Rich Girl


"I am sorry! I Am sorry I lied, I know youre angry but I didn't mean for this to go far. I regret this. I regret more than you think." Your whole life you've had to put your dreams on hold for your mother, your friends and your wallet. Yet, your dreams still were screaming to you coaxing you. SO you picked up your bags and moved. Still poor however you sold your art work hoping to get noticed hoping to get recognized. Yes, you were noticed but not as the artist. You were the stuck up rich girl, who Min-Yoongi owed. He thought you were stuck up. You thought he was too. He thought you were rich. You knew he was. You however hid the truth.

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:


Money is unavoidable

You need it to eat



You even need money to be happy and to live any kind of life no matter how lavish or how pitiful.

Which person are you

Lavish or pitiful?

Or are you both?

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