Star Trek 2009: Infected


Nero quickly stepped into the cell room and slammed his hand hard against the door, startling Bones. "What seems to be the problem...Doctor?"

Bones jerked his thumb towards the back of the cell, eyeing Nero. "My friend...he's unconscious and I have nothing to fix him with. I know it's stupid of me to ask, but damn it, can you at least give me a little help!?"

Nero laughed softly shaking his head in disbelief. "You do realize who you are talking to..."

"Jim won't agree to anything if his friends end up dead...what if it's a spreading disease? I could be next and then Jim will be nothing to you!"

Nero quickly shook his head stepping up to the door. "I'd rather see him suffer a million times before I do anything to help him! It won't matter what it is that kills him though...your beloved Captain will soon be following!" Bones tensed as Nero reached into his pocket, he then gulped as a phaser was brought out. No shots had been heard but he was beginning to wonder what exactly had happened to Kirk. "I have nothing against you. Ask nicely and your death will be painless."

Bones eyed the phaser quietly. Set to kill, one shot and he'd be out for good. If only his life had turned out different then just maybe... He quickly shook his head. He stood tall crossing his arms. "Either you give me the help I need or you deal with a man who can go from twenty nine to two in less then a minute!" His only reply was a growl and a move that may have killed him...if it wasn't for the scream behind Nero that pulled both their attention away.

Nero glared death when he turned.

Standing over an unconscious guard and holding another at phaser point, there stood Kirk. Blood soaked and shaking from strength loss. His body said weak but his eyes said ready for battle.

"I give you props, never fail to amuse me. From what I've read you've always been a cocky man, facing death every day. I always dreamt of being the one to bring you down!"

"Change of plans, Nero..." He motioned the gun towards the cell, then quickly back to the guard. "Let them go and I'm all yours. That's a promise!"


The rest of Bones words were drowned out as Nero let out a hardy laugh. It brought chills to Kirk's spine, but he ignored it eyeing the man carefully. One wrong move and Bones would be the one going down. He tightened his grip on the phaser keeping it on his hostage. "I know you would never believe a man of the Federation, but trust me. You've got my ship held hostage...if there is a plan, it would never get past you."

Nero shook his head, smirking softly. "Leverage Captain. That is what those hostages are for...and as you clearly remember, Spock is still an enemy to me. Right now he's suffering." Kirk's grip tightened. "That is only the beginning...for him and you both."

Kirk turned his aim and fired. Nero quickly dodged and the laser hit the knob of the cell, melting it.With that distraction Kirk shoved the guard aside and with a scream he ran forward and swung his fist hard at Nero. His attempt was futile though...for as quickly as Nero moved, he raised his hand and caught a hold of Kirk's. Gripping tightly, he brought the man down to his knees, glaring into his eyes, smirking as he did.

Looking back into his eyes, Kirk jumped as everything around him changed. It wasn't Nero who stood before him, but a completely different man, but with the same intent to kill. His smirk showed nasty forgotten teeth and his clothes were worse for wear, covered from head to toe in blood. New and dried, Kirk shivered trying to pull away...he winced, the grip not loosening. He could feel the circulation being lost in his hand as he struggled, his fighting did nothing though. With a last final effort, Kirk glared hard and kicked forward. His foot connected with a knee and although weak, it brought out a scream and he blinked as Nero fell before him, stumbling.

He quickly examined the room around him, then stood aiming his phaser. "Where the hell is the bridge!?" Nero responded with a chuckle as Bones stepped out behind him. Kirk stayed before him, ready to pull the trigger at any given moment. He was tempted but killing the guy now wouldn't help much. If he couldn't contact the crew, how would they know they were out of harms way? "Tell me, damn it!"

"Why do you think you can win, Kirk? I saw that look in your've got no chance."

"The hell I just tell me!"


"Captain, you're wasting valuable time.." Kirk quickly looked up hearing the voice and he sighed in relief seeing Spock standing at Bones' side, completely unharmed. He couldn't help but smile. "...Spock."

"Shoot the man, Jim!"

Kirk looked back to Nero who hadn't moved. This worried him...along with other things. Only two guards had been around and after knocking them out he had assumed more would come fast. No alarm was ringing though. Nothing changed. He loosened his grip stepping back some, Nero was smirking. "What is the condition of my crew?..."

"Heh, funny you'd ask that now." Nero gave Kirk a look then he nod behind him. As Kirk turned to look, along with Spock and Bones, he blinked as a figure began to appear before them. After a flash of light a motionless body dropped and he jumped seeing it was one of his own Ensigns. It was illusion this time. Kirk shook, then quickly turned away. "Plenty more where that came from, Captain...that's a warning. Every wrong move will bring more and more. By the looks of you, this isn't what you want." Nero turned to Spock and Bones. "You can return to your cell or join audience is in order. I'll let you decide." With that he walked off, patting Kirk on the shoulder as he went.

Bones quickly ran to the Ensign and dropped at his side to check his vitals. Spock watched quietly as Kirk stood in silence, motionless. He listened as Bones moved around...He shook his head, eyes closed to fight off tears. He didn't have to turn to know what the result was.

The man was dead...and Kirk didn't nor couldn't do a thing. It made him sick. Then he dropped to the ground, unconscious.



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