Smile for me

Chapter 2

"Stupid Martin, I'm not getting lazy I can out-shoot any one of the idiots that work for us." I thought in annoyance as I reloaded my new revolver and took aim at the paper target.
It's been two weeks since the whole base incident and Martin has been harsher than usual on the gang, we now have two new security men who know the punishment if our new base is breached. They saw what happened to the last two who failed, lets just say it wasn't pretty. Martin was also cracking down on me, he was pissed that I lost my revolver and that I didn't have the time to get a trophy off of Flash. He let the trophy thing go once I told him that Batman had gotten involved and that he was the reason I had lost my gun. After that Martin had insisted -more like forced- me into doing more firing range practice, it was now five days a week for four hours a day. He also cracked down on me perfecting my Psychokinesis saying I was slacking off and not trying hard enough to reach my maximum potential. I ground my teeth as I pulled the trigger of the gun and filled the target with six new holes within two inches of each other.
With a sigh I set the gun down and pulled off the earmuffs letting them set around my neck as I went and retrieved the target. I grinned at the hole filled paper and tossed it onto the pile setting on the floor glancing at the clock I saw my four hours for today were up. I walked back to the table dropped the earmuffs with a thud and picked up my revolver and made my way to my room to clean the gun. Our new base was another rundown abandon building on the east side of Central city it had a basement that held the commons room and a sub basement where we had the firing range set up. Then three floors above for bedrooms or training rooms for hand to hand combat or weapons training and a few were used to store food, one room was full of old refrigerators packed full of food.
My room was on the top floor at the end of the hall the lock on the door was broken so I had a pad lock set up on it to keep the creeps we bossed around out. I fished the key out of my pocket and opened the pad lock flicking the latch away I kneed open the door and stepped in kicking it shut behind me. I had few things in my room I had a bed -minus the frame- it was a nice twin with light blue sheets and a purple comforter and two pillows with yellow cases. A circular throw rug sat in the middle of the concrete floor a purple tote sat at the foot of my bed filled with my clothes and an array of boots and shoes were piled near my desk. I found it while I was scoping the place out and made two of our goons carry it up here for me, the top of the desk was covered in little boxes.
They were filled with my make-up: white cover up, an array of different colored lipsticks, eye-shadows, nail polish bottles, and a handful of eyeliner pencils. The drawers were filled with different colored hair dyes from neon's to normal's for when Harley came to visit and had the urge to dye my white blond hair. Her last visit had left me with cotton candy pink colored hair with light blue streaks running through it, so I was hoping she would visit again soon.I grabbed the cleaning supplies for my revolver off of my desk and dropped cross legged onto the rug, setting everything down I pulled my pink hair from its messy ponytail and redid it tucking the stray hairs into the tie. As I meticulous cleaned my new baby my door opened and the intruder spoke his gruff voice not foreign to me.
"Your brother wants you dressed in your costume and ready for the meetin' in twenty." I didn't give the goon an answer he knew what it was, he grunted and left slamming the door.
I finished cleaning my gun five minutes later and stood cracking my back leaving my cleaning supplies on the floor I set my gun on the desk. Kicked off my shoes and walked over to the tote at the foot of my bed and rooted around for an outfit that would match my crazy hair with a hum I pulled one out. Stripping out of my shooting clothes I pulled on a pair of charcoal colored spandex shorts and a black and pink checkered tulle mini skirt. A charcoal gray midriff baring corset with pink trim, I sifted through my shoe pile and pulled out a pair of black thick high heeled boots with pink lace ties that stopped just below my knee.
Pulling on a pair purple socks I pulled the boots on and laced them tightly and hopped off my bed and walked to my desk and looked in the foggy mirror as I quickly and masterfully applied my make up covering my face in white then lining my eyes with a thick coat of black and painting my lips deep blue. I fished the gun holster with my nine in it from my desk and strapped it to my left thigh and hooked a belt I made around my hips with a holster for my revolver. I stepped back gave myself a once over in the mirror grabbed my key and pad lock and walked out of my room and locked it tight and dropped the key in the pouch I had on the belt for extra ammo. I made it to the briefing room with two minutes to spare, I sauntered past all the goons and up to Martin and sat on the chair next to him he shot me a glance and went back to looking over the room. After the two minutes was up Martin stood and spoke.
"Tonight we show those Justice jerks what we stand for the boss gave me instructions on where the Joker gas is being stored and where he wants it released. You all have your directions and instructions on where you are to take the gas and a few of you have directions for another plan to help Poison Ivy release a plant toxin.
Boss told me they leaked a bunch of different areas of where the stuffs being held to confuse the Justice jerks but I know the real location but be warned that you may run into one of the goody two-shoes. Either Batman, Green arrow, maybe Superman," Martin stopped and shot me a look I cringed. "And even someone who was supposed to be dead, it seems my dear sister missed her target and the Flash is still alive." A mummer went through the room. "But, we can do this if we stay together and act as one mind we can take down the League and take over Central city for Boss!" Martin shouted and a chores of 'Joker' was shouted back. "Now move out." The room started to empty and I stood to follow but Martin gripped my arm tightly.
"We will be discussing why the Flash is still alive when this is done." His grip tightened painfully before he let go and walked away I rubbed my arm before following him to the cars.

The place where the Joker gas was supposed to be held was an old grain building ten miles outside of town. The cars pulled up and Martin got out I followed and the nine other goons got out of two other cars and a van. My hand fell to the handle of my revolver and Martin hefted his semi-automatic higher as he walked towards the building the goons following behind. The large sliding door opened with a high pitched squeaky groan, and it took three of the goons to shove it fully open I stepped inside, what I could see by the light of the moon was dirty concrete floor, heavy machinery, huge buckets and large wooden crates. I heard a shout of 'all clear' and then the lights flickered on and illuminated the rest of the building I saw it was two stories. I walked to the rail and looked down and saw crates with huge 'J's spray painted in purple on the sides of them, the Joker gas.

I shouted that I found them and made my way down the metal stairs. My boots making loud clanging sounds as I jogged down to the base floor, the goons followed me down and I instructed them as they picked up the crates and hobbled them up the stairs. I looked around and saw more crates like on the upper floor and scuffed my foot on the floor kicking up a cloud of grain dust.

'Way to send us to a freaking ticking time bomb.' I thought as I kicked up some more grain dust and looked back to the crates.

There were only two crates left, and they couldn't carry them fast enough. As the goons came back and grabbed the crates I cast another look to make sure we got them all and started to follow. They were halfway up the stairs when someone else from the top floor shouted and gun fire rag out. The two goons at the top of the stairs with the first crate staggered and dropped it, with startled gasps. It bounced down the stairs crashing into the goons behind them knocking them both down the flight of stairs. The crate they had bounced and skidded across the floor busting open to spill canisters of gas across the concrete floor I scrambled back to avoid getting hit with anything.

I looked to the first floor and saw as my goons ran around shooting rapidly at anything that moved, all the training they did out the window. I kicked the canisters of gas out of my way as I moved towards the stairs the four who fell down them had already recovered and were at the top shouting and shooting. I was two steps up when an explosion rocked the building staggering I fell and cracked the back of my head off the floor, I saw fire behind me on the first floor. All the running and fighting must have stirred up the grain dust and all the gun fire must have set off a reaction causing the explosion and the crates caught fire. I stood and rubbed the back of my head and checked for blood seeing none I shook my head and started back up. I was halfway up the steps again when pain shot through my leg and I screamed dropping to my knees on the steps. Looking down at my boot I saw the hole and felt the burning of the bullet in my calve looking around I saw no one so I figured it had to be a bullet that ricocheted off a piece of machinery. Slowly I moved up the stairs trying not to disturb the bullet wound when feet appeared in front of me I looked up and smiled at Martin.

"Margo what happened?" His voice was different like it held barely contained excitement.

"I was shot I think it was a ricochet, I can't walk." I held my hand out waiting for him to take it, he crouched down on the step in front of me.

"Oh poor, poor little sister." He cooed then grinned. "This works out so much better, you see the boss didn't take to kindly to you not killing Flash so he wanted me to kill you." My eyes widened at his words.

"W-what?" He ignored me.

"I didn't know how it would work out you are my baby sister I couldn't kill you with my own two hands and I wouldn't trust one of my men to do it. You might have been able to talk them out of it and save yourself ." He clapped his hands together and spread them out. "But this, this is brilliant you can die here." He cupped my face in his right hand and leaned closer to me.

"You should have killed him Margo, your sympathy is why you're going to burn." With that his hand dropped to my shoulder with a shove I was falling backwards the steps digging into my back and shoulders and I tumbled down them to the concrete floor below. I felt the snap in my wrist and the sharp biting pain that shot up my leg as my ankle twisted when I hit the floor. My head lolling to the side to see Martin standing at the top of the stairs before he was gone. I sat up cradling my wrist to my chest as the air filled with black smoke and my mind processed what had just happened.

"He left me! He left me, my brother left me here to burn in a grain building!" I rolled away from the spot I was sitting at as a ceiling beam cracked and plummeted to land where I had been. The temperature was rising as more of the ceiling fell and the crates on the base floor started to catch fire, the smoke was getting thicker.

"I'm going to die, suffocate and my brother is to blame. He shoved me down the stairs to die!" My eyes started to burn from the smoke and a cough broke past my lips.

"No, he's... he's only teaching me a lesson to listen to him from now on when he tells me something, that's it." I tried to tell myself, trick myself into believing Martin hadn't left me that he would come back for me.

My eyes stung from the smoke and I rubbed at them smearing the make up, I scooted closer to the middle of the floor trying to get away from the heat. The smoke was growing thicker making it hard to breath my coughing was getting worse, I couldn't stand the bullet in my calve and my possibly broken ankle saw to that. As the minutes ticked by my faith was striped away layer by layer I waited and hoped. By the time my lungs burned and I was sweating so badly that I could feel the make up running down my face, I knew he wasn't coming back. I pushed my back against the busted crate that once held the scattered canisters of Joker gas and finally tears that had nothing to do with the stinging smoke fell. My good hand came up to cover my mouth trying to filter the smoke as I breathed and coughed violently.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a hand gripped my shoulder my eyes were too teared up and burned too badly to see anything more than an outline. For the briefest of seconds I told myself Martin had come back for me that it was a form of punishment. That he would apologize for scaring me and we would go back to the base and I would take a shower and go to bed and forget this whole thing. That idea left my mind the second I was scooped up the fresh air hit my face and the sound of voices filled my ears it seems as soon as I was off the floor. The air made me cough the sound deep and brash and my ribs hurt from the episode, I blinked rapidly trying to clear my vision as who ever held me started talking.

"See, I told you she was somewhere." That voice, with my good hand I rubbed at my eyes.

"How did you know for a fact she would be here." A woman's voice.

"She's always with her brother." I stopped rubbing my eyes and looked up it was still slightly blurry but I saw red lots of red.

"You," I croaked out before falling into another coughing fit.

"You need oxygen and a cast and a bullet removed, you had an eventful day didn't you kiddo?" I didn't answer as he sat me on a gurney and a medic rushed over and strapped an oxygen mask to my face and lifted my wrist and put it in a splint when she started to untie my boot instinct kicked in. My good leg shot out knocking her backwards I yanked the oxygen mask off and went to slid off the gurney when my shoulders were grabbed and I was held in place.

"Hey, kiddo calm down she needs to do something with your leg to stop the bleeding." My frantic gaze shot around the area, I was alone, no one I knew was there, all alone. My head dropped and I whispered.

"He left me."

"Huh?" My fingers dug into the dirty material of my skirt.

"He left me." I said a little louder, the tears building again.

"I can't hear you kiddo." My head snapped up and I glared at him my pink hair full of soot my face make up smeared, smudged and running.

"He left me!" It left my mouth in a sharp shout. "He left me, he left me to die." My head dropped back down and the tears hit my fists still clenched in my dirty, sooty skirt.

"You're fine now but you have to let the medic take cared of your wounds." I shook my head frantically.

"Come on don't be ridiculous you'll bleed out." Flash said in exasperation.

A sharp pain in the side of my neck had my head whipping around to see Batman holding a syringe, my eyes narrowed and then everything around me started to blur. I heard Flash say something to the other man but it was muffled and sounded far away, staying upright was a challenge and I didn't last long I felt myself tip to the side before everything went black.

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