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Margo's spent her life working for Joker, sent to Central city, where she's left standing with a gun to Flash's head, and no option but to pull the trigger the repercussions are not what she expected.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Being the underling of a criminal mastermind can be daunting, annoying and sometimes down right deadly but it sure has a nice fat pay off. That is if the goody goody super-chumps don't catch wind of the dirty dealings of the boss and if they do, either fight or turn tail and run. It all depends on who you serve in the land of the baddie and how devoted you are to them. I know some lackeys who would die for the big boss they serve. Mostly if they serve the A lister baddies like Joker, Penguin, Captain cold, Zoom, and a few other top dogs they're devoted, to.

Me? Not so much.

Sure I'll kick some super butt but once it gets out of hand and the bodies start to fall, I'm out I'm not one of those crazy devoted lackeys. Even thought I work for one of those A listers I mentioned, it's mostly due to family issues that I'm even where I am. Okay it's total because of family, specifically my older brother Martin. He's raised me most of my life our mom died due to labor complications and our dad ran off on us when I was three and Martin was fifteen. We were alone Martin was stuck with a three year old and no real idea how to take care of me so he fumbled his way through everything. With no way to go to school because no one would watch me with out being paid he dropped out and got a low paying job at a diner in downtown Gotham. The pay wasn't enough to keep on our utilities and pay the rent of the upper middle class apartment we lived in, so once the money we had was gone we were evicted. Martin packed what he could in a suitcase and two large back packs and we were homeless for a few weeks staying in either shelters or on the streets under overpasses.

Martin would take me with him to work and the owner would make me pancakes drowned in maple syrup and butter and a big glass of chocolate milk. I would sit at the counter stuff and my face full of pancake and watch as Martin bused tables and took orders, sometimes I would help. Martin would let me carry creamer for coffee or straws or silverware it helped him get bigger tips from older couples it was always.

'What a sweet, strong boy caring for his young sister.' Those tips were always the best he once got a hundred dollar bill from an old woman who patted his shoulder and said he was a good boy before she left.

Mrs. Murray, the owner of the diner was the one who found our new apartment, it was a few blocks from the diner and the rent was just cheap enough that Martin could afford it. He took the offer and we moved in the day he signed the lease papers and payed the first months rent and the deposit. The place was a tiny two bed room there was a living room just big enough for a ratty couch and scratched coffee table and our small twelve inch TV sat on a blue milk crate. The kitchen was more like a kitchenette it was narrow and 'L' shaped but came with the stove and refrigerator both were barely in working condition. And the bathroom was also tiny the sink sat so close to the toilet that you would bash your elbow every time you went and the bathtub shower combo sat right next to the toilet. The place had a total of five windows all of which were ancient and only the one in Martin's room would open. The paint was pealing and discolored the dark blue carpet was worn and nearly bare in a few spots, the linoleum tile in the kitchen was scuffed and chipped but it was a house and it worked for us. We lived in that crappy apartment for three years, we had developed a routine in those years Martin would get up make some pathetic attempt at breakfast. Wake me up I would get dressed we would eat put our dishes in the sink put on our shoes, then leave we would walk the eight blocks to my elementary school Martin would ruffle my hair and leave for work. After school Martin would meet me in the same place he dropped me off and we would walk home, that all changed on a hot July evening at 4:24pm.

Martin picked me up from school and told me we had to go cash his check which was a twenty minute bus ride or a forty-five minute walk. It was on a bill week and Martin only had a dollar and ten cents, two bus tickets cost three bucks so we had to walk. The weather was horrid my backpack made my back sweaty and my feet hurt and I was cranky but I put up with it. Because I knew there was an ice cream shop across the street from the bank and the smallest ice cream they sold was a dollar. We made it to the bank and I looked across the street at the ice cream shop and Martin sighed, dug into his pocket handed me the dollar and stood at the cross walk as I crossed the street turning when I got to the other side waved at him and pushed open the door. The ding of a bell and the arctic blast of the air conditioner had me sighing I tossed my backpack on the chair to a booth and went to the counter. The woman behind the counter smiled and asked me if it was the usual I nodded and she walked away and came back a few moments later with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream and a spoon. I was sitting at my booth eating my ice cream when the first three cop cars screeched to a stop in front of the bank, followed by four more who started to set up a barrier then four different news vans pulled up. Then a S.W.A.T team, the woman from behind the counter and the others at the shop ran to the windows to watch with me. They chattered among themselves about what was going on.

'What happened?'

'A robbery of course, Misty.'

'Oh, my I'm glad I cashed my check on my first break.'

'David, shut up.'


The woman who gave me my ice cream sat down across from me and touched my hand I looked at her and she gave a sad smile. She knew Martin was in there and she told me he would be alright, I didn't believe her, Martin wouldn't be alright not at all.

I was right.

I sat in the ice cream shop for another three hours the police had managed to get in and capture the robbers and save most of the hostages. I shoved my way out of the ice cream shop and dashed across the street when the cops brought out the robbers and the hostages. A cop caught me and lifted me off the ground asking me what I was thinking, I shouted that my brother was coming out. The cop held me and I saw the men being shoved into the cop cars were wearing white face paint and looked like bad versions of circus clowns. Martin waked over with a cop and the cop holding me placed me on my feet and I tackled my brother in a hug and noticed he was wearing a G.P.D jacket and it was zipped closed.

He told me we would have to go to the station that he had to answer a few questions so we climbed into the back of a police car and arrived at the station fifteen minutes later. I was lead to a hard plastic chair and Martin was taken somewhere else I sat with my back against the back of the chair my feet hanging and I kicked my feet back and forth. After a while a male cop asked me if I wanted something to drink and I accepted he came back with a can of Pepsi and a small bag of chips he gave them to me and left. Martin came back out an hour and a half after he went back he was wearing a different shirt he patted my head and a police officer took us home. Martin never told me what happened in that bank but I figured it out, it was the catalysis for us being pulled into the life of dirty deeds and dark night back ally dealing.

It was a week later that a man in a tee shirt, jeans and sneakers approached us while we were on our way home Martin had just picked me up from school. My backpack hit my back as I jumped the cracks in the sidewalk singing a song about not stepping on them or you'd break your back the man stepped out of an ally and slipped over to Martin like oil. He talked low so I couldn't hear Martin looked down at me then back to the man and spoke back, the man gave me a slow look then shrugged. Martin took my hand and we followed the shifty man to an even shabbier part of Gotham boarded up windows, buildings covered in graffiti and gang tags, scattered trash and busted beer bottles littered the ground.

We were lead into one of the boarded up buildings that used to be a newspaper printing factory before it was moved to a better part of downtown. The man lead us down to what was presumably the basement of the old building there were old tattered couches ripped and stained recliners and wing-backed chairs scattered around. There were a group of men playing a card game of some sort at a barley stable card table and a handful of others were on the questionable furniture either watching the static filled TV or sleeping. We walked down the center of the room a few of the men followed us with their eyes the man stopped in front of a thick wooden door that seemed too new for the building and told us to wait as he knocked then disappeared behind it.

I stood gripping Martins hand for all I was worth and I smashed as close to him as I could get without him holding me. The door banged open and a woman with blond pigtails tipped in black and red in a black ruffed mini skirt with a red diamond pattern edging the bottom of it and a midriff leather halter top of black and red. She wore thigh high leather boots the left was red and the right one was black her face was covered in white face paint and black eye liner ringed her eyes bringing out the deep blue. She skipped over and stopped looking over Martin and then down at me and gave a big toothy grin before she spoke.

'Well ain't chu a cutie pie!' She had a sort of New York Bronx mixed with deep south accent it was odd sounding yet welcoming and endearing. 'Do you wanna come wit' me while Mista J talks to your Brotha?" She said holding out a hand.

I look up at Martin and he gives a small nod and I let go of his hand and reached out for the woman's and she gripped it with a wave she drug me off to the farthest part of the basement. She dropped onto her knees on a half deflated beanbag chair and tugged a box out from under a wooden stand flipping the lid up I saw it was full of dolls. From cracked porcelain dolls to dollar store Barbies and there were doll clothes shoved to the bottom she pulled a black haired porcelain doll out and started to brush its hair.

'So what cher name Cutie pie?' I watched as she brushed the dolls hair with a slow careful hand stopping and undoing snags by hand then going back to brushing it.

'Margret but I like being called Margo.'

'Margo,' Her lips formed a pout and she seemed to think it over and then her grin broke out again. 'I like it, it's a nice name.' I looked at the white faced woman.

'What's your name?' She gently set the doll down and picked up one of the dollar store Barbies and started on its hair.

'Harley.' She handed me a doll and a brush and we sat and brushed the hair of all the dolls and changed them into different outfits. As we finished the man came back out with Martin in tow and moved over to us Harley looked up and grinned at them.

'So how'd it go, is he in? Are ya' in?'

'Yeah, I'm in.' Martin answered and looked at me. 'So will Margo in a few years.'

My brother had sealed my fate that day. After Harley and I replaced all of the dolls and she gave me a crushing hug. Then skipped off to the out of place door and disappeared through it, Martin and I went back to the apartment and had lunch while Martin told me he would be getting a new job with the people we had just met. That I would be starting a training program and I might not get to go to school as often anymore, I looked at him and tilted my head. I didn't really care for school but he had been so strict about me going not letting me miss days, talking about me graduating because he never got the chance too. I didn't say anything to him I just helped with the dishes and did my homework then we watched TV until I went to bed.

Martin woke me up the next morning telling me we had to go back to the old paper building, it was 7:30 in the morning. I asked him about school and he told me I wasn't going today and to hurry and get dressed I rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans a tee shirt and my ratty sneakers. Martin was standing by the door holding an apple he tossed it to me and we left it took us nearly a half hour to get to the building as we walked into the place I saw there were a lot more people than yesterday. Martin stopped and looked around and found who he was looking for and walked off me at his side. We stopped in front of the man from yesterday he looked down at me and waved me away, I looked up at Martin he wouldn't make me leave.

'Margo, stay here.' Then he was gone following the skinny man.

I looked around me I was in a sea of half painted faces, masks, sneers and glares I quickly ran to where Harley had taken me the day before. I dropped onto the greenish bean bag chair and fished out the box of dolls flipped open the lid and pulled out the black haired porcelain doll and started on its hair. I was three dolls in when Harley crouched in front of me in the same clothes from yesterday but without the face paint.

'We're gonna go see a friend a mine, let's go.' I hesitated, what about Martin. 'Your brother knows, come on.' I put the dolls back and followed Harley.

We got into a dark purple car with black seats and she tore out of the ally it was in and ran two red lights and three stop signs. A few sharp turns later and another two ran red lights the car screeched to a stop, Harley turned it off and got out leaving the key in the ignition. I followed as we walked up to what looked like an old abandoned nursery there were men standing guard by the door who nodded as we passed by and more people walked the halls. At the end of a long hallways was a closed door and Harley shoved it open shouting.

'Ivy!' She ran and wrapped a red haired woman in a hug.

'Hello Harley.' The woman-Ivy- returned the hug and her eyes fell on me. 'So she's the one?'

'Yeah, ain't she just the cutest?'

'My babies are far cuter.' She said as her fingers ran over the leaves of a flower, she walked towards me her tight green dress shifting with her. Fingers gripped my chin and tilted my head up. 'But we can do something with her, I suppose.'

'This is gonna be so fun!' Harley squealed.

I found out that my idea of fun and Harley's idea of fun were different on so many levels I spent the day running laps around the basement of the nursery. Then I learned some self-defense -I just got tossed around by Harley and Ivy- and Ivy made me learn the names of plants and what they were. I did some target practice with knives throwing them at paper targets and dummies made of straw and cloth. After nearly six hours Harley called it quits and we said goodbye to Ivy and I endured the terrifying car ride back to the paper building. Martin was sitting laughing with the skinny man and a few others when we came back he looked up and smiled at me and waved me over. I told Harley bye and ran over to Martin while she skipped back to the wooden door.

'Did you have fun, Margo.'

'Not really, you?' A near creepy smile slipped over his face as he answered.

'I did.' I didn't say anything else.

That's how the next four years went. We would come to the building Martin would do jobs for who I later found out was The Joker I would go train with Harley who was the Jokers girlfriend of sorts I guessed. It was honestly hard to tell with how often Harley complained about him then a few minutes or hours later she was gushing about undying love. Sometimes our training would take us to Ivy's place or to Catwoman who took me free-running where she made me jump crazy long distances between crazy high buildings. I lost count of how many times a whip around the wrist or ankle saved me from being sidewalk splat art. When we weren't training Harley was using me as her human dress up doll she would dye and cut my hair and put it up in different styles. Put me in at least four different outfits a day and paint my nails every other day, I loved it. It was like having a mother or what I assumed having a mother was like, Harley was kind of nuts but she cared about me. She would defend me against some of the men who looked at me too long or made off putting remarks about me. I was only ten at the time so all the comments like that got the man hit in the gut with Harley's bat and the next day they would be gone.

During that four years I learned I had a power it was Psychokinesis I found it out on one of my training days with Harley and Ivy. I had to fight some of Ivy's henchmen and when one came at me with a knife I threw my hand up to block the blade and the man went flying back smashing into the wall. Harley had squealed in excitement and told the rest of the men to do what the unconscious one did they all pulled various blades out and moved towards me. I was backed into the wall behind me and in a panic I threw my hands out and the five other men were all slammed into the wall slumping down to the floor with the first man. That episode had added a whole new regiment to my training which drastically cut the amount of time I got to spend with Martin, which in its self had dwindled to us walking to the building and then home and eating dinner together. Martin was a whole other story about the four years, he had changed drastically from my kind, caring, loving over protective older brother who encouraged me to go to school and do things I loved. Who would make pancakes for dinner and do anything to keep me safe and out of danger, now he encouraged me to steal and hurt people. He was rushing Harley on my training so I could go out and do the Jokers bidding with him, it was like he wanted it to become a family thing.

He only became more obsessive over it when Harley told everyone about my power and made me demonstrate it. Martin loved how violent it was, how destructive it could be I didn't have the control to toss just one thing whatever was in the general area my hand swung got knocked back. Martin made it his personal mission that I hone my power and be able to cause the utmost mayhem with it. I didn't want to but Martin was all I had left and despite the fact he had changed rapidly he was still my brother and I loved him. So I threw myself into training with my power and after a year I had the control to toss only what I wanted to move. It was like a huge invisible hand swatting away whatever I concentrated on, I found organics were harder to throw back unless faced with danger or I panicked. Inorganic things I could toss around with easy and even pull them towards me in a swift yank. Harley had told me in bubbly excitement one day that she was told one day I might be able to levitate myself and other things moving them with gentleness instead of the sharp, harsh movements I had mastered. I only smiled at her and we went back to brushing the hair of her dolls, we were brushing the dolls hair when Martin ran over to us and dropped down next to me smiling he gripped my shoulders and turned me towards him.

'Margo!' He said excitedly.


'You can come!' He answered practically bouncing on the balls of his feet, he seen my confusion. 'With us on the exchange at the docks!' Harley squealed and clapped her hands the doll she held falling to the ground.

'Come on Margo, I'll help ya' get dressed.' Harley stood and pulled me to my feet, dragging me down the hall. She said I could wear what I had on, a pair of blue jeans a black tee shirt and a pair of sneakers my hair was its natural white blond but had light blue streaks running through it. Harley pulled it back and braided it down my back, then pulled out a bag full of make-up she smeared my face in white then lined my eyes in black, it was simple but no one would know me.

The dock was freezing and smelled like old fish, salt and sweat old rope was wound up and piled everywhere old fishing nets and cages lay piled up. The place was like a creepy, smelly ghost town I stood back away from the group and waited my head swiveling toward every noise finally a car pulled up and three men climbed out. Martin stepped forward and talked to the lead man who waved the other two forward they opened a briefcase Martin smiled the white paint on his face mixed with the green made his smile seem darker. The two men who came with us pulled out guns and shot the ones holding the briefcase, shock took over my body as I watched them fall to the dock. The leader of the two dead men started to babble trying to save his own life pleading to my brothers better nature then with a speed I didn't know my bother possessed he pulled out a gun and shot the lead. The man fell to the dock and I screamed, his vacant eyes staring at me as blood poured from the gun shot in his forehead, my eyes blurred. A large hand on my shoulder had me tearing my eyes from the dead man and looking at Martin his white and green painted face dotted with red. His once bright green eyes were dull and dead as he stared at me he leaned down and his eyes grew slightly clearer as he spoke.

'Get used to this Margo,' He squeezed my shoulder his fingers digging into the flesh as he let go and stepped beside me to walk past he stopped. 'Besides you should be fine with this after all you've killed two people yourself.' His words hit me like a train as he walked to the car the other two men following. Slowly I turned and walked to the car my eyes were dry of any tears and I said nothing as we drove back to the base.

It was a year after the dock incident that Martin told me we would be moving, Joker wanted to expand his territory to other cities. It seemed some of the big baddies were working on making a group effort to torment the world and Martin -and by extension me- were selected along with a few others to move out and expand. Martin and myself would be moving to Central city. Little did I know that us moving would force me to make life changing decisions and it all started the first day I met him the annoyance of my being, Kid Flash.

Martin and me had been in Central city for over three months doing recruiting for the Clown gang and had the people we needed to pull off a heist and let the city know that the Joker was branching out. The original plan was to blow up the cities museum an hour before closing and have a pile of joker playing cards scattered by the stairs. I was able to talk Martin into changing the plan to blow it up after hours, telling him we didn't have the man power to do it while it was full of people. He had looked at me his eyes narrowing before he agreed and left to set it up with a few others. We put it into action three days later it was ten thirty at night, I was crouched behind a red sports car gripping a twelve inch lead pipe. I was wearing black spandex shorts that stopped mid thigh with a red ruffled mini skirt, a red tank top calf high tight fitting black boots. My white blond and blue streaked hair was braided back and my face was covered in white make-up my eyes thickly lined in black eyeliner and black eye shadow my lips were painted with black lip stick. Martin and a few other cronies planted the bombs and set it all up.

Martin was wearing black pants and a black long sleeved shirt and his face was covered in white make-up and he had green smeared down each cheek. The goons were wearing what they always wore and each had on a generic dollar store clown mask. The bomb was set and the goons hightailed it away from the building as Martin checked over the four small bombs they had set up. It all went wrong from there the goon we had sent to scout for security cameras had apparently missed a few so the wail of distant sirens split the air. Martin turned and ran from the building ready to signal for them to set the bombs off, the man with the hand-held was a little trigger happy and detonated the bombs too soon. The sound was deafening I shrieked and ducked down throwing my arms over my head the roar of fire filled the silence the bomb let behind.

Slowly I dropped my arms and chanced a looked over the hood of the red sports car and gasped at what I saw. The street was littered with rubble and debris from the museum a few of the trees that had been on the side walk were now leafless or cracked and skewed. I saw the goons running around trying to out smart the red and yellow blurs zipping around them, rounding them up like the stupid cattle they were. My eyes scanned the street faster and finally found who I was looking for and my eyes widened and my mouth fell. Martin was laying in the middle of the street bits of rubble, and leaves covering him, he wasn't moving before I thought better of it. I was jumping over the car sliding across the hood and sprinting full out towards my brother.

'Martin!' I screamed, drawing the attention of the two who had rounded up our goons and had them tied up. I stumbled over the ruined street the lead pipe fell to the ground with a clatter as I righted myself and made it to Martin and dropped to my knees at his side and shoved him to his back.

'Please, please, please.' I babbled as I watched his chest letting out a half laughing sob as I saw it rise I reached out and shook him trying to wake him up. 'Martin, hey come on we gotta go, Martin!'

The scrap of the feet against the debris littered street had me swinging my hand out my power knocking the boy in yellow back into the other man. I twisted still in a crouch and took them in I saw it was Flash and his sidekick Kid Flash my eyes narrowed at them as Flash said something to the boy who nodded. I reached out and shook Martin again trying to wake him so we could run, he let out a pained moan I glanced down and saw his eyes flutter. My eyes snapped up at the sound of someone sighing, Flash was rubbing the back of his head.

'I can't take in a kid.' He muttered. 'Look kid I'm going to give you a free pass just this once, you're too young to be in the gang you're in. Get out while you can, besides I can't take in a girl crying over her brother.' I watched as the boy next to him looked up at him in shock his mouth hanging open.

Martin's hand gripped my knee and I looked down at him, he had one eye open and I smiled then looked back to the superhero and his sidekick. My smile slipped and my eyes narrowed again Flash gave a short nod and walked away towards the goons his sidekick looked after him then looked at me then back. Throwing his hands up he walked after his mentor, I stood and helped Martin to his fee and he leaned on me as we moved to where the car was parked. I kept throwing looks over my shoulder but they never followed, it took Martin two weeks to recover.

Over the next three years we had our fair share of run ins with Flash and his brat sidekick and a slew of other bad guys. I somehow got out of having to kill any of them I would beat them down and leave them bruised and bloody but alive. I prided myself on the fact I've been in this life for ten years and had yet to kill anyone with my own two hands and I wanted to keep it that way. Now there was a moral to my tragic back story and that is even though I was raised for ten years to be a bad guy I didn't want to be one.

So that leads to my current situation, Martin had pulled me out of bed shouting that the base had been found and that we had to go. I stumbled down the hall after him as he grabbed the duffle bag he kept some guns in. I was wearing a pair of black cargo shorts a green tank top my hair a fluffy mess and the white make up I hadn't take off a few hours before was most likely smeared, smudged and mixed in with the black and purple. Martin was strapping guns to his person as he raged about our idiot security and how they would pay for being so lax, as he went on I pulled on my boots. Martin handed me the duffle and told me to strap up and help out as he quickly smeared some white cover up on most of his face leaving patches of tanned skin exposed. Then he was out the door running down the hall of our live in base, I rooted through the bag and found my two favorite guns an old single action six shooter and a 9mm.

Checking the safety on the nine I shoved it securely into my boot and opened the barrel of the revolver and checked the bullets before slipping them back in and snapping the barrel closed. Gripping the revolver in my left hand I ran out the door and down the hall the way Martin had ran I made it to the railing that over looked the 'common area' it was just a large open area of the basement of the wear house that we covered in old carpet and old furniture. I skidded to a stop and gaped at what I saw Martin and a few of his goons were standing around a pretty well beaten on and securely tied up Flash. Without much thought I placed my free hand on the rail and jumped over it and landed on one of the couches in a crouch. Stepping down I moved over to the men and stopped next to my brother who looked over at me and smiled a toothy grin.

"Look at this Marg! We got him, we got The Flash!" He said with a wave of his hand at the tied up man.

"How?" He started laughing the sound low and gravelly.

"Some chemical compound one of our egg heads came up with some crap about rearranging his molecular structure and slowing down his metabolism." Martin placed his foot against the kneeling mans chest and shoved him knocking him to the floor. "The mighty Flash is as touchable as any man now." He whispered softly as he lifted the gun in his hand.

"Are you gonna kill him boss?"

"Of course you idiot, he's been a pain in the ass for too long!" Martin barked, as an explosion rocked the building.

"What the hell was that!"

"Damn he must have backup," Martin snarled dropping his gun then looked at me. "Margo, finish him off then meet at the place." He didn't give me the chance to reply before he was gone his goons following.

I looked at the red clad man in front of me as he struggled to get back to his kneeling position reaching out I grabbed one of the lightning bolts adorning his mask and pulled him up. Once he was stable I stepped back gripping the revolver in my hand he looked up and gave what I assumed was supposed to be a smile but it came off as a grimace. Why, why did it have to come to this if I did this if I killed him I'd be what Martin wanted, wasn't that why I did everything I did? For him for my big brother, the man who did his best to raise me with what we had. The reason he joined the Joker was to help me, right?

"Hey Kiddo, we meet again." I glanced back at Flash. "See you're still in, when will you listen?" I don't know what possessed me to talk to him to answer him it shocked me and if the look on what I could see of his face it shocked him too.

"He's my brother." Was the answer I gave trying to convince myself as I clicked open the barrel of the revolver and dumped out the bullets checked them and slid two back into the chamber and pocketed the other four.

"He's all I have." I though as the barrel clicked as I closed it and pulled the hammer back.

"Let's play a game." A twisted smile slipped over my lips. 'Play the part Margo, someone may be watching.'

"Come on kid think about this if you do this the whole Justice League will be after you." The masked man said trying to talk me out of it.

I ignored him. "The game is simple really, I point at you and pull the trigger if you live then it's my turn then if I live it's back to you." I aimed the gun my finger on the trigger.

"Come on kid don-" I pulled the trigger, the hollow sound of an empty chamber filled the air.

"Click." I whispered, my grin growing as I lifted the gun to rest under my chin. 'You can do this.'

"Kid, kid wait!" The hollow sound filled the air again.


"Come on stop this, it's not even funny, playing with your life." His voice was filled with what sounded like genuine concern.

"It's just a game." I pointed the barrel back at him. 'Dear god, thank you.' Another explosion shook the building.

"This is not a game, Margo!" My eyes widened in slight shock at the usage of my real name before I smiled at him, tilting my head to the side and leveling the gun again.

"Life's just a big complex game of cat and mouse no one gets out alive Flashly, don't be so serious, it's bad for you." The hammer clicked back my finger rested on the trigger.

'It's all a game Margo, do it, do it now!' The sound of the gun firing rang in the empty common room the thump of his body was muffled some by the ratty carpet.

"Bang." I whispered as my hand dropped to my side and I looked at the still man and licked my lips, tasting what remained of my purple lipstick.

The revolver was painfully knocked from my hand, skidding across the floor and I spun to see none other than Batman standing on the landing I had jumped from earlier. I cursed and ran for the exit jumping over the body of Flash another Batarang whizzed past nicking my arm and lodging into the wall. The Bat would be too concerned with his comrade to give chase I knew this but I ran full speed down the hall anyway slamming open the fire exit door. Fled down a side ally and slipping into the first unlocked car I found with shaking but still nimble fingers I hot-wired the car, slammed it into drive and floored the gas peddle. It took me nearly two hours to get to the safe house I left the car on the side of the road in a sub-division and stole a bicycle some kid was to lazy to lock up. The last forty-five minutes were spent panting and puffing as I peddled the pastel blue mountain bike, I saw the safe house come into view it was a run down farm house in the middle of nowhere. Climbing off the bike I let it clatter to the ground and jumped the two stairs to the porch banged on the door with the code so no one shot me when I shoved it open. Martin was sitting in a dusty recliner he sat up and smiled at me when I walked in.

"Margo!" He said loudly spreading his arms wide. "Did you do it? Is it done?" He asked giddily the smile slipping to something darker.

"Yes." I said, the corner of my lip twitching into a smile. 'What did you do, Margo?'

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Mieke: Totally worth getting it on Amazon (kindle). Such a good story. Flipping fell in love with the characters. I did make the mistake of reading the third one first but either way, I've read all three now and they are all amazing.

Betty J: A great story. Love the Fated mates! Can't wait to meet more, and for justice to be served.

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Mrs B: Good story but short

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Salina Banks Sisk: Oh my another great book. Not as intense or detailed as the first, but still well written. I'm in love with this series.

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