Star Trek 2009: Infected

The Past Is Present

Spock said nothing standing in silence. He gripped his wrists tightly wanting to reply but not wanting to provoke the Captain even more, he only looked away.

Enough was enough, Kirk wanted answers and he wanted them now! He glared at Bones tightening his hands into fist. "Start!"

"Jim, you're not in your right mind..."

"Don't talk down to me, answer me damn it!"

"Jim you're losing it, just stop and think for a minute!" Kirk quickly shook his head backing up as Bones started towards him. "You're being a child!"

Kirk quickly grabbed Bones arm as he reached out for him, he then took another step back. "No, YOU'RE being a child, you both are!" He quickly glanced back and fourth between the two, Spock still saying nothing. He let his face show worry though. "...All I want is a simple answer and your both avoiding it like a damned plague!" He looked to Bones loosening his grip as he started to shake. Bones watched him worriedly, he was working himself up and if he continued to do so he'd pass out again. "What are you hiding from me?...What can't you tell me?..."

"Jim...there is something wrong with you...I know you'll deny it, but please..just imagine your alone. Let whatever is wrong, out." Kirk said nothing watching him quietly, he then jerked away and backed into the wall shaking his head. He didn't want this, none of it at all but it just wouldn't go away. As he gripped his head the Ensign's body began flashing through his mind fast. For all he knew there were more of them back on his ship...suffering, dying. Sulu, Chekov, Uhura and made him sick and weak.

His footing suddenly gave out and he dropped to the ground gripping his head tightly. "I...I don't be alone..." He softly shook his head as everything around him began to get covered in blood. He shook as his breath started to shorten. More blood covered the room. Watching it, he quickly pulled his knees to his chest not wanting it to touch him.

"...I'll only...""That won't bring back the dead, Jim." "It won't help..."

Bones stepped forward but stopped as Spock grabbed him by the shoulder, he then slowly kneeled down in front of Kirk. Kirk slowly looked up and gasped seeing him covered in blood. He gulped and slowly reached his hand out to him, shaking. "..Spock?..Are you..."

Spock grabbed him softly by the wrist, eyeing him carefully. Kirk had the same look in his eyes as he did when he was pinned down on the bridge. Fear of dying but nothing to do about it. This worried Spock...he never wanted to see this look ever again. He loosened his grip shivering some, fear coursed from the Captain into him. He wanted to get rid of it and never see or feel it again. "...If you will, let me help you..." Kirk opened his mouth to speak, pulling his hand back as he did. Spock tightened his grip glancing at him. "Jim please!..."

Hearing his name come from the Vulcan's mouth shocked him, he glanced to Bones who had the same shocked look. After the fight on the Bridge, he never thought he'd be called anything else but made him sad to know that the other Spock might have been wrong about what the future was to hold for the two. He looked back to Spock and nodded softly. "...Alright..." Both Spock and Bones gave a sigh of relief.

Spock slowly lowered Kirk's hand as he brought his other one up to his face. Behind the blood, Kirk blinked seeing a flash of the older Spock.

...Mind meld...

He took a breath preparing for the invasive feelings he'd get as the two minds would collide together. He shivered closing his eyes and listened as Bones stepped forward out of instinct.

He heard nothing else as Spock's fingers touched and both men jerked, minds becoming one and together.

Bones looked over the two quickly with a raised brow. He'd done as much research as possible on the Vulcans but he never read anything about this...then again he could have but probably drank it away like a few other forgotten things. As he watched, he examined the two closely, Kirk was the calmest he's ever seen him. His eyes were distant and his breath calm as if sleeping. The shakes had gone and it was as if he was lost in his own world, daydreaming of something better. It made Bones happy to know he was going to be least he hoped.

He looked over to Spock as he kneeled down at his side.

Spock's eyes were closed, concentrating hard.


Cries and screams filled the air. Bodies dropped all around, scattered and forming puddles of blood. The gruesome scene was made worse by the rain clouds over head, darkening the atmosphere. Lightening flashed showing the mutilated remains. It sent chills through out Kirk's body as he stood in silence, shaking. He wanted to help, but no matter how many steps he took he couldn't seem to get any closer.

Every flash of lightening brought on more screams and endless cycle.

"What if you decide he is Kodos? What then? Do you play God, carry his head through the corridors in triumph? That won't bring back the dead, Jim!"

"...Bones...?" Hearing his name, Bones leaned towards Kirk but before he could say anything, a loud bang broke them all out of concentration. Spock quickly jerked back gasping as Kirk fell back as though weakened. He was panting as Bones glared over to Nero, who was standing at the door with a smirk on his face.

"Captain...Nice of you to join us once again. Enjoy your nap?"

Shaking his head and ridding the way he was feeling, Kirk slowly stood and faced Nero. Bones and Spock both watched then blinked as a smirk came to his face. "Was a lot better then sitting in this hell hole listening to you blab on and on about God knows what!"

Nero raised a brow then laughed softly. "I like your change in attitude, Kirk..." He nod behind him and soon the doors were opened and two guards stepped in. "Come with me, I'd like a word." Quickly Spock and Bones stepped in Kirk's way glaring at both the guards.

"If by word you mean fist to the face..." Bones nearly snarled at the aliens.

"Stand down you two!" Spock and Bones looked as Kirk shoved through them, stepping forward. Kirk gave the guards a look then it turned stern as he stopped on Nero. "I want to talk about the safety of my crew..." Nero eyed him then he nodded softly.

"As you wish..." With that, the two guards grabbed Kirk and dragged him out. All Bones and Spock could do was watch in worry as there Captain was taken once again.

Bones listened as the door closed then looked to Spock. "What the hell did you do!?" Spock said nothing as he stood in silence trying to figure out what it was he had seen...and why? "...Earth to Spock.. Hey!"

Spock shook his head softly. He straightened, regaining himself. "A mind meld. To put it simple, I was looking into the Captain's mind...learning and seeing what he could not tell."

Bones blinked then shrugged. "Well.. what did you see? I'm a Doctor, not a mind reader!"

Spock smirked slightly looking over. "Clever joke, Doctor..." He looked away sighing. "I'm not exactly sure what I saw. It wasn't pleasant though...which explains the Captain's emotional change."

"Don't leave me in the dark, damn it! What was it?"

"Slaughter...strangely, it gave me a worse feeling then..." Bones watched him as he fell quiet, his eyes gave sorrow.

Bones quickly cleared his throat and stood tall looking off to the side, his hands behind his back mirroring the Vulcan. "Jim.. hasn't been much of a least not of his past or anything. Perhaps it is that? Hell, you should know you were practically inside of him!"

"That was all I saw, Doctor. Slaughter and dark skies. I saw the Captain but before I could get further that was when Nero interrupted."

Bones crossed his arms shaking his head. "No wonder Jim was cocky when he saw him...believe it or not he'd rather be beaten then tell us anything..." Spock shook his head softly as he let Kirk's thoughts run through his mind.
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