Smile for me

Chapter 3

I woke slowly, my mind muddled the quiet hum of machines and the sound of muffled voices had me sitting up, looking around I saw I was in a hospital room. The stark white walls the white board with notes scribbled on it by whoever my doctor was and the annoying amount of cabinets. Not to mention the array of medical jar paraphernalia, cotton balls, tongue depressors, etc were proof enough that I was in a hospital or in Belle Reve. With a groan I lifted my left hand to rub at my eyes but saw it was bound in an obnoxious orange cast, gently dropping it to my lap I went to use my other hand but found it handcuffed to the thick plastic guardrail of the bed. After giving a few good yanks, I gave up and took inventory on my other injuries looking down I saw I was still wearing my skirt, spandex shorts and half corset.
Both of my boots were gone, I spotted them on the rolling tray for food to my right. My left leg was wrapped in bandages from the tops of my toes to my knee and my right foot was still covered in a purple sock. The door to my right clicked open and Batman and a green man I quickly recognized as Martian Manhunter walked in and the door clicked shut behind the green man, Batman walked to my side next to my cuffed hand and gave me a once over. Manhunter stood behind him and to his left watching quietly, I glared at the Dark knight and turned my head away to look at the opposite wall.
"You have information on the Joker and his doings and you're going to tell us what it is." Batman's voice was harsh and to the point, I snorted before I answered.
"Not that you'll believe me but I don't know squat." I bit out, still looking at the far wall.
"You've worked with the Joker for years and you say you don't know anything," He paused. "You're right I don't believe you."
"I didn't work for Joker."
"Oh," His tone was amused. "Then who did you work for?"
'My brother, who abandoned me to die.'
I thought but said.
"Myself, I did what I did for me and what I wanted."
"What was it that you wanted?" I turned towards him a smile pulling at my lips."Fun," I said and cocked my head. "It's all fun and games playing cat and mouse," I paused. "Of course, right now I'm the mouse but I'll get away from the cats and we can go on with our game."
"So your brother leaving you to die in that building was a game to you then?" My smile faltered slipping into more of a grimace. "You know he wasn't coming back for you, he was one of the first ones to run."
'No, he's lying Martin... Martin wouldn't, he would of...?'
My lips formed a scowl and I shoved the thought from my head it was too late now, I didn't need Martin I could do this on my own.
"What about the concoction in the fake bullet you shot Flash with what compounds were in it?"

With a sniff, I lifted a brow and shrugged."Don't know, all knew is it would simulate death," I let the smirk slip back onto my lips. "It sure fooled you, Batsy."

"Flash said you had actual bullets, why not just kill him instead of simulating death." He questioned.

"I'm crazy not stupid, Batsy." I looked over at Manhunter then back to him. "It seemed simpler to deal with my brother's anger than the whole of your annoying goody- goody gang. Are you getting anything out of me you wanted Batty?" He looked back at the Maritain.

"This is getting us nowhere, Manhunter she's all yours." Batman stepped back and the martian took his spot I glared at the green man.

"I am going to enter your mind and find what we need, if you do not fight it will go smoother for you." His hands reached out and I jerked back trying to roll off the bed but the handcuffs stopped me, I ended up leaning as far off the bed as the cuffs would allow.

"You stay out of my head." I barked as the cuffs bit into my wrist.

"I can not," He looked back at Batman then returned his red eyed gaze to me. "I do not wish to use force but if you continue to act this way you will force my hand." The way he talked pissed me off.

"I already told you I don't know anything!" I snapped, glaring at the green man not wanting him digging around in my brain, touching things he had no business seeing.

The door clicked open and closed again.

"Hey, I told you not to start until I got here."

"You were taking too long, we need the information she may have on Joker as soon as possible some of those crates of Joker gas got out." So some of the shipment did get out into the public, Martin didn't tell us everything. My scowl deepened at the idea of him keeping more things from me.

"Hey Kiddo!" A hand ruffled my hair and I swatted it away and looked up at the Flash in annoyance at the name he insisted on calling me.

"I'm not your Kiddo!" I snapped, glaring at him it was a mistake to look away from Manhunter, as fingers pressed into my temples and a weird sensation washed over me. I sucked in a sharp breath as everything twisted and blurred out then came back into focus.

I was standing in front of Manhunter the sky behind him a brownish orange, the landscape behind him flat and barren like a desert with a few dead and gnarled trees doting the horizon. When I turned my attention back to the martian I saw he was looking past me, slowly I turned and my eyes widened at what I saw, a little girl. Wearing a pair of ratty blue and yellow sneakers jeans with a hole in the left knee and a shirt with a polar bear on it. The white blond hair and blue eyes that stared back confused me, I was staring at myself I was maybe six. I looked back at Manhunter in confusion, ready to demand answers when he spoke.

"This is your inner mind," He motioned behind me and I turned to now see a long hallway filled with twisted, misshapen, and gnarled doors. "That form is what your mind still sees you as."

What did my mind see me as? A little girl? Scared? Innocent? It was wrong I was none of those things, I was a monster. I pushed those thoughts away and instead asked.

"Why are the doors like that?" I looked back at the Martian and the now pale red- brown sky behind him, he looked at me.

"It is how your mind sees the events in your life, you are young and confused the doors may yet fix themselves." It didn't surprise me that my mind was a twisted corridor of what-the-fuck, I was shocked it wasn't worse with skeletons actually falling out of the doors. I had plenty of those in my proverbial closet, I looked around expecting to see a flock of vultures sitting in one of the dead gnarled tree. I was met with more doors and a long hallway instead of the wide open wasteland the only space not covered in a hallway of doors was the sky and it was still the pale red brown.

Manhunter stepped forwards and stopped next to my six year old self and held his hand out, with a smile. "Come."

I didn't want too I shouted at my younger self not to do it that it was my mind and he had no right but as if she didn't hear me my six year old self reached out and gripped two of his fingers in her tiny hand. And they moved down the hallway I hesitated only for a moment before I followed and we moved down the hall of doors. We passed door after door some were twisted and misshapen so badly they looked like 3D art, some of the doors were cracked or had peeling paint chipping off of them. As we moved down the hall Manhunter reached out and brushed his fingers across a door here or there I stopped and looked at the doors he touched. They seemed the same as the others, I didn't see anything that made them stand out, they were just as twisted and warped as any other door. The further we walked the more my six year old self slowed and moved closer to Manhunter then she stopped as did the Martian and myself.

"I don't like it past here it's too scary," She whined and tugged at her shirt with her free hand. "The crying, and screaming scares me and it gets really, really dark." She fidgeted in her spot, I looked past her down the hall until I could see nothing, I had the urge to walk into the inky darkness. It was as if something were tugging me, calling to me whispering for me to step into the inky darkness my feet moved on their own. I took a few steps past the other two I was only a few feet from the darkness when Manhunter's voice broke me out of my trance, I blinked and looked back at them.

"That is alright we need not go any farther than here, will you answer a question for me?" Manhunter asked and my other self nodded.

"Do you know anything about a man called Joker?" My other self viciously shook her head.

"No, he's scary I don't get told anything it's always Martin then he tells me what to do and then we go help with stuff." I snarled at my stupid child self, telling our secrets to him.

"Thank you, little one." The martian patted my six year old selfs head.

"Bye-bye." She looked at me and waved, as she blurred and twisted into nothingness.

The same feeling washed over me and suddenly I was panting looking at the floor and a pair of red clad feet, anger bubbled up and I snapped my head up. My eyes narrowed on the speedster who lifted his hands in a calming manner the sound of Manhunter and Batman talking made me turn to look at the duo.

"So she knows nothing?" Batman said, looking at me the black cowl hiding any emotion.

"Yes, she knows only what she is told."

"I see." His half covered face turned towards me. "Have her sent to Belle Reve." My eyes widened at his words.

"Hey she's just a kid and like I told you before she's harmless." Flash put in quickly stepping to the foot of my bed, shocking me.

"She worked for the Joker, she's most likely killed people, she belongs in prison." Batman said evenly.

"I think I know the villains in my city better than you Batman and she's never once killed anyone, I can't say the same for the others." It was a lie I have killed, twice.

"Flash, I don't know what it is that has you defending her so fiercely but-" He cut the other man off.

"It's because she's a kid who was pulled into something she didn't choose and couldn't get out of." He took a step closer to the Dark knight, his fists clenched. "She's not going to Belle Reve." I watched looking between the two heros, finally Batman let out a deep sigh.

"Manhunter," Batman turned to the Martian. "How dangerous is she?"

"While I was in her mind I found no evidence that she has killed, she has beaten and broken many but never fatally wounded them." He looked over everyone in the room. "But she has a darkness in her that has been moved by the life she has lived, but like us all she can choose either to let the darkness win or stay in the light."

"So she's safe?" Flash asked.

"As safe as any child with a past like her's can be."

"Alright then," He turned to me with a huge smile. "You're coming home with me," I looked at him oddly and Batman made a disbelieving noise. "I already talked to Iris about it and she thinks it's a good idea."

"Flash this is-"

"Look Bats, I got this I think she's a good kid and I told Iris about her the first time me and Kid ran across her. She feels bad for the girl so I'm doing this besides I'm the fastest man on the planet I doubt she'll be a problem." He shot a look back at me and a smile crossed his lips, most likely due to the look of disbelief on my face. "So," He turned back to Batman. "I need the paperwork or what ever it is I do to get this going." Batman stood taking in the red clad man then gave a shake of his head and turned motioning for the other hero to follow him.

"Be back later, Kiddo." He followed Batman out the door and Manhunter followed after the door clicking behind them.

'Was I just unofficially adopted by a superhero?' I sat in confusion as the though repeated its self over and over again in my head. The man was a utter idiot, why would he want me in his home? Know his identity? His family? This Iris woman? My options were paper thin, it was accept his offer or go to prison. Since I had no intention of going to prison anytime soon or ever for that matter I would play this game or whatever it was of his. When my broken wrist was healed and I could walk on my own two feet I would take him out and get away then Martin would feel my wrath. He really should have killed me himself, because when I got my hands on him he would pray for death. I prided myself on not killing people but Martin may very well get what he had always wanted from me, I just might kill him.

It took nearly two hours for the door to click back open and a dark haired male intern in blue scrubs walked in pushing a dark blue wheelchair and a blond female in pink scrubs with a kitten motif followed with a pair of crutches. The dark haired man stopped the chair by the bed and looked at me as if I would rip his throat out, slowly he held up a key. I realized it was the key for the handcuffs, rolling my eyes I held my wrist up and out for him, he moved slowly like I was a caged animal. As if I would attack him at any given moment like I would waste my energy on him, stupid man. The cuffs slipped off the bed but he kept one end clapped around my wrist. With a little twisting and sliding and some reluctant help from the male intern I was sitting in the chair the fake blue leather sticking to my bare legs.

The male intern quickly clicked the cuffs around the arm of the wheelchair and gave a quick tug to make sure he did it properly. As he did this the female intern walked around putting my boots and single sock in a clear hospital grade drawstring bag and set them on my lap. Then I was being wheeled out of the room, the male intern pushing the chair and the blond woman carrying the crutches sending me sideways glances. As we were going down the hall I noticed the lack of people the halls were empty, like everyone on the whole floor had vanished they were all more than likely moved somewhere else it was such a League thing.

I softly snorted at the precautions they took as if I could go anywhere or hurt anyone in my current state we reached the end of the hall and took the elevator four floors down to the basement. We turned a corner and made our way down a long concrete hallway, the place was freezing I suspected we were near the morgue. If the subtle smell of chemicals was anything to go by after a few minutes we went up a concrete ramp. The large garage door slid up and the sunlight poured in, blinding me I shut my eyes against the sudden harsh light only to feel something sharp jam into the side of my neck. As my vision tunneled and black edged its way onto me my last thoughts were.

'Fuck Batman.'

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