Hetalia: Next Countries

Pedro and Benji

Today was a special day in Spain. It was Pedro's birthday. Since his father was the great Spain himself, Pedro's birthday is a big celebration the whole country celebrates. Being the son of both Spain and Belgium, Pedro knows he has a great importance to the country.

However, even though the country was getting ready for the celebration that was to take place that night Pedro wasn't around. He and his younger brother, Benji, were down by the river.

"We should really get back, you know," Benji smiled, "this party is for you."

"No, I don't think we should hurry. We've got hours to kill. Besides, Mother would just make us wear those tight suits for the party," Pedro said. He and his brother had the same color of brown hair and green eyes. They have been mistaken for twins by some people although they were two years apart. But if you looked more closely, Pedro's eyes and hair looked a little darker than Benji's. They often hated being mistaken for twins.

"Even so, I don't think we should stay here for long. Mother and Father would get worried for us. We should head back, Pedro," Benji said. Pedro nodded a bit reluctantly.

"I guess. But I'm not wearing a suit. I rather wear whatever I desire."

"Agreed," Benji said as the two brothers shared a laugh. Pedro patted Benji's shoulder.

"Come on, let's go."

"I hope we can make it home without seeing Turkey. I hate it when he comes into the country without permission." Benji said as they walked down the road that will bring them back to Madrid.

"I wouldn't be too worried about him. He's been sneaking into the country less now. Father has more power now. And that's not counting Uncle Portugal's help," Pedro said.

"I hope we get to see Uncle Portugal at your birthday celebration. We don't see him so much anymore. I miss him."

"Si, I hope so too," Pedro smiled, "But he has a lot of responsibility just like Mother and Father."

"Maybe," Benji said.

"He's helped Father a lot of times in the past. He's saved his butt a few times, too."

"Speaking of saving butts, I think we should save ours," Benji said.

"What do you mean?"

"THAT'S what I mean!" Benji said as they turned to the road that lead to Madrid. Pedro followed his brother's gaze that soon landed on a heard of an angry bulls.

"It's a bull run! You're right! We need to get off the road!" Pedro said as he and Benji hopped over a nearby fence. The bulls mooed and dust flew as they ran by the brothers.

"I hate these kind of events. I wish we didn't have such crazy rodeos."

"Me two. Someone could get killed."

"Speaking of getting killed, those bulls look like they're out of control. We have to stop them before somebody get hurt!" Pedro said as he jumped over the fence and started running after the bulls.

"Pedro! You'll never catch those bulls that way!" Benji called after him as he, too, jumped over the fence. The bulls were indeed out of control. Steam shot out of their nostrils and they had a wild look in their eyes. It didn't look like anything would stop them.

A figure jumped into the lead bull and then began a stamped of bulls that were now after the person standing in their way. The figure and the lead bull wrestled and the bull tried tearing the figure apart. Pedro and Benji stopped in their tracks and stared in shock.

"Uncle Portugal?! What are you doing here?!" Pedro and Benji said in union.

"Sorry, boys. I'm a little busy right now," Portugal smiled. He grabbed the bull's horns and pulled him to the ground. A few of the bulls that dared to charge were given the same fate as their leader. The other bulls decided to behave after being defeated by Portugal. Portugal smiled and dusted off his hands.

"I see that your father stills has a bit of problems with bulls. Does he even know of this?"

"Believe us, Uncle. Nothing happens in Spain without our Father's knowing," Pedro said, nodding. Benji immediately hugged his uncle.

"You came! I was hoping you would!"

"I wouldn't miss either of your birthdays. I also came to bring devastating news to your parents," Portugal said.

"What is it?" Pedro asked.

"I must discuss it with your parents."

"Then let's hurry home and let them know you're here, then!" Benji said.

"Were you hurt? Any of you?!" Belgium said when the three of them returned to Madrid. Pedro smiled.

"Of course we're alright. We're still here, aren't we?"

"I'm sorry. I'm just worried. Well, Portugal. I'll get Spain and we can discuss the news of yours," Belgium said as she went out to the tomato garden to get Spain. When she left, Portugal smiled at Pedro.

"You're 16 now, correct?"

"Si, hard believe?" Pedro said.

"Si. It seems only yesterday that you were born. Of course, you and Benji are both growing up fast," Portugal smiled.

"'We're not kids much anymore'!" Benji said, at least that's what Mother and Father say."

"That is true," Portugal said as he patted them both on the head. Spain and Belgium came back. Spain and Portugal smiled and gave each other a hug.

"Ola!" They said.

"So what brings you here, Portugal?" Spain said as all five of them sat down at the table.

"It's not good, my little brother. It's China."

"What about him?" Belgium asked.

"He has lost his power. He gave it all to a man named Yao," Portugal said. He looked a bit saddened.

"Isn't Yao the one who was to marry his daughter, May Ling?" Pedro said.

"Si. Ever since he was to marry May, China has begun to lose his power. Yao now has China's country and just yesterday he has taken America's daughter captive."

"But why would China give his country to a random citizen?" Benji asked.

"I'm not sure. But he could be a treat to the other countries. I just wanted to warn you about him. I have more disturbing news. May and Francis has gone missing."
"Missing?" Belgium said, "But where have they gone?"

"Neither China nor France know where they have gone."

"So we should keep an eye out for them. Is that what you're trying to say?" Spain asked.

"Keep an eye out for both Yao and the children. Yao could be holding the children captive for a ransom," Portugal said.

"Of course we will," Spain said. Benji and Pedro started to feel a bit worried. They swore to themselves that they wouldn't let anything bad happen to the country. Yet, they both wondered if there was any way they could help.

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