Love and Lakes

Festivity & Forget

Merlin finished the spell, the magic still roaring in his ears. The crowd had all been given a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why the King and Queen were no longer present, and why Merlin was standing up there instead. Everyone seemed to have a sort of glazed look about them.

Merlin walked off the balcony, a little wobbly, and asked one of the dazed looking guards which direction the King and Queen went in. He pointed down the corridor, in a direction Merlin knew would lead to Arthur’s chambers. He took off, running frantically.

He burst into the chambers to see Guinevere looking shocked and Arthur angry. Seeing Merlin, Gwen started to tremble, but she didn’t back away. Merlin was shaking harder than her, though. Shaking with fear that maybe his friends, who maybe knew his secret, we still scared of him.

He approached them carefully. “Look,” he murmured, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just trying to he-” but Arthur cut him off with a glower.

“Merlin, what. Were. You. Thinking?! The entire kingdom knows you have magic, and they are terrified! What you did was a good thing, but it looked horrible to the people! They’re all going to expect me to execute you, and if I don’t they will be mad and concerned greatly for their own safety. You realize that the ban has not and cannot be lifted, right?!”

Merlin took a deep breath. “Y-yes, Arthur, I understand that, but... er... how do I put this..” he scratched his head. “They don’t know that I have magic.” He finally stated.

Arthur was infuriated. “Yes, of course they do! They saw you perform magic, and it most definitely did not go unnoticed!” He raked a hand through his hair.

Merlin started over again. “Let me rephrase that: They don’t remember that I have magic.” He took a deep breath and gave a sheepish smile.

Arthur was completely shocked. “You-you made them forget you had magic? They entire city of Camelot just had their memories wiped?” Both Arthur and Merlin had nothing to say to that.

Guinevere spoke up. “Then why do we remember? And how on earth is it possible for you to do that? I mean, you must be powerful, but that is a lot of magic.”

Merlin said quietly: “I - I made sure that you two remembered. And, er, I am, uh, very powerful.”

Gwen furrowed her brow. “What do you mean, powerful?”

Merlin looked sheepish again, and struggled with himself for a moment before starting to speak. “I am, uh, Emrys. The most powerful warlock to ever walk the earth. I am also the last Dragonlord, and have power over life and death and the elements.” He hesitated as both Gwen and Arthur were taken aback: perhaps he hadn’t covered the whole thing when he first explained to Arthur. “I- I know it’s a lot to take in, but that’s the way I am. Magic is a part of me: I was born with it, and nothing can take that away from me.”

Gwen looked hesitant for a moment before realizing that it was Merlin who was speaking with her. “Can - can you show us?” She whispered. “Can you show us your magic?”

Merlin seemed uncomfortable, at the very least, but he nodded. “Of course.”

He rubbed his hands together, coming up with something to do. Soon enough, he decided on what he deemed as acceptable. He started out with a hissing stream of words, which soon elevated in volume for a little while until he was done.

The dragon on the back of Arthur’s cape leapt off of the fabric, and it’s features became more defined. It started to fly around the room, leaving a trail of golden dust in its path, and did a few flips. It soon landed on Merlin’s shoulder, who walked over to Arthur, scooped the little dragon up, and dropped him into Arthur’s arms. He looked a little scared and shocked for a second, before the dragon started to fly around his head making little noises. Arthur smiled and started to laugh before the dragon leapt back into his cape.

Arthur looked up at Merlin, amazed. This had gone against everything he’d grown up to believe. He had known that magic was evil, created to destroy and hurt only, but maybe this wasn’t so true. He had just seen magic used to create happiness and joy, purely for fun, for the first time in his life. It was nice to know that perhaps something wasn’t as bad as you thought.

Merlin stood with a smile on his face, looking hopeful. Arthur decided that maybe now was a good time to be nice to Merlin.

“Wow,” he breathed. “That was beautiful. I never knew magic could be used like that.”

Gwen hadn’t known either. She was breathtaken, and very pleasantly surprised. It was a nice feeling. However, Merlin wanted to get right down to it.

“I have a few stories to tell you,” he said. “So you might want to sit down.”

They all took their place at Arthur’s table and sat as Merlin’s tale was retold: every detail except for the parts that maybe they weren’t ready to hear yet.

Arthur and Gwen were amazed at Merlin’s bravery, selflessness, and caring. They hadn’t known how many times he had been hurt, or sacrificed himself, or beat entire armies and kings and foes and they hadn’t even noticed. The things he had lost, the things he had won, the things he cared about, the things he had even killed were included. In the end, they concluded that it was very lucky that Merlin had stayed hidden as a sorcerer for so long.

It was very late at night by the time he was finished, and all three were exhausted, but felt better about everything that happened. It was as if they fully trusted each other, and it was a great feeling. Merlin had been keeping this secret for seven years. To have the weight lifted off of his chest to share with his closest friends who definitely did not hate him was a blessing.

Merlin headed back up to his chambers where Gaius was ready to greet him.

“What happened, boy?! The entire kingdom knows you’re a - why are you smiling? Do you truly have a mental affliction?!” Merlin kept smiling, and explained.

“Nobody remembers, Gaius. I made them forget. Everyone except for you, Arthur, and Gwen. And they understand! They understand and they don’t hate me! They accept my magic!”

Gaius wanted to reprimand him, but seeing the glee on Merlin’s face and the immense relief was too good to ruin. Instead he hugged Merlin, and let the boy go right to sleep. He decided that maybe the boy deserved to be happy, and that if his friends truly did understand, that he was in no place to destroy that feeling of ecstasy.

In his sleep, Merlin dreamt of using magic freely in Camelot. He dreamt of Arthur and Gwen being the just rulers he knew they were, and lifting the ban. He dreamt of the many grateful sorcerers who had been hunted most of their lives be accepted into Camelot with open arms. He dreamt of the many happy people who were saved by magic, and the innocents to be saved, and the things to learn.

It was the best dream that Merlin could have dreamt.

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