Hetalia: Next Countries


"Elizabeth? Elizabeth!" Britain called throughout his house. He scratched his head, feeling confused.

"That's odd. Where is that girl? It's not like her to up and disappear like this." It was then that he heard the basement door creak.

"Elizabeth?" he asked as he walked down the hall to the basement door. It was only open a crack, so Britain went downstairs. As he approached the bottom, he could hear someone chanting as if in some kind of spell. He peeked from behind the corner and saw a figure clothed in a dark cloak.

"Santa Rita metta reda ringo jega rito marlin jackla toya Mikle dumble Dora the explorer! I summon you from the depths of the underworld. Show yourself!" The figure said, pointing their hand towards the alchemical circle that was carved into the floor. The circle didn't glow, neither did anything appear. Britain smiled, but sighed. He began walking towards the figure.

"Didn't work. I'll just have to try again," the figure said. But before the figure could utter a chanting word, Britain pulled the hood back from behind. Britain smiled.

"I thought that was you. You're still trying to cast spells, are you, Elizabeth?" he said to the young girl of 15 before him. She looked back at him in shock. Her hair was a long blonde that went right above her hips. Her eyes were emerald green, and she wore a pick shirt and skirt that went to her knees. The young girl blushed, surprised that her father found out about what she was trying to do.

"Father! I didn't know you were there. You startled me," she began to smile. Britain chuckled, but then he grew serious and shook his head, "You have tried this before and you never could do it, Princess. I don't think you have the potential-"

"No! I do! I know I do!" Elizabeth said, "It just takes time! I can do it!" Britain smiled and put his hands on his daughter's shoulders.

"I don't doubt you trying, but most people don't have the ability to use magic. And you could be one of those people."

"But I have to learn magic! You can do it so easily! I want to do it! It's fascinating to be able to see and talk to magical creatures and cast spells. I want prove to you that I can do it too," Elizabeth said.

"You don't have to prove anything to me, Princess. I love you just the way you are. And handling magic doesn't make us great. What we do to ourselves is all that matters." Elizabeth sighed and hung her head.

"I wanted to curse Russia. But I know. You don't want me to continue discouraging myself." Britain laughed.

"Well, yes. But I use that curse to curse America, not Russia." Elizabeth blushed at her mistake of cursing. She started laughing as well.

"Good thing it didn't work, right?" she blushed again. Elizabeth had no power to use magic for reasons she didn't understand. Britain always told her that she was born like most people who didn't have power to do any spell casting. But she always felt as if she was missing a part of her life. And she wanted to figure out what that missing part was.

Later that afternoon, Britain and Elizabeth played a game of chess. They drank tea and ate cupcakes and scones to pass the time. After moving one of her knights, Elizabeth looked up at her father.

"Father, I've been...hearing rumors."

"Yeah, what about?" Britain asked as he moved a bishop. He didn't look up once since the game started, but he still had his attention focused on her.

"I hear people whispering behind my back. I think their talking about me. Even laughing," Elizabeth said. Britain looked up for the first time.

"You shouldn't pay attention to those that make fun of you. I doubt those people even know you," he said.

"It's not just me they're talking about. I sometimes hear them talking about you as well. That you're...insane," she said, feeling a little sad. Britain stared at her and looked uncomfortable about this conversation.

"Princess, don't let what others say bother you. And I am not insane. Do you even believe these rumors?"

"Well, at first I didn't. But I've seen you talking to no one. Even laughing. I can't help but believe these rumors." Britain looked shocked by her answer.

"I'm only talking to Flying Mint Bunny, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Mr. Leprechaun, and Uni the unicorn. They are my friends. They've always been there when nobody else would," Britain said as he focused his attention back to the chess game.

"Are you talking about those stories you told me when I was a kid? Those are make believe charters I thought you made up," Elizabeth said, now feeling that her father maybe was insane. Britain seemed to have ignored her last remarks.

"It's your move," he told her. Elizabeth sighed and looked down at her pieces. Her father didn't have very many pawns and he lost a knight. He lost his rocks as well. He only had three pawns, a knight, one bishop, his queen, and his king. Then she looked at hers. She had more pawns and both her knights. She did lose both her rocks and lost one bishop. But she still had her king and queen. She smirked and moved one of her knights. Britain smirked.

"Wrong move."

"What?!" before Elizabeth could react, Britain moved his queen and blocked the rest of her army.

"Checkmate!" Elizabeth stared at her father's queen in disbelief.

"No way! I was sure I had you this time."

"You did have a good hand going for a while, but then you moved your bishop. That created an opening for me. And that opening made me win the battle easily." Britain said, "I want to show you something." Elizabeth was still confused, but she didn't make an argument. Britain picked up her king.

"You see, the chess game is very similar to us. The king and queen represents the country. The knights represent our power, the bishops represent strategy, and the pawns represents our people. If a king or queen had a weak strategy, weak power, or weak people, he would have a weak army as well as a country. This is the same thing for us. If we didn't have these things, stronger armies would take over and destroy us," Britain explained, "All I'm trying to say is that one day I may not be here. And I need you to take my place and look after the country. So you must be strong, Elizabeth. If you're not, it could destroy you." Elizabeth was speechless. She had no idea what great importance she had. She was, in a way, his heir. If anything happened to him, she would have to take his place. Britain smiled and rubbed her head.

"I care more about you than anything, you know that. If anything happened to you, I wouldn't forgive myself. You don't have to make me impressed, I am impressed just the way you are. We all have many things to learn. Even when we grow up. That's the reason why I'm trying to teach you these important lessons. So you can fight for yourself when I'm not there to protect you." With that, Britain left. Elizabeth sat there, thinking on what her father told her. She realized, that she was important. Not to her father or herself, but to everyone in the nation of Great Britain.
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