Someone Like You

Chapter 2

I studied his face, searching for any notion of a lie, any hint that would give me even the tiniest scrap of hope that he was deceiving me. His once friendly, chocolate brown eyes were stone cold and unforgiving and his face was unreadable. I could feel my entire body quivering as my eyes widened. He wasn't lying, at least not that I could tell.

I took a step back, desperately wishing this was all some cruel joke my subconscious was playing on me and that I'd wake up soon, preferably safe in Dimitri's arms. I pinched my arm for good measure. The fates were against me, I had no such luck. I could feel the dam of tears welling up in my eyes, threatening to spill at any moment. No. I refused to cry in front of him. Do not let him see you weak and pathetic.

I shook my head in disbelief. I had never expected Dimitri to say something so painfully blunt. He could say that he couldn't feel love all he wanted and I'd never leave his side, but this, this was an entirely different level. This was a whole new area of pain and rejection. He was willing to forget our love, to let it shrivel up and die, to let it be carried off like dandelion seeds in a cool, summer's breeze. He was giving up on loving me, and was attempting to forget everything that had happened between us. No. This couldn't be happening. Not after everything I'd gone through to give us this chance.

The pain finally registered in my mind as my brain wrapped around the statement he had just made. An icy cold chill settled deep within me as I stood there. My heart twisted painfully once more before shattering into unfixable fragments. He must've have noticed my state because, as I studied him, I saw pain mixed with regret flash through his eyes. It was gone in a flash, however, and I wasn't going to stick around to see what he would say to break me even further. I spun on my heel, completely disregarding the fact that it was the middle of the service. Nothing mattered anymore, nothing at all. I ran out of the church, not even bothering to close the doors behind me, without so much as a backward glance.

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