Smile for me

Chapter 4

I woke slowly (for the second time in one day) my eyes bleary and my mouth felt like it was full of cotton, licking my lips I blinked as my eyes adjusted to the dim light. I sat up on my good arm and took in my surroundings I was in a bedroom the walls a boring cream color, there was a dresser against the far wall a pair of sliding doors next to it, most likely a closet. There was a window to my right the blinds slated letting in the light there were a few generic pictures on the wall: lakes, forests and cabins. The bed was a twin and I was covered with a pale blue sheet sitting up fully I tossed the sheet off and saw I was still wearing my soot covered clothes. Gently swinging my left leg to the floor my toes barely brushing the floor I twisted my body and set my right foot fully on the floor. I took in some more of the room the floor was a dark hardwood and there was a small throw rug near the sliding closet doors the door to the bedroom was cracked and light from the hall poured in.

Also the smell of something cooking drifted in through the cracked door and my stomach let out a soft growl at not eating for what I assumed was a whole day. Being drugged twice in one day when you don't expect it tends to throw off your grasp of time flow. I looked at the bedside table and the crutches the blond intern had been carrying were leaning against it, using my right foot to hold all my weight I pushed off the bed grabbing the bedside table with my left hand when I tipped too far forwards.

Hissing in pain when it jolted my broken wrist grabbing the crutches I jammed them under my arms and was testing the least painful way to move when I jumped at the sound of a door banging opened followed by shouting. I leaned most of my weight onto my right side and awkwardly hobbled to the door pulling it open and slowly made my way towards the shouting. I made it to the end of the hall that opened into what looked to be the living room when I saw who was shouting I blinked slowly.

"Are you insane!" Kid flash shouted looking at a blond man who was standing in front of him then his head twisted so he was looking at a brunette female. "Is he insane?" He snapped pointing at the blond.

"Wally you're over reacting." The blond stated, the yellow and red clad teen looked at him.

"Over reacting! She's a part of the Clown gang, she works for the Joker! If anything you're under reacting!" The speedster barked, then he looked back to the woman.

"Aunt Iris you can't think this is a good idea?" The woman sighed and fiddled with her fingers.

"It was actually my idea, Wally." The boy was silent for a moment.

"What!" Was his shrieked reply.

"I've though about it for a while since Barry told me about her, it seemed like she was only trying to stay with her brother, she needs a new direction." The woman- Iris- said and my eyes went wide at her words. Why would she defend someone she's never met and someone she knew was a bad guy? I tried adjusting my weight but moved too far over and knocked into a table and a picture fell to the floor with a clattered and I had three sets of eyes on me.

"Er, hello." I said looking around the three faces Isis' face held a soft smile Barry's held a neutral expression and Kid Flash had a scowl and a glare cast my way.

"I see you're finally awake are you hungry?" Iris asked, before I could speak Kid Flash spoke.

"Seriously you're going to feed her! She shot Flash in the face he had a bruise the size of a fifty cent piece in the center of his forehead for two weeks."

"Oh, wally calm down." Iris chided.

"Don't tell her my name." The teen snapped in annoyance.

"She'll find out one way or another, she will be staying here after all besides how will you two get to know each other if she doesn't know your name?" The woman replied.

"I don't want to get to know her, she's evil and Batman doesn't trust her." This boy was really nerve grating.

"Well that's too bad, because Margo will be living here and that's final. And from what I hear Batman doesn't trust anyone." Iris said then turned her gaze back to me. "Now, are you hungry? I made roast." I looked at the brunette and then at the blond who I figured was Flash then to Kid who now had his arms crossed and was still glaring at me.

"Kind of." I answered shifting on my good foot my other resting on the tips of their toes.

"Well that's settled come on it should be done," She waved for me to follow her, slowly I shifted and hobbled after her. I stopped next to her at the entryway to the kitchen she looked back at Kid Flash or Wally as she and the blond called him. "Are you going to stay for dinner, I made apple pie." I saw the tick in his jaw.

"You can't win me over with pie, not this time." He huffed.

"Suite yourself more for me." The blond, Iris had called Barry said as he waltzed into the kitchen.

"Come on Margo." Iris walked into the large kitchen and moved towards Barry who had pulled the lid off of a large crock pot. He got the back of his hand smacked with a spoon as he tried to snag something out of the pot, shaking the abused appendage he smiled and sat at the table.

"Have a seat, kiddo." He said waving at the chair across from him, I sank into the chair and Kid Flash made himself known again as he stood a few feet inside the doorway of the kitchen.

"You guys are seriously okay with this? With having the enemy living here? Leaving her alone with Aunt Iris?" The mentioned woman sighed as she set a plate in front of me then looked at the masked teen.

"Yes, Wally as I said before it was my idea I think she can be trusted so does Barry now I don't want to hear anymore on the matter." She set another plate in front of the blond who thanked her and started eating. "Now are you going to eat dinner with us, like I said it's pot roast and I have a pie in the oven."

I was holding my fork with a baby carrot stabbed on it and looked over at him and caught his glare, and to add to his annoyance I gave him a sweet smile. Then shoved the carrot in my mouth smiling around the fork, his eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms in a huff.

"I don't eat with the enemy." He quipped, and I smirked.

"Too bad I was looking forward to getting to know you, seeing as we'll be seeing a lot of each other." I said in innocents.

"I don't want to know anything about you!" He snapped.

"But I want to know things about my new acquaintance, Wally." I smiled at the look that crossed his face as I used his name and took another bite of food.

"I never said you could use my name."

"Then what am I supposed to call you?" I questioned, loving the fact I was getting under his skin.

"Nothing, I don't want to talk to you." My smile grew.

"Then what's with this conversation we're having?" He opened his mouth and closed it, if looks could kill I'm pretty sure I would have been done. There was a sharp beeping and Iris stood and opened the oven and carefully pulled the pie out setting it on the counter.

"Hey, Nothing the pie's done." I said biting into another carrot, and looking at him from the corner of my eye.

He sputtered before forming words. "I'm going home!" He spun on his heel and made it to the door.

"Pie smells amazing, Miss. Iris." I said, and watched as his steps faltered, he glared over his shoulder.

"Your hair is ridiculous looking!" He snapped before stomping out of the kitchen and the front door slammed a moment later.

"He wanted some pie." Iris said as she sat back at the table, smiling.

"Oh, yeah." Barry put in as he finished the rest of his food then looked at me. "And you if you're gonna win him over don't pick on him so much."

"Who said I wanted to win him over?" I asked. "I like messing with people, it's fun."

"You're gonna have to work on that."

I wanted to laugh at him and tell him no way but I couldn't if I wanted to stay in this game so I grit my teeth and said. "Okay, I'll try, no promises though."

"I'll take what I can get." He said moving to get more food.

"Margo after we eat I can help you wash your hair." Iris said. "Since you can't take an actual shower due to your leg for at least two days. Then you can wash up and I'll see if you can fit in something of mine until tomorrow." She looked me over slowly. "I think you would be able to wear my old sun dress it's yellow so it won't work with your hair." She muttered the last part. "But it'll only be until I go shopping tomorrow, of course I'll need your sizes."


"Yes clothing sizes I think you're about a five? Is that about right?" She asked.

I looked at her in shocked confusion she was going farther than I though in this game to actually buy me clothes. Why would she waste money on me? I had what I was wearing and I had what was at the old base in my tote. So why go thought the trouble, was it to win me over only to rip it out from under me? That's what Martin would do, it's what anyone in the old gang would do myself included. Win someone over with kindness then when you have them content and placid, attack. It's both physically and mentally wounding, it's a top notch plan of deception, one I wouldn't fall for.

"Margo?" The sound of my name brought me out of my thoughts and I looked up from my plate to see both Iris and Barry looking at me.

"You spaced out a little there, kiddo."

"Sorry." I said, setting the fork down.

"It's alright now about your size." I looked over at Iris trying to see the spark of deception, something hidden in her eyes or body language but saw nothing.

"Yeah, it's a five a three depending on the brand." I finally answered.

"Okay then. Well let me get the table cleared and grab a towel and we can get your hair washed." She said giving me a smile. I nodded watching her as she grabbed my plate and her own Barry stood grabbing his own and helped put the leftover food away and wash the dishes. After they were done Barry said something about League business gave Iris a kiss and walked toward the kitchen door.

Pausing he looked over his shoulder at me for a moment then gave a still wave and walked out saying. "Have fun bonding, ladies."

"We will." Iris called after him as she walked up to the table. "Well I'll be right back and we can get started on your hair." She patted my shoulder as she walked past.

I heard the click and muffed thump as she hunted down what she needed and finally she came back with a green towel two bottles and a small square throw pillow. Setting both on the counter she grabbed a chair and slid it to the sink with the back pressed against the counter top. Grabbing the pillow she set it on the chair then looked over at me.

"Well lets get to it." She said and turned to the sink and turned the water on.

I grabbed the crutches and hobbled my way to the other chair leaning my weight into my left side I quickly shifted my right knee to the chair then shifted my weight again. Once my weight was all on my right knee I leaned the crutches against the counter and watched as Iris let the water from the sink run over her fingers.

"That should be warm enough, if you will." She made a motion with her hands towards the sink and I shifted forward my left arm resting on the back of the chair and my right on the lip of the sink as I looked at the stainless steel of the sink. The warm water washed over my head and I watched as the water turned dinghy and swirled down the drain. "So what made you choose pink, because I have to admit Wally was right. The color doesn't suit you." Iris asked as she poured shampoo onto my hair and her fingers worked it into a fluffy lather.

I let a small smile cross my lips at the thought of Harley bouncing into my room with the box of pink dye in hand saying it would be much better than the current mint green color.

"Harley- I assume you know who she is?" I asked as the smell of coconut filled my nose.

"I do." Was the short reply so I went on.

"She liked to dye my hair when the mood struck her, it was like I was her personal life sized doll baby she liked to dress me up too. Anyway, the pink was her idea she said it would stand out and would be nicer than the color my hair was at the time."

"And what color would that be?" She asked as water rushed over my head again, I closed my eyes to keep the shampoo out.

"Mint green." The fingers that were running through my hair getting all the suds out paused slightly and a faint laugh was heard.

"Well both of those colors sound bad, why so vibrant?"

"I actually didn't think the green was that bad." I muttered and went on. "Why else? To stand out to make people remember who did it. Who blew up the bank. Who kidnapped the mayor. Who did what ever, if you don't stand out you won't be remembered and you'll never expand."

"I guess that makes sense." The water stopped and something else was scrubbed into my hair. "So were the clothes her idea too?"

"At first it was only the face paint but then as I got older I started to emulate what Harley wore to a lesser degree. It started out as pants with two different colored legs or multicolored layered skirts then kind of grew into what I'm wearing now."

"You really care for Harley don't you?" Iris asked as she washed the conditioner from my hair.

I paused before I answered wondering if it was some kind of trap question but figured she knew the answer already so I answered. "I do, I was around her since I was six so nearly ten years it's only natural I feel close to her."

It was a round about reply, I wasn't about to tell her that Harley was the closest I had to a mother growing up, how sad would that sound? That my mother figured was an Ex-psychiatrist who fell in love with her patient and couldn't discern the difference between love and what ever she and Joker had going on. Not likely, I loved Harley as I assumed you would love your parent but I wasn't about to go blabbing that gem to anyone.

"That's true." The water shut off and the excess water was ringed from my hair I sat up and the green towel was draped over my head. "But cared for figured or not the choice of this color pink with your blue eyes was a bad decision."

"I agree I didn't like it either but she was so happy about it, I went with it." I shifted and sat on the chair stretching my right leg to work out my now stiff knee.

"So you're saying if I got something to strip the pink out back to your natural color you wouldn't mind?" She questioned as she busied herself with drying my hair.

"Not at all."

"Then I guess I have something to add to my shopping list tomorrow." I didn't reply as she dried my hair pulling the towel away I looked up from the tiled floor and seen her smiling at me, I looked at her oddly.

"It's just now that its clean the pink is even more obnoxious."

"Yeah, well it used to serve its purpose." She didn't say anything to that but went on.

"We should have it out before Wally comes over, seeing that he doesn't trust you as far as he can throw you. You can bet you'll be seeing a lot of him along with his glaring and remarks the last thing he needs is ammunition." She said with a sigh.

"That would be nice, if I have to listen to him I'd rather not hear about something we both agree on." Iris laughed at my remark.

"Well lets go get you something to change into so you can wash up and then we can have some of that pie before Barry gets home and eats the whole thing." I looked at her in disbelief. "Trust me he can do it, I've seen it firsthand him and Wally both." I thought it over and found it made sense from what I knew they had higher metabolic rates so it made sense they could consume more food to make up for it.

I just settled for a small 'huh' and grabbed my crutches and followed Iris as she walked down the hallway Stepping into her room I saw her digging around in a dresser she turned around shutting the drawer with her foot and walked to her closet and pulled out the yellow sundress. She walked past me and I followed again she paused by another door and flicked on a light stepping into the bathroom I saw the clothes set on the counter by the sink. A pair of black cotton shorts and a forest green tank top the sundress was laying next to them.

"Well here's a wash cloth and soap, I'll go put the dress in your room and plate up the pie and some ice cream while you clean up. You can put your dirty clothes in the hamper." She grabbed the dress and walked out shutting the door on her way.

I looked around the small bathroom it wasn't much just what came typically in a bathroom: shower bathtub combo, sink set in a gray counter top, toilet, mirrored medicine cabinet, towel rack and a small linen cupboard stocked with towels wash clothes and hair products. Looking in the mirror I saw some of my face paint still smudged across my left check bone and the right side of my jaw. My eyes still had a fair amount dark eyeliner coating them my dark lipstick was all but gone only a faint color remained. Most of it was likely rubbed off during the fire and smeared onto Flashes' suit and some might have been removed at the hospital but what was left wasn't flattering, I looked like crap.

Turning on the water I leaned the crutches against the counter and stood on my right foot grabbing the wash cloth and soap I scrubbed the remaining face paint and make up from my face. Closing the lid to the toilet I sat down and washed off my arms and legs tossing the cloth in the hamper I changed into the shorts and top. Balling my clothes up I hesitated before throwing them in the hamper as well, grabbing my crutches and leaving the bathroom. As I made it to the living room Iris looked from the T.V smiling as she stood up.

"I got the pie cut and had the ice cream siting out so it would be more manageable I hope you like vanilla?" She waited for my answer, I nodded. "Okay then go ahead and have a seat and put your foot on the coffee table on that pillow." With that she walked into the kitchen and I moved to the couch and all but dropped onto it. Shifting I got my left leg onto the table and my right leg tucked under me and fidgeted until it was comfortable. Iris came back a few minutes later carrying two plates and handed me one and sunk down on the other end of the couch tucking her legs up beside her.


"You're welcome, now lets see what's on." She flipped on the T.V.

The next three hours were filled with bad sitcoms, a drama and small talk I found out that her and Barry were indeed married and had been so for the past six years. That Wally was related to her by blood and that she had a sister I also found that they were good friends with the first Flash Jay and his wife Joan. I gave choice bits of my back story my brother was twelve years older than me, my middle name was Eve, I hated dogs, snakes, and mice. I thought bacon was the single most disgusting thing on the plant only second to beansprouts and I liked classical music.

After our small chat Iris made her way to bed saying she had to work and she would stop and get my clothes afterwards. I sat on the couch watching the news for another half hour before I made my way to the spare room I woke up in shutting the door. I sat on the bed thinking about whatever this game was the unspoken rules confused me, it was hard to tell if it was a game or if they actually cared. I snorted at the absurd thought, leaned the crutches against the bedside table and laid back on the pillows, thinking of a way to get back to what I needed to do. Get out and get my revenge on my dear sweet brother.

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