Twenty Questions



(Back in Parapejl)

"Sooner or later, we have to go back to the real world," she whispered softly as she snaked a line of kisses up his chest. "Well, a real world, anyway."
"Does it matter which one?" he asked, panting as she circled his nipples with her tongue before biting down just a little, pulling a gasp from him.

"Ummmm, yes and no. I mean people are still trying to kill us in the one we call home," she said, as she kissed her way up his neck, looking for that one spot that made him shiver. "We probably should deal with that at some point." There, she found it, he groaned beneath her, pulling her closer to him as he started to search for the same spot on her neck.

"But, we could go to others?" he asked between kisses. See…(kiss)…other…(kiss)…Sookie's…(kiss)…other….Eric's?"

"Ummm" she groaned when he found her spot, grinding down on hardness resting between her thighs. She reached down and guided him inside her, moving slowly enjoying the feel of him. "You sure that's a good idea? I mean you can barely keep up with one of me." She stopped moving, seeming to reconsider, "Then again, two Eric's now that has promise!" He growled, thrusting up deeply into her.

"Mine!" he said, indicating he was not interesting in sharing her with other ‘Pretty Eric's’. She tightened down on him with her internal muscles, echoing his claiming.

"And you are mine! The rest of them can figure out how to make it work with their Eric's on their own!" She growled as she rode him, moving faster, reassuring him with her possessiveness through the Bond. He grabbed her hips pulling her down harder, going deeper, and he felt her pleasure at this touch inside and out. "Wh- what about Pam?" she gasped out between thrusts.

"Still not sharing," he growled back as he picked up the pace, needing to fuck all capability of thought from her head. He wanted all of her attention on him.

"Oooh," she gasped and started slamming down to meet him. She let herself go, and decided that whatever needed to be decided could be decided later.

Things that happened later….

Sookie returned to The Library and searched until she found the right book. Taking out a pen, she wrote for a long while, and then returned to Eric in Parapejl. The next morning, on Persona Non Grata, David awoke in his hammock to see Jo Anne standing on the beach, the tide washing over her feet as it came in. He got up and walked toward her, hope blooming in his heart again.

Sookie and Eric, after many adventures settled in their home on Parapejl, where Pam visited often, and sometimes they visited her as well. But the best thing, the thing that neither of them expected was their daughter. They named her Faith.

And so, in the world between worlds, lives Hope, Love and Faith.
That is a tale in itself...

The End.

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