A detour for Fifty and Ms. Steele

Chapter 2 - Elliot, 'The Perb'

I feel like I should explain something here because of a review I received for chapter 2. The technology for turning cellphones on remotely from a distance exists, and has existed for a while now, as well as the possibility to listen through them once they are on, like a microphone of sorts. I repeat, this hasnothingto do with science fiction.



Once at home I finally question Taylor. “Sir” He nods at me.

I nod back at him. “So, did you do it?”

“Yes Mr. Grey, I went to Miss Steele´s work place”

Damn it, I was getting exasperated. Did I have to get the information like I was pulling his teeth out. “Well, what did she say?”

“When she first saw me, she appeared to be confused, but as I closed in she got a bit anxious. I tried to reassure her, and then I asked for your jacket, Sir. Just as you instructed. I told her about the key. And she seemed a little suspicious, saying she didn´t think there was any key in the pockets, but that I could pick it up from her place before Saturday.”

“Right, she´s moving”

“Yes Sir, that´s what she told me.”

There’s a hint of something else in his voice, that he isn´t saying. “Is there anything else?”

“That´s all, Sir. I saw her when she was getting back to the store apparently from her lunch break.”

What the hell?, why is he acting like this?“Taylor, I´m getting tired of this, tell me everything you saw or said, NOW!” I growled, it needed to be done, he was getting on my last nerve.

“She was with her friend before I caught her, that´s all.”

Why couldn´t he just say that?, maybe Katherine took her out to...wait,“was she with her roommate, Miss Kavanagh?“, there is that damn look again. “TAYLOR!”

“Miss Steele was with the photographer from the other day at the Heathman, Sir.”

...I gulp. Then wait for him to tell me the rest of it, if he knows what is good for him he won’t leave one single word out.

“They were walking to the store, Miss Steele had her right arm around his left arm, and he had his right hand on her right one, when they reached the entrance they embraced, he kissed her on the cheek. Then they exchanged a couple of words, and he left. That’s all.”

She was with him?...she let him put his arms around her and kiss her, even if it was on her cheek. After what he had done to her...

I nod at Taylor to dismiss him, and he walks out of my office.

Is she withhim now?, and what is this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach?

She can´t be with him, she said they were only friends. But he wants her.

I have no right to question her either way...

I sigh, run my hands through my hair, and let my face fall on my palms.

I lift my head and start pacing around.God I really need to see Claude right now. I need to hit something really bad.

Are they together right now?...

Before I realize it, I´m heading into Taylor’s office. I give him the photographer´s full name so he can find his cellphone number to track his whereabouts.

He doesn’t say anything, nor does he question me, but he must think I’m going crazy, I know I do.

“Mister Grey, that number seems to be at...um, at Miss Steele’s at the moment.” He says not looking at me.

“Thank you.” And just like that, I´m heading back to my office again.

I´m pacing like a maniac, in front of the windows that face the city. Damn it! Why the hell do I care so much?, but why is he there?, they already saw each other at lunch time...

Without even thinking about it, I´m on the phone in a second.

“Hello?,” she musn´t’ve checked the caller ID. “Stop it, José!, don’t touch that!”


“José, don’t!, hands off”, I swear I´m gona kill him...

Wait, she´s laughing now. “Anastasia!” I say loudly.

“Hello?“,why isn’t she checking her damned caller ID?

“shut up guys, I can´t listen!”, I can hear her walking away from all the raucous. “Oh, shit!,” she clears her throat, ” um, Christian?“. She sounds nervous when she says my name.Good.

“Anastasia, are you ok?”

“Um, yes, off course. Why wouldn´t I be?”

“Was that the photographer you were yelling at?, what was he doing to you’”

She sighs. “Nothing, Christian. He wasn´t doing anything to me. We are having dinner, and watching a moviewithKate,” she stresses the word ‘with’, “José had finished his beer, and when I was distracted, he tried to exchange his empty bottle for my half full one. That´s why I was yelling at him, so he would leave my beer alone”, she sounds a bit exasperated.

“Oh...um, I was calling because Taylor told me he talked to you,” I hope she doesn´t catch on my huge lie.

“Yes, I didn´t have your jacket with me at the store, sorry. If he can´t pick it up before we leave to Seattle tomorrow, I could give it to your brother. Remember Elliot´s helping Kate and me with the moving?”

Right, that´s just great. I huff to myself. I´m going to get the third degree from Lelliot about what happened between Anastasia and me. “I remember...so, how was your last day at work?”

“Oh...um, it was fine, nothing new. I´m ready to leave it behind.”

I want to know what was the photographer doing there. “Taylor said you weren´t at the store when he got there...”

“Um...yeah I was out for my lunch break”

She´s not gonna tell me. “You went out with Katherine?”

She sighs. “No”

“You’re usually at the store, when you are alone...”

She hesitates a bit, then she says it, “I wasn´t alone”


“I was with José. He wanted to congratulate me for my graduation, and spend some time together since we won´t be seeing each other for a while, what with me living in Seattle and him here”

“And he´s there again?”

“Yes, Christian. I´ve told you already, he´s one of my very best friends. We are used to seeing each other on a daily basis, and starting tomorrow that will change drastically. Why are you asking?”

I’ve started pacing again. “It was just a question, Anastasia. It seems to me like you two are spending a whole lot of time together.”

“So? Look Christian, my friends are waiting for me...-hold on”

Is she on a hurry to hang up on me?, What the hell?!

“I´ll get it guys, I wouldn´t want you to exhaust yourselves... couldn´t you get up and walk ten paces to the door?”

“Hello, beautiful Ana!”what´s that squeal in the background?

“Hi, come in, we are in the living room”

“Anastasia?, who was that?”

“Your brother, Christian! Don´t you recognize his voice.”

Oh, right... “Are you yelling at me, Anastasia?”

I can actually hear her intake of breath. “No, I... I wasn´t,” then she sighs “is that a smirk I sense in your voice, Mr. Grey ? are you smirking at me?”

Oh, how I love it when she gets playful like this. “Maybe, why?”

“Just checking, I-”

“Hey, Ana, come watch the movie with me? Please.“, she´s laughing now.

“Um, I´m coming, José.”

“Ana, please, don´t leave me with these two. They are reaching the pornographic level”

“Shhh, I´m on the phone, hold on, I-”

“Let´s go out, please!, this is awkward”he whines.

“Ok, ok, give me a sec...”, she clears her throat. “Christian, I have to go. Your brother and Kate are getting too...um...let´s just say they´re big into PDA.”

“So?, why should that bother you? You can go to your room..” ALONE.

“I have company, Christian.”

“Right. And what are you planning on doing?”

"Not that it is any of your business, but we are going out and take a walk until those two, either go up to Kate´s room or cool off”

“Anastasia, I don´t think that´s a good idea. Remember what happened the last time you were alone with him, after some drinks, I don´t...”

“Christian, is there anything specific that you need from me?, because otherwise I have to go.”


“I’ll take that as a no. Sorry but I have to go now. I´ll make sure you get your jacket back, one way or another. Good night, Christian.”

And she hung up on me...God I really want to give her a nice spanking right now.

Is she insane, why would she leave alone with him at night? If he hurts her...I take a deep breath to calm myself.

Marching again to Taylor´s...Why am I acting like this?It doesn´t make any sense...

“Taylor, I want you to turn on remotely Ms. Steele´s cell phone”

He presses some keys on the keyboard of one of his computers, and it’s done. I can hear her voice, though not very clearly. Her cell must be inside one of her pockets, or in her bag.

“That would be all. I’ll take it from here.”

Taylor raises and leaves me alone in his office, to snoop on a woman who just yesterday told me she didn’t want to be with me...

“Are those two always like that in public, Ana?”

“Haha, yeah, ever since the first day.”

“He seems nice”

“He is, he’s very funny as well”

“So, was that Grey on the phone?”

“Um, yeah”

“Ah, you are still seeing him...”

“No, I’m not. And I don’t want to talk about it, ok?”

“Ok, not talking about it. So, how is Ray?”

“Ray is...Ray”

“Haha, I get what you mean. I´m gonna see him next week, when I go visit my old man.”

“Send my best to José Senior.”

“Will do. What do you want to drink?”

“Not Margaritas, that´s for sure.”

“Haha, can´t handle them, huh?”

“If past experiences show something, is that I definitely can not”

The asshole laughs, “Oh, Ana. I´m really gonna miss you”

“I’ll miss you too. But I told you already, we’ll keep seeing each other as much as we can, right?”

“Right, without a doubt. I’ll get us a couple of beers, is that ok?”

“A beer would be great, I’ll get us a table.”

“Hello pretty girl!, are you alone?, can I buy you a drink?”

“No, I’m with a friend, thank you”

“Too bad, I wanted to chat with you for a while”

What the fuck!...what is that stupid photographer doing that he isn’t keeping an eye on her?

“Ana, is everything ok?”

“I was just keeping her company man, it’s all good”

“Are you ok, Ana?”

“Yeah, he was just passing by, José”

They spent half an hour talking about his last year of school, his upcoming photography sessions, her job interviews for next week, her mother telling her to go visit her, and finally, they spent a little more time reminiscing.

He appeared to be behaving himself. Not once he had even hit on her. Good for him, he better learn his place before I have to go teach him.

“Well, have a good moving day”

“Thank you, José. I’ll see you for your show, ok? Call me with the details.”

“Absolutely, bye Ana”


Well, she’s home safe. I should stop listening now, I´m getting into stalker territory. Haha, that´s excatly what Anastasia would say.

I sigh. Dammit! I really miss her smart mouth...

Then she screeches, WHAT THE...!

“Elliot, you scared me. What are you doing in the dark...?”

“I wouldn´t do that...”

“Why not? You can´t see anything in he-,”she gasps.“Oh, my God!, I...I...”

He laughs loudly,“Haha, I tried to warn you...”

“Elliot, what was that?, is that you, Ana?, what ...?, oh for God´s sake Elliot put some pants on.”

“Hey, I was getting us some water, who knew she would walk in, just when I was naked.”

“Ana? Are you ok? Ana...?, dammit Elliot, at least stand behind a chair, or go upstairs. Elliot!”

“Haha, bye Pretty Ana”

“Shup up, and go upstairs, you idiot!”

I´m gonna beat the crap out of Elliot!...

“Ana, sweetheart, you can open your eyes now, he’s gone. Ana, breath...there you go. You ok?, nod if you are ok...that’s good, come drink some water. Did José behave himself?”


“Haha, Ana, it’s not a big deal, you know. Oops, he wouldn´t like me saying that, and if you’re comparing with the average it sort of is, right?” She cackles.


“Oh lighten up, besides it’s not the first man you’ve seen naked, albeitit is the second, and from the same family. Hey at the pace you are going you will have seen their father in his birthday suit by the end of next week” She hoots again.

Agh! That’s just repugnant!

“That’s disgusting, Kate! Stop that, it’s not funny”

“Of course it is, and hey, the way he acted when he was with you, if Christian found out about this, I think he would probably use Elliot as a punching bag. So gloat on that!”

You have that right. I growl

“Don’t talk about him like that, Kate...I...”

“I know sweetie, sorry. How are you holding up?, we haven’t talked about it yet?”

“I miss him, Kate, but it doesn´t matter anymore. It’s over.”

“Oh, Ana. I´m so sorry. Even if I didn’t like the guy, I know that, for some reason, you’re crazy about him. I just want to see you happy.”

“I know. Thank you, Kate. Now, go to your man, before he decides to come back with the family jewels on display, once again. I really don’t want to have a heart attack, and then to have my medical records state the embarrassing cause of it.”

“Haha, ok. Good night, Ana.”

“You too. Try to get some sleep...” says Ana in a suggestive way.

“I’ll see what I can do. But let’s be honest, you’ve seen what I’m up against. It’shard to say no to that"

Agh! Nasty ...

“Gross!, get out, Kate!”


I should stop listening right now, my behavior is getting disturbing. If Flynn found out about this, I would never hear the end of it. What the hell is this woman doing to me?

“Hey, beautiful Ana, wanna come and play with us?”

I sigh. What now?, what the fuck is he playing at?

“What do you mean?, what are you doing?”

“Well, this is a new round. We were going to start a new game. Right Katey?”

“You’re an idiot, Elliot” says her roommate.

“Oh, come on, Kate. It could be fun...”

“What are you two talking about?”

“It’s nothing, Ana. Go to bed”

“Wait...Kate, don’t be a party pooper. Look, Ana, we could play ‘Doctor’, and you can be the ‘Naughty nurse’, or the ‘Innocent patient’...”

“Stop it, Elliot. You are becoming weirder than your brother,” Always so charming Katherine Kavanagh.I mutter to myself.

“Haha, don’t be hating on my little brother, Kate. But getting back to the topic at hand, we could also play ‘The teacher’, and the ‘Catholic school girls’, huh? What d’you think, Ana?”

“I think there’s something seriously wrong with you, Elliot. Goodnight you two.”

“Haha, Pretty Ana, you’re feisty. I like that. Want me to come tuck you in?”

“Agh!, Elliot, has anyone ever told you that you get really annoying late at night?”

“Oh, come on Ana, don´t be like that. Hey, want me to come kiss you goodnight?, huh?”

Oh, that’s it. He’s dead! How dare he?

“Elliot, stop it! Or I’ll kick you out, right now!”

“Hey, I’m just playing, Honey, you know that. I want to cheer ‘people’ up. I’ll probably have to go put a funny act for my bro too. I really liked it that they were together, if you hadn’t told me about their break, he never would’ve..."

Was that a door?

“Oh, God, this has been one super crazy night...what is it with these Grey men? Is the father cuckoo too?, haha...” she sighs. “Oh Christian...I miss you...”

My eyes close, and my breath hitches.Oh, baby, I miss you too. But if you did miss me, like you say you do, Anastasia, you wouldn’t’ve left me.

And with that, I turn off her phone. And head to my room, I might be able to get a few hours of sleep.

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