Hetalia: Next Countries


Amelia was chained to the cell's doors of the USS Kidd. It was stolen from America by Yao, as well as her. Amelia knew that Yao was only holding her captive as bait for America, but she wondered if maybe Yao wanted her too. Although she didn't understand why.

Earlier today she was walking home from the mall when Yao jumped her and took her away. She had no idea where he came from and she wanted to know why. Being out on the water during November makes everything around you feel freezing in a prison cell. It was a bit lonely, too. She wanted to call or text her Dad to let him know that she had been kidnapped and she knew that he'll start getting concerned as to where she could be.

Amelia's hair was a long, sandy-colored-blonde that was shoulder-length. Her jacket was brown leather had a furred hoodie of brown fur and she had the number 50 on the back of her jacket. Her pants were brown and she had brown boots. She tugged the chain and chuckled.

"You're smart, Yao. I'll give you that. But it's stupid to leave me unguarded. Is he seriously THIS confident that I can't escape? Or did he put security cameras in here?" She looked around the room and in the corners of the ceiling, looking for any evidence that she was being watched. She found nothing. She was beginning to get suspicious. Surely Yao would know that she could easily escape from the cell, if she wanted to. So he shouldn't have her tied in here without some other trap implanted or someone guarding her, at least. Since he took the Kidd, Amelia was sure that he changed the ship to his liking.

"Stupid invader, stealing a ship and changing its history." She heard the door open with a creak and she had to look away from the sun's evening light blinding her. Once the door had closed, She glared at her captive she could see again. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up with anger.

"Yao!" she growled. Yao smiled as he walked over to her and held up her chin. His evil, brown eyes held a proud look like he had conquered a great beast.

"I would say you were pretty, Amelia. If you didn't give me ugly glares like that, that is," he said. Amelia pulled her head away and tried to bite it. Yao took his hand back and smirked.

"A rude, pretty one."

"I have a right to approach you however I wish! This is my Dad's country! I'll come and go as I please!" she shouted as she struggled with the chains.

"You don't have to shout. And I wouldn't be making threats if it was me behind those bars."

"I'll gladly trade places with you," Amelia smirked.

"Stop making jokes, Amelia. It's not just your father's country. I'm after you, too," Yao smiled.

"What do you want with me and my Dad? Why can't you just take the country then, if you want it so badly?" Amelia said as she turned away from him.

"It's not that simple. Your father...well, he's not exactly on good terms with me."

"Let me think; you took the Kidd, you stole me, you threaten this nation, shall I go on?! He's got plenty of reasons why he doesn't trust you!" She wanted to hit him so bad.

"Let me tell you something, Amelia. Keeping you locked up in here doesn't give me any pleasure. Well, I suppose a little. Once your father discovers that you're missing, he'll come looking for you. Of course he'll be a little angry. But he'll be willing to do anything to save your life," Yao chuckled.

"A little? He'll be furious! And if he comes, he won't come alone. He'll have SWAT and the military behind him. I hope they swat you good, too!"

"Save your breath, little Amelia," Yao said as he began to pet her hair, "No one will be able to hear you. Let your father do his worst, I won't leave until I what I want. Neither will I let you go, my dear." Amelia pulled away and spat at his face.

"You monster! This is cruel, keeping a person locked up like this!" Yao glared and slapped her. Amelia gasped in surprise. That really stung her face and it wasn't polite. Even Amelia had to agree to that, even though she wasn't much for being polite. Yao held up her face again by grabbing her cheek.

"I'm in control now! So I'll treat you the way I want to!" he turned to leave, "I hate Americans!" he swore. The door closed with a violent slam and Amelia tried again to break the chains, but to no avail.

"This sucks. I can't even reach my phone to call and worn Dad. I wish I had a hamburger with everything on it. I mean, don't I get a last meal or something? When I get out of here, I'll teach that Yao dude a thing or two! Then I'll take back the Kidd and bring it back to where it belongs on the Mississippi River." Amelia sighed and thought of tying Yao up and playing 'It's a small world' on repeat to annoy him. Or maybe she should play 'Nylan Cat's theme'? She wasn't sure. Both were annoying, but cute to her. She chuckled to herself of her silly little revenge.
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