Someone Like You

Chapter 24


Feint. Kick. Dodge. Block. Punch. Spin. Jump. Block. Kick. Punch. Flip. Stake. It was the endless pattern that I had taken up in trying to rescue my love. They had been ready for us. I assumed that they had been keeping tabs on the guardians in the area, but I had no idea how closely. Surprise had been our advantage, but they had anticipated our attack and prepared themselves.

I had long ago lost count of how many I'd taken down, but they just kept coming. We'd barely made it in the entrance before they sprung. I had finally made it to the basement stairs. I could almost feel her presence in the house, telling me to go down. With Mikhail and Alberta flanking me, I made the descent slowly. The door at the bottom of the stairs looked ominous, but I flung it open anyways, determined to find Rose. I had expected an immediate attack; instead, the hallway was empty. However, it wasn't like the one Adrian had described to me from his dream. There was only one door at the end of the hall.

"Mikhail, you stay here and watch our backs. Alberta, you'll come with me." Even though I was technically beneath Alberta and Mikhail in rank, neither of them questioned my orders. Mikhail nodded and stood to the side of the door so any Strigoi that would come down the stairs could easily be surprise attacked. I advanced towards the door, feeling myself getting closer and closer to her. Alberta motioned me forward and I kicked down the door, readying myself for whatever stood between my love and I.


As promised a bucket of ice water woke me. I had no idea how long I was out but Freya was pacing in front of me. She seemed tense and jumpy in the way she stalked back and forth, back and forth, her strides long and purposeful yet taking her nowhere.

"Your friends are here, as expected." My stomach dropped. I could feel my heart in my throat, instantly choking any sassy retorts I had left for her. I felt a few lone tears sliding down my bruised cheeks, burning my split lip and washing down the bit of blood and grime that was smeared all over my face. I was okay with dying for my cause, but I was not okay with everyone I loved going down with me.

"Please don't hurt them. Please. Just kill me, but don't hurt them." I pleaded. I knew being Strigoi meant having no soul or humanity, but it was all I had left. My physical state left me powerless, and now even my spirit was broken. Freya had won.

"Oh Rosemarie, I don't want to kill you. I want you to join my army! I mean by now your little rescue squad is probably sucked dry, so what else do you really have to live for? Of course, I can probably spare one or two of your little friends if you give me information on Vasilissa now. It's your choice Rose." I squeezed my eyes shut, weighing my options. She was going to turn my anyways, so why not take the option that might give my friends any chance of living? I had no idea how many Strigoi were out there, and I had a feeling my rescue squad wasn't Hans-approved with extra back up. I was logically out of options, but something in my gut didn't sit well with the decision.

Dimitri popped into my head, and the way he always teased me about my Rose-logic. That was it. Rose-logic was never logical, so why pick the logical choice now? It always worked out before, right?

"Burn in hell, firecrotch." I hissed. Freya sighed, composed as ever and gave me a long, hard look, holding my gaze that I met with a ferocious glare.

"Then we'll do this the hard way," she murmured as she sunk her fangs into my neck. I felt my head tilt back as the rush hit me, scattering my thoughts. I distantly heard a crash, but I didn't register that it was the door bursting open until I felt Freya being ripped off me. My vision swam as I realized how long she'd been drinking from me. I dizzily tried to pick me head up but it was too much effort, I had lost a lot of blood and was severely weakened.

I felt a pair of large, warm hands grasp my shoulders and a velvety voice speaking gibberish, like we were underwater. I felt the strong hands lift me out of the chair and start to carry me out of the room, speaking again in that velvety voice. I leaned into the warmth, sniffing in a familiar scent I couldn't quite place, but made me feel safe. Feeling that I was out of the room, I cracked open my eyes to see blinding sunlight and a bright blue sky, but it was quickly replaced by a greyness that slowly faded to black as I felt myself slip into unconsciousness.


I had caught Freya vulnerable, and for that I was lucky. My heart twisted as I saw the zip ties that held her to the chair, reminding me of Spokane. I cut them with my stake and took in the sight of Rose. It was the worse I'd ever seen her, or anyone. I was dismayed with the words cut into her skin. Weak. Bloodwhore. Traitor. They were all lies. Every single letter dripped with deceit, but I knew they would scar, a haunting reminder for Rose to look at every single day. It was sick and my stomach churned thinking of it. I scooped her up out of the chair and ran into the hallway, not even stopping to help Mikhail with an injured Alberta. Rose was in far worse condition and I needed to get her to Lissa as quickly as possible.

"Come on Rose, stay with me. Keep your eyes open, Roza. Come on now," I whispered, pressing my lips into the top of her head. Her breathing was shallow and weak, and her eyes weren't opening. If I couldn't keep her conscious there was a greater chance she wouldn't ever wake up, and I couldn't handle that. We had been through too much for it to end like this. I finally made it to the car, meeting everyone's horrified eyes. I noticed one of Abe's guardians was missing, and Mikhail and Alberta were right behind me, Mikhail supporting her weight due to her injured leg. The only other injuries I noticed was a nasty cut on Christian's arm and Denis seemed to be leaning heavily on Lev, but all anyone cared about was Rose.

"Lissa! I need you to heal Rose right now." I ordered, laying Rose down flat in the trunk of Abe's SUV. Everyone crowded around Lissa and Rose to watch the process. Lissa was nearly hysterical, staring at Rose's mauled body. "Lissa! Heal her!" I needed her to focus. Rose would be gone in a matter of minutes if she didn't get help, I could already see her started to drift into unconsciousness, her head lolling to the side.

"Lissa. Look at me," Adrian commanded. Lissa glanced up from Rose and locked eyes with him. "Let me help you. Together we can do this, but we need to heal her now." He voice was gentle but strained. He was as gutted as I was; I knew he loved her.

"I… I can't. It's too much. I.. I'm not strong enough to-" Lissa stammered out, looking from Adrian, to Rose to me helplessly. I cut her off, tears flowing down her face.

"Yes, you can, Lissa. Just try. Rose needs you. A hospital won't be able to help her like this. Just do as much as you can and then we'll take her to urgent care to see if they can heal the rest. Can you do that?" My tone was straining to stay calm, but it was like talking to a child. My patience was slipping, I could feel it, but this was Rose's life! We simply did not have time for Lissa's self-doubt.

Adrian grasped her hands and placed them on Rose's broken leg, beginning to channel his magic to prompt her. I watched as the magic lit up Adrian's face and hit Lissa. The effect was incredible. Immediately, Lissa focused and began to help him. In seconds the bone was straight and mended and they moved on to the rest of her body. However, they tired quickly. Rose hadn't stirred and her body was still wrecked when Lissa fainted. Adrian's face was covered in sweat and he looked ready to follow.

"I'm sorry we couldn't do more," He croaked. I nodded, grateful. Rose was healed enough to be moved to make it to a hospital, and that was enough hope for me.

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