The Forgotten Son


AN: All the usual disclaimers like that this is a fan fiction, this is not owned by me, blah, blah, blah. Well, lets get the chapter going shall we.


The Potters were the usual light family. Loving the light in all ways and despising the dark arts. Not many were there when the Potters gave birth, but there were many who knew about the birth. The birth of twins in this world were uncommon, but it still happens.

While Lily was giving birth, James was outside pacing the hallway like he was deliberately trying to wear holes on the smooth, marble surface of the floor. He wasn’t very happy that he was stuck outside waiting for the doctors to tell him the news.

“Woh. Calm down there James, it’s gonna be alright,” said Sirius. “We’re here for you,” said Remus. “But this is so nerve racking! I can’t stay here and just wait for them to call me in. I’m going inside!” said James walking towards the door. “Oh no way in hell am I going to let you in and disturb them!” said Remus dragging James back to his seat.

“James Potter?” said a doctor. “Yes?” said James. “What is it?” “Your wife is waiting for you.” replied the doctor. James jumped up from his chair and started to follow the doctor to the room. He opened the door and saw his wife holding their two sons. “Say hello to your sons, Arcus and Harry.” said Lily.

And there you have it, the birth of Harry and his brother Arcus. I hope you enjoyed this little prelude of what happened. And as always, see you in the next chapter.
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