A detour for Fifty and Ms. Steele

Chapter 5 - Back on the game

This is the last and longest chapter, though there is a small Outtake afterwards.

To keep the T rating status there will not be much juice in my lemon, and I wouldn’t actually even qualify it as such. So I don’t know if I have to change the content rating for this chapter from T to M, but just in case, I mention that later on there will be some Ana and Christian ‘canoodling’.



Although Anastasia and me are immerse on our little flirtation game, I am still very much aware of a couple of dirty looks we are getting, both from Katherine and the photographer. And when it comes to Elliot well, you have to give credit where credit is due, he has been trying to deflect the attention from us by playing up his clown card pretty efficiently if you ask me, since there’s not much of a stretch there at all.

Eitherway we need a change of venue, maybe somewhere a little more private...

“Aren’t you going to show me the rest of the place? Where are your manners, Anastasia?” She gives me a despondent look, appearing chastised. Shit that wasn’t my intention.Ok, Grey fix it!

“I mean, I think I would settle for seeing one other room, how about...“, I press my index finger against my chin and act thoughtful, “oh I know! How about your room?“, I give her an impish grin, to show her my intentions were not to castigate her, but that I had certain ulterior motives for my sudden previous request.

She smiles, takes my hand, and leads me, hopefully, towards her room. In the corner of my eye I can see my most fervent detractors observing us, God knows for how long now. While Elliot holdsthe femaletighter to his side,the malehas nothing to distract himself with. And so his stare does not relent.

Take a picture, why don’t ya? it will last longer. I sneer to myself. Hey, heisa photographer after all. Haha.

He can glare all he wants. Too bad for him. It’s not my problem.

Anastasia closes the door behind us and turns to me. “I haven’t had a chance to put everything in its place.” She says bashfully.

Without letting go of her hold, I place my other hand on her warm cheek, her eyes close and she sighs contentedly, leaning into my touch. “That’s ok, there are more interesting things to look at,” I tell her softly running my thumb across her lower lip.

She opens her eyes and fixes her stare with mine, “Like what?” she asks wide eyed and wholeheartedly.

I unclasp my hand from hers and place it on her other cheek, “Like this,” I say, caressing her soft silky porcelain skin, not taking my hands from her beautiful face, then I slowly give her a chaste kiss, then another, and another, until it is not enough anymore and the kiss turns ardent and eager.

“We live in the same city now, no helicopter nor long journey needed. Come home with me tonight...”

She doesn’t answer right away, so I have to up the stakes.

I drop my hands to her hips, letting the tips of my fingers run across the dip of her spine and my thumbs stroke her waist, holding her tight and pressing my body against hers. She takes a deep breath and her hands reach for my hair and start pulling. She moans in my mouth, and the sound reverberates in my throat, making me crazy as she tries to get even closer to me. That only drives me more over the edge, and in no time I have her pressed against her bedroom door. My hands running all over her body.

Man! there’s been a lot of ‘wall and door pressing against’ tonight!Well, actually the first part of it doesn’t count, I blamethe elevator- so if I am to address a court of Justice, I plea innocent, Your Honor!haha.

“Anastasia,” I say in between kisses “spend-the-night-with-me”


Shit. I wasn’t expecting that.Think fast, Grey...Ooh, got it!

“Katherine-is here,-and” she sucks on my bottom lip and that makes me growlloud. “mmmmm”, I squeeze her delectable butt “and-my-brother-will-probably-overstay-his welcome,”

“I-” I thrust my groin against her and she whimpers and groans squirming “ooh, ahh”, I repeat the same movements that seem to be doing the trick.

You got this one on the bag, Grey, keeeep working it.

“I want you, Anastasia. Let me take you home with me,” I kiss and lick and suck on her neck, then I bite her earlobe. I’m so hard right now, if she doesn’t say yes soon, I’ll take her against this very door.

Her moans get louder, “ooh...yes...ahhh. Ok, yes. I’ll come...”

While I lick the sensitive skin under her ear I whisper, “Oh yes, you will, Miss Steele...that’s a promise.”

Her body shivers and I can’t help my wicked grin. She blushes at my realization of her body’s response to my words and what they imply, I can feel her heat. Even after all this touching and kissing, and well...dry humping, for lack of a better word, she gets shy from my words. That amazes me every time.And that is just extra hot.

“Wait!” Suddenly she pulls away from me, and her brow furrows.Did I do something wrong? Did I push too far again?

“What is it Anastasia?”

Then her face relaxes, “Oh, Sunday!“, she says completely out of the blue and seemingly talking to herself.

I respond a bit annoyed, “Would you mind including me in your little conversation back there?”

“It’s nothing, I got confused, for some reason I thought tomorrow was Monday... And I have my job interviews that day.”

“Ok, get your things. Lets go, people must be wondering what I’m doing to you in here...” I tell her raising an eyebrow, and grinning smugly.


I can’t believe it, he came to see me. He wants to try again, and even though there are still things to address, I can’t deny him. I just can’t say ´no´, when all I want is to be with him, to say ´yes´.

It wasn’t very comfortable the return to the apartment, what with Kate and José eyeing us suspiciously, and shooting Christian death glares while Elliot kept grinning and sneering like an buffoon. At leasthewants Christian and me together.

I wish we could’ve stayed trapped in that elevator for a little longer. Besides, let’s be honest, that way we wouldn’t have had to deal with the others and their looks and opinions.

When Kate pulled me apart and took me to her room to...interrogateme, for lack of a better choice of words, I was really starting to get annoyed, I wanted to stay with him, not to have to let his hand go.

I know Kate loves me, and she only wants the best for me, but she really needs to back off. And that is exactly what a told her, give or take a few words. I remember that not so stellar conversation with my dear friend...

“Ana, what is going on? what is Christian doing here? I thought you said-“, And the judgemental tone in her voice rubs me the wrong way.

“Kate! Slow down, I can’t answer if you keep spluttering question like that!”

“Sorry, I just want to know you’re ok. Did you invite him?”

“No, he said he ´found out´, I guess is pretty easy to infer from whom...”I smile at her and raise my eyebrow.

“Elliot...that meddling dummy”, she sighs and shakes her head from side to side.

“It’s ok, as you can see I don’t mind, it turned out good,”I smile shyly looking down and blushing.

“I’d say!, what happened in that elevator? You looked... kinda flushed when we got you out.”

“Oh, um nothing...we just agreed to try again.”

“Ana...you just ´broke up´, sort to say; and before that you were moody and sad all the time. Are you sure-?

“Kate let it go, I told you I’m good. I want to do this. Please respect that, I know you care about me. But I don’t want to hear anything bad about him right now, ok? Just be on my side...”

She eyes me warily for a few seconds, then sighs making an exaggerated gesture of giving up, and finally motions her head nodding slowly. “Sure Ana, I’m always on your side, you know that.”She gives me a wicked grin, and shrugs,“Even though I’m not too keen on your current choice of beau, and no matter how creepy the fucker is...“, she snorts, and gives a ‘The Grinch, who stole Christmas’, kinda of a grin.

I give her a sardonic smile and roll my eyes.

“Shut up,” I elbow her on her side, then I turn around and leave, she follows right after me. And before we get back to where the others are, I turn to face her again. “Oh, I almost forget, Christian brought a gift forus,” I say smiling shyly.

“A gift for us?“, she says with the most dubious expression on her face.

“Yes Kate, a housewarming present, for meAND, note the emphasis I’m placing on that last word please,” I give her the most sarcastic pointed look, “for you as well, my roommate and most darling friend.” I’m taking sarcasms to a whole other level lately...

She laughs, “You’re getting very cheeky, Ana. I approve,” she nods slightly as if curtseying. “and do tell please, what is it exactly that ‘Mr. Creepy and a half -on a good day-’ brought?“, she challenges.

“Agh, you are one to talk, with a boyfriend who runs around the apartment with his ‘love joystick’ on display for the world to see...”

“Haha. Yeah, well what can I say?...it is a very nice ’lovejoystick’, and always makes me more than willing to want to come out and play-”

“Stop it! Have some decorum Kate Kavanagh, please. Keep it to yourself, Jeez!” I try to say with a straight face.

“Don’t try to play the ‘Saint Ana’ role with me girl, that ain’t flying anymore. I know what you’re made of now. You’re just as weak for ‘the Grey meat’ as I am,” she wags her eyebrows at me with a cat that ate the canary smile.

Try as I may, I can’t help but smile at her, “You’re so crude, Kate..., let’s get back in there, your guy must be running out of jokes by now, and mine...well mine looks just plain uncomfortable.”

.~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~.

Then there was my othergood friend,José.

First he was nosy, bordering on intrusive; then he got a bit judgemental and belligerent on the subject, to the point of being extremely irritating, and that’s when he finally got on my last nerve. Just as I did with Kate I warned him to back off, it really didn’t help the puppy dog eyes he gave me though. I hate to have to hurt his feelings, because I know he doesn’t mean anything bad by it, but he knows how I feel, and he has to understand that even if things don’t work out between Christian and me, that wouldn’t mean that the relationship we have always shared is going to change in the way he hopes for either.

After that I went back to Christian, and when he asked me to go with him to his place - after some very convincing, hands on argument might I add, haha. Kate’s right, I’m a sucker for Christian, no pun intended -, I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea, I didn’t want to risk this new chance we had, by being too impulsive and diving head on like that. But as usual, Mr. Grey can be a very persuasive man who is not used to accept a ´no’ for an answer. He gets, and will always make sure to get, what he wants. Not that I was putting too much resistance anyway...

I mean, let’s be real here, he might be a control freak cocky son of a bitch, but he is my Fifty, and there is a reason no one has ever called to me like he has, before he came around. And if everything else fails, he is Christian Grey after all. Need I say more, There is no much resisting to that...

Regardless, his methods are very effective on me, and when he wanted ´a tour´- like I would fall for that, I mean I’m innocent but not stupid, still I let him think he had me going, he likes it that way- it didn’t turn too bad for me anyway.

After exchanging a few more words with everyone at the apartment we said our goodbyes. But not before listening to some of Elliot’s salacious and most suggestive comments.

Christian drove us to Escala, we were quiet on the ride, each of us immerse on our own thoughts, but in the end the silence got to be too heavy for me to handle, and I was starting to get more anxious the closer we got to his place. And so all these questions began flooding my mind:

What is going to happen? Should we continue our talk from where we left it last we saw each other?

Is he going to take me to The Red room of pain?!

I really just want a simple nice romp in the hay tonight, well as simple as it can get with Mister Fifty.

I don’t wanna ruin it but this uncertainty doesn’t make it easy for me to know how to act or what I’m allow to do.

To make it all even more difficult Christian had asked me to go to his parents for brunch tomorrow, where I would meet his little sister as well as his father. That made me more apprehensive about saying ´yes´ to going home with him. I didn’t know whether that would be a smart move for us after just having reunited a few minutes ago. Then he asked in a more convincing manner and, of course, I couldn’t say ´no´. Besides Kate was going with Elliot as well,so safety in numbers, right? right.

That brought the question about what to wear to such an event. He argued with me that getting together with his parents and siblings to eat was hardly an event. Even so, I needed him to ok my outfit, I didn’t want to embarrass me nor him. So I did ask Kate for her input too, it would’ve been stupid of me not to, since she lives for that fashion stuff.

I didn’t have much to choose from, not from my closet anyway, but I can always count on Kate for that. However this time I would wear a dress of my own, it is a Rachel Zoe-Joplin dress, my mom bought it for me and sent it a couple of days ago, feeling guilty for missing my graduation, and saying it could be useful if the job interviews went well, and she had faith they would. So it served two purposes.

I love that dress, it’s a beautiful and delicate white short half leg length, with small, sort of transversal ruffles on the skirt, with a belt of the same material and the top part is akin a shirt with two pockets on the breasts.

Kate loved it too, and that’s high praise coming from a style savant like her. She said it was veryme, whatever the hell that means. But tonight she said it was ok for the occasion and Christian agreed.

Everyone stop the presses!Katherine Kavanagh and Christian Grey agreed about something... and it was related to me!

Holy Mother of the Twilight saga!

Miracles exist after all...

I did need something from Kate’s wardrobe though, she loaned me a pair of her shoes, I think they look great with the dress, the YSL-Crocodile Veins Leather Concealed Platform yellow Pumps give it a little pop of color.

I am also going to wear Ray’s graduation present for me. He had asked my mom for her help to decide on something I would like, she sent a few pictures for him to pick from. He went for the Chanel- Filigree Two Tone bracelet. I love it, it’s singular yet understated. I’m actually wearing it right now.

“What are you thinking?” he breaks me out of my fashion induced reverie.

“Um...nothing” I lie looking down at my interlaced fingers on my lap.

“Anastasia, you are not worrying about tomorrow, are you?” he says in a stern voice. “I told you it is not a big deal, and if the problem is with your clothes, I think it’s already been stated that it is ok, more than that even, you will be perfect,” he gives me a small smile and a sideways glance.

“So...um, Christian where are we?”

“Er, we are in the corner of-” he says a bit taken aback by such a question.

“No, I mean where are we in regards to where we last were... you know, with the contract and all that?”

“Oh that, well I think we can talk about it tomorrow when we have more time, it’s late, for tonight lets just enjoy this,” he takes my hand and kisses my knuckles staring straight into my eyes.

I didn’t even realize we had arrived and we were parked on his spot in the garage. Suddenly the air gets charged between us and I feel that twisting of my insides as my breathing gets a bit heavier.

He breaks eye contact, “Shall we go upstairs?”

“Er, um...yes”, I feel a bit dizzy. Damn him! This is what he does to me. He clouds my thinking and leaves me looking like a stuttering fool.

He opens my door and reaches for me to take his hand, I comply and follow him after he locks the car up. And here it comes again, My Nemesis,the elevator...

Be strong Ana! just keep breathing, and for the love of God, DO NOT JUMP THE MAN!

I can feel it already, my blush is too pronounced, there’s no way that he won’t notice it,no you’re not that lucky Ana...

“What’s on your mind right now?” I can’t look at him, not in this state I am. But may lightning strike me if he isn’t smiling. It’s too obvious in his voice. There’s no hiding that much smugness of his.

I take a deep breath to try to calm myself as well as to brave the rest of the ride, then I look at him. But I have to lie, I can’t tell him what’s really on my mind, not if he hasn’t figure it out on his own just by looking at my flushed face.Please don’t let him notice.

“Just that I didn’t open your fountain, that was rude of me, I didn’t even show it to Kate, I’m sorry.”

His smile becomes more noticeable and arrogant .“Really? That’s what you were thinking?...well I wouldn’t want your feeling of guilt to embarrass you into turning beet red and cause your breathing to hitch...” then, after that sarcastic remark, he has the gall to wink at me.

Oh God, not winky Christian. I reallyreallylike it when he winks at me.

Ah no, it’s started, it’s happening again. The charge, the tingling...

Please stop!.I beg the Gods of this machine, so it will arrive to its destination faster.why do you keep doing this to me?

I bite my lip to try to keep it together, and it only makes things worse. His eyes darken and his mouth opens a bit, showing a sliver of his tongue.

OH NO, no, no, no!Hurry up!

My heart is racing and it feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest, I can’t take my eyes off him, and I’m afraid I’ll forget how to breathe.

“Anastasia, you’re biting your lip.” He says through clench teeth.


Oh thank God, finally the damn elevator stops. I don’t think I could’ve tolerated one more second in there with him.

“Sorry.” I free my bottom lip from my teeth.

He takes my hand that he had let go to put his in his jean pockets when we got into that ‘malevolent travelling machine’. Then we walk out and into the foyer, across the double doors and into the living room.

No sight of Taylor as of yet, weird... he’s always there to meet the arrivals. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him since that last strange encounter at Claytons...Hmmm, Christian didn’t mention his jacket once all night, I guess he wasn’t in such a hurry to get it back after all

Interesting, maybe my instincts weren’t too far off after all, maybe Christian did send him on purpose, and not for his jacket. And it dawns on me, maybe it was the stalker in him...

Ok so people might see this as extreme behavior, and maybe it is to some extent. Most women might even say it’s ‘creepy’, like Kate calls him, but there is a part of me that feels flattered. He wanted to see me and had his right hand man check on me instead, after we were supposed to never see each other again. He cared enough to take the information from a third person, the one he trusts with his life.

But still, I won’t romanticize the action because the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t take ‘the Fifty way’ out of it, it is a very ‘Possessive Stalker’ move, and I can see that too.

“Do you want something to drink?” his eyes are scorching grey, so intense.

All of my senses are alight, “No, thank you.” I’m mesmerized by the way he’s looking at me.

“Good.” He leads me to a different bedroom than the one where we spent our first night together, when he took my virginity, I think this is the one that was to be mine if I agreed to sign his contract.

I am going to ask him about it, but I get sort of sidetracked when he starts taking his jacket off and sets it on the back of the chair next to the door.

“May I?” he asks softly, grabbing the lapels of my coat.

I nod without taking my eyes off his. “Yes,”

After lying my coat on the back of the chair with his, he returns and staring at me, he starts unbuttoning my top. When he is done he lets it fall to the floor running his hands across my skin as he goes.

Afterwards, he walks slowly to stand behind me, he puts his splayed hands on my waist caressing my stomach, and kissing my shoulder and gently placing kisses moving along my collarbone until he reaches the sensitive skin on my neck, where he plants an open mouthed kiss, and then sucks on my earlobe before biting on it.

I start to squirm, “Stop moving”, he whispers in my ear.

“Please...” He smiles against my neck.

“What is it, Anastasia?, tell me what do you want.”

“You, I want you.”

He cups my breast and little by little massages them, whispering in my ear. “Good,” he unclasps my bra and slowly pulls both straps down my arms, and lets it fall.

He turns me around and places his hands on both sides of my face running his thumb across my bottom lip, while his eyes pierce into mine.

Suddenly without giving me any warning his lips are on mine, demanding and firm, molding mine. I lose myself in our kiss, letting go and reaching up to tangle my fingers in his hair, pulling on it. He hisses and slips a hand down my spine until he reaches my butt, squeezing it.

After a while he runs his fingers from his right hand up to the waistband of my jeans, all the way to the front, unbuttoning it and slowly pulling the zipper down.

He walks me backwards and when the back of my knees hit the bed, he tears his lips from mine to kiss his way down, from my chin until the hollow of my neck. I’m gasping for breath, eyes closed, and just feeling him and what he does to me.

He kisses his way up my neck again, and lays kisses on my cheeks and forehead.

“Lie down.” I do as I’m told, and go to the centre of the bed, watching him as he walks to the bedside table and turns on the lamp, then he goes to switch off the light above the bed.

He takes off his shoes and goes into his closet, when he comes out he has something in his hand.

He strides back to me unbuttoning his jeans and letting them fall to the floor.

When he reaches me he crawls on the bed on top of me, and looks at me.

“Remember this?” he says opening his hand and showing me what he has hidden.

I smile up at him when I see what it is, “My favourite tie.” I say, he smiles back at me.

“It’s my favourite too.” He caresses my blushed cheek with his thumb. Suddenly his smile is gone and he stares at me with a serious look on his face, “Do you trust me?”

I can’t speak, all I can do is nod. He takes my hands in his by the wrists and binds them with the silver tie he used on me on our first night here, the same one he wore for my graduation, he pulls them up and stares intently into my eyes.

Thinking about that night brings a poignant stir that twists my insides and presses my heart. The ache is so overwhelming I need to close my eyes, but it doesn’t work, it makes me gasp.

His lips are on my neck trailing open mouthed kisses down my chest, when he hears my loud intake of breath he stops.

“Anastasia?,” I open my eyes, he rises his to mine. “What is it?”

“Nothing, you just tickled me, that’s all,” I glance sideways trying to prevent him from reading the lie that must show all over my face.

He sits back on his heels and eyes me with a stern look. “Anastasia, I asked what’s wrong?”

I blush under his admonishing glare, “It’s really not important,” seeing as he doesn’t appear to want to lay off the subject, I have no choice but to tell him. So I look down avoiding his eyes and speak.

“I was just thinking about the last time I saw you with that tie... ” I lower my voice, to a barely audible sound. “I told you it’s stupid.”

He lifts my face placing his index finger under my chin, making my eyes meet his. “The night of your graduation,” his expression softens “that was an eventful evening.”

I really don’t want to ruin the moment, I don’t want to put a dark cloud above our night talking about that, so I raise my tied up hands and place them above my head, beckoning him with my index finger.

I lift one of my legs that were bent with him between them, and wrap it around his waist pulling him to me. At first he keeps looking at me, with an impassive expression, then I give him a shy smile, and he thaws up, giving in.

He puts his hand on my leg that is coaxing him towards me and starts kneading it, while descending to where I want him, close, as close as can be.

His lips meet mine furiously, with his free hand he caresses my breast while his other runs up and down my leg .

I arche my back from the bed to press myself into his chest, and to allow his hand more access.

“Please, take your shirt off.” I ask him panting between kisses.

He freezes for a second, looking nervous, and I know the reason why, he doesn’t want me to touch him. But I won’t do it, I want tonight to remain perfect.

He obliges, although with a wary look on his face. When he composes himself he grabs my wrists with one hand, placing the other on my hip and lowers his weight on top of me, latching onto my neck, kissing, licking, and sucking...

And this is how I get to heaven.

My heaven with Christian...

.~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~.

I wake up with the sun shinning on my face, I reach with my arm but no one’s there.

Last night after I fell asleep, I woke up in the middle of the night alone, I thought maybe Christian had gone to his own bedroom. After all, I remember him telling me he doesn’t sleep with anyone, and that the last time with me was an exception.

But as I walked down the stairs I started hearing music. He was playing the piano, again that sorrowful sound I had heard on my first night here, it traveled on the air and reached my heart making me feel for him, for whatever it was that compelled him to such sad music.

It breaks my heart when I think of the hardships he has gone through, specially considering it was during his childhood.

He apologized for waking me, and walked me back to the room. Once I was under the covers he told me to get some rest, and that he had some work to do. I fell asleep immediately and didn’t see him again.

Not to sound too paranoid but I would bet his ´I have work to do´ line, was an excuse not to get into the ´I don’t sleep with anyone’ rule, when it was already late, or early depending on how you look at it since it wasn’t long for dawn to break.

It is now nine thirty, so I have about 2 hours. I’ll have to hurry if I want to look presentable for his family and not embarrass him and myself in the process. I have to shower and do something with my hair, I don’t want to just show up with it wet to let it air dry. That wouldn’t look too proper.

Besides, knowing Kate will be there, doesn’t leave me much room for slacking off in the appearance department. However I present myself today, I will still be the ugly duckling in the mix, there’s no changing that, I’m not expecting any miracles, but I’ll try my best anyway.

I get up and put Christian’s shirt on, I want to say good morning to him before I lock myself in the bathroom tobeautifymyself as much as possible.

I walk down the corridor, listening intently for any clue that can tell me where he might be.

Once I get to the bottom of the stairs, I head for the living room. I hope I don’t run into Taylor, or anyone else for that matter, dressed- or undressed, would be more like it - like this, that’d be...embarrassing, to say the least.

Nope, nobody here. But I can hear Christian’s voice, though not too clearly, I think it comes from his office.

Yes, he’s here.Should I knock?I don’t want to disturb him, it sounds like he’s on the phone with someone from... work? on a Sunday?.

I take a deep breath and very gently tap on the door. I wait nervously for him to acknowledge me.

“Hold on a second Ros...Yes?”

He doesn’t seem to be in a sour mood. “It’s Ana”, I slowly open the door and peek my head inside. “Can I come in?”

“Off course, Anastasia.” He raises a finger to tell me to wait for him to finish his call, but doesn’t take his eyes off me for a second. “Ros, I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow in the meeting. Call me if any inconvenient arrises with them. Have a good day.”

Oh my! That look he’s giving me, I don’t think that is a ´good morning´ look. It makes me feel all kinds of warm inside. I shift awkwardly under his scrutiny from foot to foot.

“Good morning, Anastasia” he says walking towards me.

“Hi, I wanted to come and say Good morning before taking a shower.” I look down biting my lip, “I’s sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your call.”

“It’s ok”, he raises my chin with his index finger, and suddenly his eyes get a whole lot darker, “Stop biting your lip.”


“Too bad I’ve already had my shower, otherwise I would be tempted to join you.” He gives me one of those sexy Christian Grey wicked smiles that make me weak in the knees.

I gulp compulsively while my eyes get a little wider.

“Oh, well...um, that’s ok, I...er, I should leave you to finish what you were doing. So... um, yeah. See you later.”

He hasn’t stopped grinning since I started talking,the smug jerk. “Very well, Miss Steele.” He says with an exaggerated courtly vow. I turn to walk away smiling. I do love it when he is this playful, lets hope it lasts.

When I’m half the way out of the room he says, “Laters, baby.”

A snort escapes me, I turn to face him, and with a cheeky grin, and trying my hand at sexy, I slowly stretch upwards so he can get quite an eyeful of my legs, standing on my toes and moving a little. When I’m done I say, “Laters.” Reaching for one of the top buttons of the shirt, to undo it tilting my head to one side. I see him swallow and his eyes grow minutely bigger. “I do hope you don’t have too much of a tedious workload to get done, while I’m enjoying a nice,hot, steamy, shower,all alone...“, I sigh overdoing it for his benefit, and I turn to go.

I can hear him while I walk, “Oh Anastasia, by now you should know better than to poke a bear with a stick”, he says in a sing-song voice.

I give myself a mental pat on the back and keep smiling, with a noticeable skip on my step while I climb up the stairs to the bedroom to primp myself.

.~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~.

Before going to his parent’s home he gives me a BlackBerry,“so I’m able to contact you at all times”, he says. He also mentions something about me being most honest when communicating by writing. Whatever that means.

Yeah right, ´ to contact ´, I’m sure he won’t be using it for anything else.CONTROL FREAKSTALKER!

On the car on our way to Bellevue. He is on the phone for the second time, none of which was with that Ros person he was talking to when I walked in on him in his office. Jeez, not even on Sundays he gets a break off work. And he’s the boss, I’d hate to know what working for him would be like...

I’ve been nervous since we left the house, getting on his nerves.

“Anastasia, stop fidgeting,” he gives me an exasperated look.

" I’m sorry,” I look down chastised.

He sighs, “Hey,” I raise my eyes to look at him. “You look beautiful. I told you, you have nothing to be worried about. Plus, you know my brother and you also already met my mother, so you are two down, only two to go.”

“You’re right, besides Kate and Elliot will be there, that should defuse any tension that may arise.” I say, and smile pretending to be over the ‘Meet the in laws’ jitters.

.~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~.

He was right in the end. Everything turned out good, if you don’t count european pigtails lady eying Christian like a lovestruck puppy, Kate’s betrayal, and Christian getting too intense and overreacting.

Mr. and Mrs. Grey, that’s Carrick and Grace, are wonderful, so nice and very sweet. They made me feel right at home with the family. Now Mia, the Grey’s youngest, is a completely different story, that girl has got some serious high energy, outspoken and inquisitive, all smiles and loud and bouncy, but like the rest of them, she’s great and beautiful too. Though I have a feeling she is gonna get along better with Kate, being both of them very into shopping and all that.

I did notice that, out of everyone in Christian’s family, she seems to be the one who can touch him the most. Hugging him and kissing his cheek to greet him, holding his arm. And the most surprising thing was that he never once flinched from her touch, on the contrary, he appeared to like it, always responding with a small smile to those gestures of affection from his little sister. It was very heartwarming to see.

When Kate outed me about my night out at the bar with José, Christian seemed to take it better than I expected he would, but that’s not to say he seemed pleased about it, either.

Regardless, it was almost as if he knew it already, which was ridiculous.Right?But knowing him and his stalker tendencies, I wouldn’t put it passed him. Still so as not to stir the waters, I’ll let it go, it could be all in my head after all. And if I bring it up to him, he might flip out on me, and I would make a fool out of myself.

Then the subject of my leaving to go visit my mother came up, and that’s when things got a bit chilly, or too heated, again depends on the point of view. He overreacted, like I wouldn’t come back, or like I was telling him ´good bye forever´, like I should’ve asked for his permission, or like I was saying ´it was nice knowing you´, all over again. Not a fun moment, at all.

But when he took me to the boathouse, after I refused his touch under the table, where by the way was his entire family and Kate.

Oh my God. He was so angry, and so passionate. It was really hot the way he commanded me to lie on the sofa while he took care of business, if you catch my drift.

I sort of ...no, not sort of, I liked it. It was very...HIM. Hot, intense, and sexy.

And here we are, back in the car, and the subject of my leaving comes up again. I reassure him, after his request, that I will think about signing his contract, but not without letting him know first that I still want more.

And that’s when he takes me out of my musings.

“Oh, I almost forget, I called the doctor while you were sleeping, to come to see you about birth control. Remember that we talked about it last night?“, he waited for me to acknowledge it, “we will be at Escala by the time Dr. Greene gets there.”

Oh that’s just great! Way to giving me the heads up Grey! I groan to myself, I really don’t wanna antagonize him right now. We did have a nice day after all, weird, but nice nonetheless.

He asks me to stay over at his place, to spend the day together. I still have to finish packing to go to Georgia, and my job interviews are tomorrow too, but for now we’ll just have a little fun...

…of the detour…

o.~.~.~.o .~.~.~. o.~.~.~. o

A/N: Just in case it’s not clear, that’s where the story returns to the original in the book, in Chapter 18, when they meet the Ob/Gyn. The only difference is that they won’t go to dinner with Christian’s family, they will spend day AND night ‘playing’, you can use your own imagination for that... ;)

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