Star Trek 2009: Infected


"That won't bring back the dead, Jim."


"Even in this corner of the galaxy, Captain, two plus two equals four. Almost certainly, an attempt will be made to kill you."


"Captain...Captain, can you hear me!?" Kirk stirred feeling hands on his shoulders. Voices surrounded him but he had no effort to open his eyes to see who it was...he felt half asleep and ready to fall deeper.

A scream broke out, sending chills down his spine.

"Jim, wake up!" At the sudden shake of his body, Kirk gasped quickly jumping up. He glanced around the room blinking, seeing the three of them locked in a cell. He quietly turned is gaze towards the two.

"...What happened?"

He watched as Spock looked away and Bones chuckled softly looking over him carefully. "Believe it or not that tattooed bastard is giving us a break.." He sighed as Kirk smacked his hand away wincing as his temple was pressed against. "Definitely something shattered there." "He figured torturing you unconscious was pointless." He placed his finger against his temple again ignoring Kirk's protest. To anyones eyes, they would have known how bad Kirk's condition was but being up close and feeling around it was much worse, he was surprised Kirk was still recognizable and not groaning in pain. "Not that I'm complaining..." He put his other hand on the other side of Kirk's head and he looked over him carefully. "...I'm more worried about getting out of here, before another..."


Both Kirk and Bones looked to Spock who was standing near the corner, his back slightly turned to them, hands gripped tight. He was giving Bones a look. "Say anything else and it'll be the last thing you do." Bones sighed and returned his attention back to Kirk. "What's the star date, Jim?"

"How the hell should I know?..." He hated being looked over like this, he didn't want more worry.

Bones sighed shaking his head, he eyed the different bruises forming. "What's our mission?"

"To explore space!" Kirk quickly stood smacking his hand away and went to the door and he began pulling on it, fighting to get free. "First things first though...this bastard is going down!" With that, he pulled harder as he continued struggling, pounding and kicking the door as he did. Bones sighed looking to Spock with a "what now" look.

Spock stepped up and grabbed Kirk's shoulder softly pulling him away. "Captain, we need to come up with a better plan other then rushing. The Doctor's didn't exactly go as well as we had hoped..." Neither had to look to see the annoyed look on Bones face. Kirk sighed looking out the door, loosening his grip.

"What do you suppose we do, Mr. Spock?"

"Perhaps negotiate. We need to take this logically.."

Kirk turned and rest back against the door with a sigh, he glanced to Bones who quickly stepped up laughing. He was starting to think he was going crazy...he didn't exactly blame him though.

Bones raised his hands towards Kirk as if showing him off to the world. "Exhibit A! ...Mr. Spock!" Kirk rolled his eyes looking away. "Last time we tried that, Jim got a fist to the face over and over again...and I don't need a tricorder to tell me the man has a concussion! Now, unless you want this to happen again we can't just sit around and be "logical" with this asshole. We need to catch him by surprise! Attack from behind!"

Spock only gave a quick glance to Kirk returning his gaze fast back to Bones. "How do you purpose we do that, Doctor? Your first plan only got the Captain in worse condition. I'd rather that not happen again."

"He wants me dead...and if it's not my cold dead body he'll just kill another Ensign..." Both Spock and Bones fell deathly silent giving each other a look. Both were hoping when he had passed out that that would be forgotten, of course they were hoping for a lot of things today. "If we leave, he'll just kill another...maybe even destroy the whole ship..."

Bones quickly shook his head. "If we stay, he'll turn you into his punching bag again! So either way you're losing this battle, Jim." Bones sighed eying Kirk quietly. He really hated fighting Kirk but it was all the man knew how to do during a conversation. "...I know what you're thinking, but that won't bring back the dead, Jim." Kirk jumped quickly looking over.

"What did you just say!?..."

Spock raised a brow looking to Bones then he looked to Kirk and watched him quietly. He was still worrying about his condition, but he didn't want to push him even more, it only made things worse. So he observed...

Bones stepped closer, raising his voice, slightly irritated. "I said...I know what you're thinking, but if you leave yourself on this ship you'll only die and the rest of the crew will soon follow!"

Kirk softly shook his head. "...No, you said something else.." He pushed himself from the door closing the distance between the two. Spock watched closely but not moving. "You said it while trying to wake me too...I heard you..." He looked to Spock nodding as he pointed. "You as well..."


"Jim, what on earth are you talking about?"

Kirk growled running his hand through his hair. Enough games were played and all he wanted was an answered question! "You both said something to me while I was out...I heard it! Damn it, Bones you said it just now...what was it?!"

Bones opened his mouth to speak but he was pushed back as Spock stepped forward and grabbed Kirk tight by the arms. "Captain!" Kirk looked over him in silence, shocked by the sudden outburst. He knew for sure his arms would be bruised by the end of the night. Spock looked over him then quickly loosened his grip. "...I'm sorry, but...please, calm down and lets speak calmly..."

Bones watched quietly, then he grabbed Spock and jerked him away. "Take a seat, Jim..."

Kirk glared. "Not until you answer my question!"


"That's an order!"

Bones quickly stepped between the two feeling Spock was going to do something he'd regret. It scared him that he got out of line like that just now, he wouldn't let it happen again. It's bad enough Kirk is off his rocker, Spock doesn't need to be another reason to keep him off. "Jim, you're not in your right mind. Please just sit down and relax a little..."

Kirk glared then quickly looked to Spock standing tall. "Mr. Spock, tell me what he said, and that's an order!" Bones rolled his eyes then looked back to Spock. He'd never refuse an order...first officer or not, he cared too much to leave Kirk hanging.

"As he had said before Captain, "I know what you're thinking, but if you leave yourself on this ship you'll only die and the rest of the crew will soon follow."

Kirk shook his head. Unbelievable."That is a lie, I heard it with my own two ears. I heard both of you..." Kirk growled turning away as he gripped his head tightly. His mind was racing again and it was driving him mad. "...Damn it, I gave you an order now follow it and tell me!"

Spock returned his hands behind his back standing tall again. "If you heard it then pleas,e enlighten us on what you heard exactly..."

Kirk let his hands drop, sighing. "He must think I'm crazy...they both do..." He formed his hands into fists then he slowly turned to face the two. Both were staring him down and it was beginning to piss him off. "You have no right to order me, just answer the question Mr. Spock!"

Bones and Spock shared a worried look. Things had just gotten a WHOLE lot worse...

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