Making Our Own Destiny


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We make our own destiny

I obviously do not own none of these amazing characters...

"Don't use the Dagger! It will unleash-!"

"Unleash what, Dastan? Gods' wrath? Hell itself?" Tamina watched in horror and anger as the Prince's once beloved uncle, Nizam, kicked him hard on the head while the young man was hanging on the crumbling rocks for dear life. How could that Persian be so heartless? How could he treat like that the man whom had shown him the greatest of respect and love as he grew up? She shook her head in denial as she remembered that he had even killed his own brother, King Sharaman, and left his blood in Dastan's hands, leaving him be chased by his brothers across the whole Empire. How could such a man, filled with hatred and love for nothing but power, even exist? Because, at the end of the day, that's the real reason all these were happening for; love for power, the jealousy of one man over his brother the King, the need to destroy his family, to shed the blood of people who loved him just to have the throne.
"Tamina!" the Prince, whom she had come to have feelings for, cried for her to help him. With a small cry escaping her lips, she stood up and ran towards Dastan, praying to the gods to help save him, to stop Nizam and destroy him. She couldn't just stand and watch horrified as one single man destroyed everything she had lived all those years for, everything she had tried so hard to protect, everything she would give her life for just to keep it safe. That's the very reason, before she ran by Dastan's side to grab his hand and pull him up, she jumped right before the hideous man and stood between him and the Sand Glass. After all, her sacred mission in life was to protect the Dagger above all else and no matter what her feelings were and how strong they might have been, the Dagger had priority, not the Persian Prince."Don't do this!" was the only thing her lips could say and she knew it was all in vain. It was very hard for a man to change his mind in such a short time on such an important matter. And to tell the truth, her argument was neither persuasive nor thought-provoking.
She saw him smiling softly, but viciously at her as he placed his palms around her delicate face. Desperation and agony filled her cry as he pushed her over the cliff, into the darkness. She heard Dastan calling out her name and she felt his strong grip around her slender wrist before she had even the chance to think that she was about to die."I'm not going to let you go. Just hold onto my hand."

She opened her eyes that she had not realised she had shut and looked up at Dastan's pained face. She could make out the treks of the tears that had made their path down his cheeks because of the pain his wound caused him of trying so hard to hold himself onto the rock and not to let Tamina's hand slip right through his fingers. Glancing at his injured shoulder, she knew he couldn't last for very long. She had to let him go. But she also had to save the Dagger. She lowered her head and examined the surroundings beneath her. Darkness, empty space and black smoke.

There must be another way... she thought urgently as she scanned her brain for ideas. She could just fulfill the original promise and let herself fall with the hope that Dastan would be able to climb up the rocks and stop Nizam. But she could also…

"Dastan, let go of my hand. I can climb up those rocks." She screamed at him, pointing at the rocks just inches next to her.
The path was easier to climb and she had the chance of getting Nizam before he had the time to pierce the Sand Glass. Dastan looked at her uncertainly. He had known her by now and he had known her wish to sacrifice herself if necessary. "Trust me."
"Please, don't do anything stupid."he begged and this time she only nodded, giving him a faint smile. With one last reluctant glance, he helped her hold onto the rocks. With difficulty, she pushed herself up, the need to protect the holy item giving her power and will to continue. She had already been through so many adventures the last three weeks just to keep it safe and she wouldn't back down at such a crucial moment. No, nothing and no one would stop her. Not even gods' wrath. Not even hell itself. "Nizam, stop! You don't understand what you're about to do!" she screamed as she was making her way to the edge of the cliff. She hoped to buy her some time. Even the briefest of seconds were precious at that moment; she needed all the time she could get.

"I understand perfectly what I'm about to do!" he said fervently and Tamina allowed herself to smile in relief for her plan had worked. "I'm about to get my life back, to take what I deserve, what it's rightfully mine!"

"You deserve nothing but pity, Nizam. You are pathetic! You've lived all those years under the shadow of a great man and even if you reverse time and delete him from people's minds, he will always exist in your mind! The love his people showed him, the love you'll never get, will always haunt you!"

Dastan had now managed to climb a little up the cliff and was supporting himself on the edge of the cliff. His blue eyes gazed at Nizam with fiery and pure hatred; Tamina had never seen such a look on his face, he looked almost cruel, merciless. But she guessed the man receiving that hatred couldn't have deserved it more. "I'm sorry for this, Dastan, I really am. But you and your friend are leaving me no choice." Nizam said as he stepped on the edge of the cliff, looking down at him, not aware of the fact that Tamina was successfully almost on the cliff.

Dastan saw her and knew exactly what he had to do."No, I am sorry. Sorry that I let myself love you like a second father, sorry that I showed you trust and respect when you don't even deserve my spit!"

"And I am sorry that I am not sorry for killing you, my dearest nephew!" the man smiled with pure wickedness as he lifted his foot and stepped with all his might on the Prince's injured shoulder.

Tamina had not been aware of the situation, thinking that Dastan was keeping his uncle successfully distracted. Only when he heard the pained, agonised voice of the young man did she turn her head to his direction and saw Nizam stepping on his wound. She cried out his name mortified, knowing that Dastan was already too weak to hold onto the cliff and it was indeed a miracle he had not fallen down yet. He was truly strong and determined, as he had already proven to her so many times.

She saw his left arm, the injured one, giving in pain and finally letting go of his strong grip on the hard rock. Another cry escaped her lips as she tried desperately to reach the edge and ran to Dastan. She couldn't just let him die. He was one of the few people she had known that did not deserve such an unjust and cruel fate.

"Tamina, I'm sorry! Protect the Dagger!" his last words before Nizam kicked him once again and with one swift move, he unlocked the Prince's grip on the rock, letting him fall into the abyss. The moment that happened, Tamina had already reached the top and was sitting up watching terrified her Prince getting lost in the dark mist beneath them. Tears and sobs threatened to escape her eyes and lips as she realised that she could have either been in his place or she could have saved him. She couldn't believe that Dastan, the man who never gave up, the man who always stood up for what he thought was right, the man who had so zealously protected the Dagger and herself just surrendered himself to death.
But your death will not be in vain! You have my word, Dastan!
Her thoughts were loud and clear in her head.

She looked up at Nizam with watered eyes. He had already noticed her but paid little attention to her. Of course, he did, she was merely a woman, how could a woman prevent him from getting what he wanted? Well, he was mistaken if he thought she would just stand there and observe motionless as he got what he wanted. He didn't deserve to have his wishes granted, he didn't even deserve to live. And she would certainly take care of that. She determinately stood up and rushed towards him. She jumped and tried to grip his wrist as he was about to pierce the Sand Glass but wasn't fast enough. She heard the Sand Glass crack and shatter as he dug the Dagger further into it. It was the most terrifying and chilly sound her ears had ever heard. It was the sound she had fought so hard not to ever hear. But she had and there was no turning back. And she was actually glad he had done it because she wasn't sure if her principals and loyalty to her laws would have allowed her to use the Sand Glass herself.

With all her might, she punched his sides and him being unprepared, he instinctively drove his hands on the spot that was in pain. As he unconsciously let go of the Dagger's hilt, she took the opportunity to press the jewel button. Well, she may have not prevented him from piercing the Sand Glass, but she had fortunately not allowed him to be the one who pressed the button. She was now master of her life and his as well, she would go back in time and set things right. And everything would have never happened. They would only be a bittersweet memory of hers and nothing more.

Prince Dastan was right after all.

We make our own destiny, Princess.

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