Smile for me

Chapter 5

I really hated yellow it was a horrid color too bright and flashy and drew too much attention, I think I just figured out why Kid Flashes costume were the colors it was. I snorted at the thought and looked at the yellow hem of the sundress that was less than an inch above my knees seeing that Iris was a good five inches taller than me the dress hung farther than it should have. I was woken up that morning when Iris knocked at my door and told me she and Barry would both be leaving for work and that she would be back around five. She asked for my undergarment sizes since she forgot to the night before once I muttered them to her, rubbing at my eyes with my good hand she sent me a smile telling me to help myself to anything in the kitchen before she shut my door.

I had sat up and looked at the dress hanging from the hook on the back of the door and glared at it, sleeveless with only thin straps and a squared neckline. Glancing down at the black shorts and green top I thought of just wearing them but didn't feel like wearing bed clothes all day. After a few minutes of glaring at the dress and talking myself into it I stood grabbed my crutches and hobbled over to the dress. A few minutes of precariously balancing on my right foot I had it on, balled the shorts and shirt up and threw them at the bed and made my way back and dropped onto it.

I spent the next two hours with my right leg tucked under me and my left stretched out in front of me meditating and practicing my psychokinesis. I had sloppily folded the shorts and the tank top with it, they had fallen to the bed a lot during the process and it took a good ten minutes but I did it. After that I rearranged the pictures on the walls and moved the dresser underneath the window and opened the curtains and managed to get the blinds up so I could see outside. I was met with a dark wooden privacy fence and the squirrel sitting on top of it and let out an annoyed huff with my idea of watching the outside world crushed I leaned back on my pillows. After a few minutes of staring at the ceiling my stomach growled I sat up, I was hungry and Iris did say to help myself to the kitchen. Hobbling to the kitchen I looked around at the cabinets I needed something quick and easy, not that I knew how to cook anything anyways if it wasn't microwaveable I couldn't cook it.

Spotting a loaf of bread on top of the refrigerator I grabbed it and tossed it to the counter and opened the fridge door. Pulling out a deli bag of turkey I threw that to the counter it was quickly followed by slice of cheese. I looked at the mayo siting in the door and contemplated tossing it to the counter also. It wasn't that far of a throw with a shrug I tossed the plastic jar, it hit with a clatter knocking into the ceramic cookie jar behind it. Shutting the fridge door I made it to the counter and pulled open a few drawers before finding a butter knife and made my sandwich. I pulled open the cabinet above me and found a small plate and put my sandwich on it then sat at the kitchen table. Leaning my crutches next to me I concentrated on the plate and moved it to me, smiling when it didn't clatter to the floor.

As I sat at the table slowly eating my sandwich I thought over my options for getting out of this house and getting back at Martin. I had of course briefly thought of just using my powers and knocking them out but I quickly put that out of my mind. With my leg the way it was I wouldn't get very far before I was caught and tossed into Belle Reve or god forbid Arkham, I didn't want that. Seeing as I had no one to help get me out I'd be trapped there far longer than I would want and there were a few people in there I didn't want to run across. Taking another bite out of my food I sadly resigned myself to the fact I would have to stay here until my leg was usable and my wrist was out of the cast.

I heard the faint sound of a key clicking in and the door open, glancing at the clock on the wall I saw it was only half after noon. Leaning back on the legs of my chair I could see into the living room and my brow drew down as I watched as the intruder stalked into the kitchen. Sitting the chair back down I took in the glaring red headed freckled boy he wore blue jeans a green tee shirt and had a black backpack slung over his right shoulder. He pulled out the kitchen chair across from me and dropped his back pack onto it then placed his hands on the table and leaned in.

"I don't know what you're planning but it won't work." He said.

That voice it wasn't the high annoying pitch it was last night with all of his screeching but it was the same.

"Huh, not what I expected." I muttered taking another bite of my sandwich.

"What do you mean not what you expected?" He questioned, I chewed slowly and finally answered him.

"I didn't figure you would look so dopey, is all." He made a strangled sound in the back of his throat as he stood straight looking affronted.

"I don't look dopey!" He started then his brow pulled down as he frowned. "And stop trying to change the subject, I don't trust you." His arm crossed over his chest.

"Oh no, how ever will I go on without your trust, my sweet dope." I quipped shoving the last bit of food in my mouth.

"I'm serious Barry and aunt Iris might trust you but I don't, you're dangerous." Looking over at him I raised a brow as I slid my chair back and pulled to my feet placing my good hand on the table top and leaned across it.

"You already said that and I don't care if you trust me or not." I don't know why I didn't stop myself and let my mouth think on its own but I went on. "But you're right I am dangerous, with a thought or a flick of my wrist I could cause a lot of grief and pain. It's what I'm best at and you'd do well to stay out of my way." His eyes narrowed as I went on. "But you see, I won't do anything to your Barry and Iris I need them at the moment seeing as I'm at a mobile disadvantage so as long as they don't cause me any stress or annoyance we'll all get along just fine."

I don't know what had me egging the teenage sidekick on maybe it was ingrained into my personality after years of working with the Clown gang to irritate and unnerve who I perceived as the enemy. Even if it was at a subconscious level, or maybe I was actually insane and I had yet to to catch on or even care about the idea but whatever it was I had little control over what spewed out of my mouth.

The other teens eyes narrowed to near slits and he leaned his weight onto his hands again as he glared at me his words soft and menacing as he spoke, ice in his tone. "If you hurt Aunt Iris you going to Arkham will be the last thing for you to worry about."

My lips curled into a smile. "Is that threat, Speedy?" I saw the small tick in his jaw.

"No, that's a promise." He growled.

"Ooo, feisty." I quipped snapping my teeth at him the smile still in place.

"You're insane." He stood to his full height which made him about an inch or so taller than myself.

"So I've been told, Waaalllly." The irritated look that crossed his face as I drew out his name in a sing-song fashion nearly had me laughing.

He opened his mouth to retort when the phone rang I glanced in the direction of the sound as it chimed then looked back at the glaring ginger.

"You gonna get that, Spanky?" His eye twitched.

"No, that's what voice-mail is for as I've said before I don't trust you." I rolled my eyes at the paranoid teen.

"Like I can do anything in the state I'm in now." I practically scoffed, as the voice-mail picked up the phone call after the generic monotone voice stated the whole leave your message sepal there was a high pitched beep then.

"Wallace West you pick up the phone this instant!" Iris' voice filled the silence and I snorted sinking back into the chair.

"Better do what Auntie says Wallace." I bit back the laugh that bubbled up when his eye twitched and he stalked past me never taking his eyes away as he went to get the phone, I tipped the chair back to watch him. He snatched the wireless phone up from the receiver.

"Yeah." He paused listening to his aunt. "About twenty minutes." Another pause. "No." Another pause and his face twisted into something akin to slight horror. "Of course not, that's... no way!" He looked my way as he listened. "In the kitchen, she made a mess." His eyes drifted up to the ceiling in a half hearted eye roll he walked towards me with a mumbled. "Okay."

The phone was thrust at me I lifted a brow at it then gave him the same look.

"Aunt Iris wants to talk to you." I took the phone and fumbled with it when he let go before I had a grip on it, I shot the boy a glare and he quickly returned it.


"Is Wally being nice to you Margo?" I thought about tossing fuel onto the fire but I fought the deep seated urge and instead said.

"He's being tolerable, better than the screeching harpie he was yesterday." I looked over to watch what reaction I would get from him, to my disappointment he had his head shoved in the refrigerator.

"Okay I was worried he would be mean to you."

"Naw, he's too busy raiding your refrigerator to care about me at the moment." She laughed.

"That doesn't really surprise me, the boy practically lives in kitchens." I let out a snort, Wally pulled his head out of the fridge and gave me a look before he grabbed a Tupperware bowl full of fruit and shut the door. "So have you ate?"

"Yeah, I'm working on cleaning up the sandwich stuff."

"Oh, just have Wally put it away for you tell him I said so." I smiled this would annoy him, Looking over at the ginger he raised a brow at my smile.

"Iris said for you to pick up my mess because I'm an invalid at the moment." He nearly choked on the grape he had tossed in his mouth.

"What! You got it out you can put it up." He snapped.

"Not my orders, Spanky." He jabbed the fork he held into a piece of fruit and stood from his chair with a muttered 'fine'.

"Now he's sad, Mrs. Iris."

"He'll be okay." I smirked at her words. "Well I'll be home in about three hours hopefully Wally can get along with you for that long." She said with a sigh. "You guys can watch T.V and there is a small bookshelf in my room if you would rather read."

"Okay, I think we'll be fine." I glanced at the ginger who was putting the bread back on the refrigerator. "I think we're making progress in the friendship thing." I smirked as he rolled his eyes and pulled open the fridge and took out a bottle of water.

"That would be nice, well I'll see you both when I get home, bye." I hummed and hung up after she did setting the phone on the table by my plate I stood and grabbed my crutches.

I figured a book would be a good way to pass the time and ignore Wally so I made my way to Iris and Barry's room and hoped the woman had good taste in literature. Seeing the short bookshelf I leaned the crutches against it and crouched down awkwardly on one foot and skimmed over the titles and stopped on a book full of Shakespeare's works. Pulling myself back to an upright I tucked the crutches under my arms and held the book with my cast covered hand then turned and nearly screamed the book hit the carpeted floor.

"What hell, why are you so close to me!" I barked at the boy standing no more than three feet from me.

"I wanted to know what you were doing." He defended.

"You could have just asked you creeper." I huffed and looked at the book and focused and lifted it back to my hand as Wally snapped at me saying he wasn't a creeper.

"Why are you in here?"

"Getting a book." I said in annoyance as I moved past him and to the hall he followed and dropped into a recliner I sunk onto the couch.

The next two hours were spent with me having my nose shoved in the book full of Shakespeare stories and trying to drown out the drone of the T.V. Having Wally shoot me looks and small glares when I would shift too much and he thought I was 'going to try something', paranoid weirdo. He trailed me when I went to get a new book and a bottle of water, it was irritating like he didn't trust me. Well I saw his point but what could I really do with a busted leg and arm not too much of anything, I mean it took me ages to walk down the hall.

My fear factor should have taken a nose dive seeing that the boy could most likely outrun me with out his power. So worrying about what I'm going to do in an empty house, was pretty pointless as far as I was concerned. With a sigh I closed the new book I was reading and tossed it to the coffee table and stood my head rolled to the side when Wally spoke.

"Now what are you doing?" His hands were on the arms on the chair ready to push himself up.

"I have to go to the bathroom." He dropped back onto the chair, my eyes lit up. "What you ain't going to follow me?"

"N-no!" He sputtered and I fought back the grin that threatened to spit my face.

"Are you sure I might maliciously rearrange your aunts hair products," I moved to the opening of the hallway. "You know switch the labels on the shampoo and conditioner bottles so everyone washes their hair backwards, because that's really evil."

"Haha, just go." He deadpanned leaning back into the chair his arms crossed.

When I got out of the bathroom I heard talking making my way to the living room I saw Iris was standing with the front door open and two shoe boxes tucked under her arm and five large bags in her hands. Kicking the door shut she dropped the bags on the floor by the coffee table and set the boxes on it then spoke to Wally.

"Where's Margo?" The ginger pointed over her shoulder at me looking over she sent me a sweet smile. "I got you clothes and a few other things." She waved at the bags and boxes.

I looked at all of it and gaped. "All of that?"

"Well yes." My lack of a reply let her go on. "I got you all kinds of things skirts, shorts, pants of all sorts, tee shirts, tank tops, halter tops, undergarments, a hair brush, toothbrush, and shoes."

I stood in shock taking in all the things she had bought for me and trying to find the hidden meaning behind it. She could have gotten a few things but it seemed she spent a small fortune on me with the amount of bags and I couldn't find it. This woman confused me she was hard to read, I didn't like it I was good at reading people and she was far from being readable. Like Barry he trusted I wouldn't hurt him of his wife but he figured I would try something to get away once I was able. His short glances and drawn together brow gave it away and it was painfully noticeable that Wally didn't trust me at all.

"Oh I also got something to strip the pink out of your hair and I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up a prescription for pain for your leg and wrist."

"Pain?" I held my arm up. "I feel fine."

"The syringe you were knocked out with was laced with a high dose of painkillers, I'm surprised you haven't started feeling the aches yet." Iris said as she scooped up the boxes and bags.

"Good pain tolerance." She didn't comment on what I said.

"Well lets go put this away and we can get to work on your hair and then I can make dinner, I was thinking beef stew, how does that sound?"

"Sounds good to me." Food was food I wasn't complaining especially if it wasn't from a microwave and tasted amazing.

I sat on my bed and pulled the tags and stickers from and then folded all the clothes from the bags while Iris put them away in the short dresser that I moved under the window. I put the hair bush and toothbrush on the bed side table and followed Iris back to the living room she stopped to grab a towel from the bathroom and the small pillow before going to the kitchen. She set everything up like the day before and I settled onto the chair and stuck my head in the sink the process was long and annoying. It took an hour to get the pink out, it took twenty minutes for the color stripper to work then the rest of the time was spent with a deep conditioner scrubbed into my hair and a shower cap over that. During that hour Iris started dinner and Barry came home and walked into the kitchen kissed Iris' cheek and looked at me oddly then left to go talk with Wally who didn't dare come in the kitchen. He was a smart boy after getting a knife thrown at him after laughing at the way I looked he decided staying out was a good idea. After Iris had everything in a pot she checked the clock and told me we could take the conditioner out, I was grateful. She was in the process of drying my hair when Barry walked back in talking.

"How goes the hair works?"

"It should be good after I get it dried." Iris answered scrubbing a little harder.

"So you picking another crazy color?"

"I didn't buy her one, besides I think it would be good for her hair to keep her natural color for a while all the chemicals are bad for it." She paused with her vigorous drying. "I think that should be good." And pulled the towel away.

"Huh white blond."

I looked over and saw it was Barry who spoke. "Yeah, and?"

He gave a small grin. "It's just a rare hair color I'm surprised you dye it, it's pretty." He elbowed Wally looking down at the boy he went on. "Ain't it?"

His green eyes shot up to his uncle then to me then back and he snorted crossing his arms. "It's just a hair color."

"But it makes her so much cuter, don't you think Iris?" I looked between them in confusion.

"I agree." She said setting the towel on the counter and going to the stove to stir dinner.

"What do you say Wally?"

The boy looked like a deer in headlights as he thought of a reply. "Whatever." He said lamely and shot a look at the clock. "I'm going home, mom said something about tacos." He walked out of the kitchen.

When the door clicked shut Barry burst into laughter and sat at the table, I looked at him in confusion as I slowly slid my chair to the table.

"You pick on him too much, Barry." Iris said from the stove.

"You helped."

"I did, didn't I?" She looked over smiling. "Dinner's done."

I didn't ask what was going on, I wasn't sure if I wanted to know I let them have there little inside joke even when they would glance at me and little smirks and grins would slip over their lips.

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