A detour for Fifty and Ms. Steele

Chapter 6 - Outtake 1 – Chapter 5 There's a helicopter on top of my car

A/N: So, I was thinking about my story and all of the sudden it came to me that I had left out 2 very important objects from the book that have a major impact during the plot of Fifty Shades of Grey. That wasn’t good, since my intent was always to keep it as close to the original as possible, for my story to be able to be considered as a limb branching out from FSOG then to be joining the book’s plotline again.

It is a very short piece but I think it is enough for what was lost, because I really couldn’t get it out of my head that I missed something so important.

This would go right around the end of Chapter 5, after Christian gives Ana the BlackBerry and before they go to brunch with his family.

.~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~. .~.~.~.


OH but his gift giving moment wasn’t over then, and if I wasn’t completely thrown by the last thing he gave me, he has to go and surpass himself with his next reveal.

When we get to the garage, I start to make my way to his parking space but he stops me and leads me by the hand in another direction. I don’t make any of it, guessing that maybe he wanted to use a different vehicle. So when he suddenly halts in front of a red hatchback, two-door compact Audi, I won’t lie, I really couldn’t picture someone with the presence of Christian Grey in such a car, it was more of a woman type of ride.

Then the vague memory of him driving away from my old apartment, the now infamous night of my graduation, comes to me. It was this car that he was in. I guess at that time I was too preoccupied with our separation to pay any attention to anything else.

And that’s when I realize it, plus the fact that it is clearly a new car, and it has a helicopter shaped balloon tied to the wind shield, it is more than a given. I still cannot come to terms with it though, it is such an over the top thing to do.

How can I make him see that, without starting an argument, before going to his parents’, that may ruin the rest of our day. But the sight of the balloon gets to me, he never does anything like others would do. I mean you always get a huge bow on top of this kinds of gifts, but he had to do it his own way... a really thoughtful way.

Two gifts in one...

Call me crazy, but the balloon is the one that really touches my heart, because it is obvious that it comes from his. No matter how much he tries to hide it, his true colors show.

Taking into account the thought he put into it and the meaning behind the object itself, it means a lot to me, it tells me a lot about him, it tells me he cares. Charlie Tango represents a weekend of firsts for both of us. And he’s letting me know that he sees it too.

He really knows how to soften me up, the Bastard!, no doubt this effect was planned as well, to make my acceptance of the car go down easier.

I look at him and open my mouth to reprimand his actions but he starts ahead of me, “Don’t, Ana, it’s just a gift, don’t make it out to be more than it is,” He says with a stern look, “for what it’s worth, I bought the car as a graduation present for you. But... well, that night actually didn’t go as well as planned, so I brought it here.” the wary look that appears on his face doesn’t go away while he gauges my reaction, I guess, just like me, he is not too keen on starting a war either. Still he maintains his controlling edge by changing his concern look to an impassive one, as soon as he notices me catching onto his anxiety.

“Christian, it’s too much-“, He cuts me off before I can finish saying what’s on my mind.

“Not for me, it’s not. Please, Anastasia, can’t you just accept it, so we can get on with our day, lets not make a big deal out of this. I told you I wanted you safe, and though I don’t mean to disrespect your old car, I don’t feel as confident as you do in its capabilities.”

Speech still eludes me. How can I deal with this in a way that won’t get him all riled up.Think, Ana, think.

Lets go with this...

“I really like Charlie Tango”, and that’s all I’ll say,for now. “Thank you, Christian.”

He is a smart man, sharp as they come, he knows why I made the distinction, and chose to not bring up the car in that sentence to thank him for it.

“You’re welcome.” He says with a sly smirk. “Now, let’s go do this. Shall we?” He grabs my hand and leads me, this time to his car.

o.~.~.~.o .~.~.~. o.~.~.~. o

A/N: I know it was very short compared to the other chapters but it served its purpose, to introduce the Charlie Tango shaped balloon and ‘the sub special’ car.

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