

"Look, I left home because I want to save world. And also because I no trust Yao. But you have no reason to return home too, right? Come with me and we can save world," she said giving her hand out for a shake. Francis still wasn't sure about this. Reluctantly, he shook hands with May. She smiled.

"Good. Now we go find others," she walked ahead. Francis shrugged. He wasn't one hundred percent sure about all of this, but it was worth a shot. Although he was still sure that he was running away and positive that his family would be worried. But May Ling insisted that he come with her. What choice did he have?

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