Star Trek 2009: Infected


The footsteps were heavy as Romulan guards walked through the Enterprise. Things were scattered and ripped to shreds, some bodies lay unconscious and broken through out the ship. Locked away in the prison of the ship was the crew, some bruised and beaten from fighting back.

Scotty quickly paced back and fourth mumbling under his breath. "Unbelievable. If I had known this was going to happen I would have stayed back on that frozen rock. Oh, I can't believe this!"

Sulu shook his head looking away with a sigh as Chekov continued watching in silence, humming softly to himself to keep occupied. Uhura watched them all then stood up having been in the corner. "Mr. Scott, the best thing you can do is stay calm."

Scotty looked to her in disbelief and shock. "Stay calm?...Never!"

"You complaining won't get us out of here!"

"Nor will us sitting around doing nothing. Our Captain, may I remind you, the man who got me this job is in trouble, we need to help him!"

Uhura sighed nodding softly. The man was right but there wasn't much they could do locked away. She looked around the room.

Chekov continued humming to himself lost in his own world. Watching, Uhura tapped her finger on her chin softly, an idea popping into her head. "Chekov!"

The boy jumped getting spooked from his thoughts and he quickly hopped to his feet. "Lieutenant!"

"That song you were humming...sing it. Sing it loud!" Chekov blinked and shared a look with Sulu. Uhura quickly looked back and fourth between the two. "We need to cause a distraction...if we can get the guards in here we might be able to get free. You just have to sing!" She looked to Sulu and nodded. "You and Scott will catch the guards when they come in." Sulu stood nodding.

Scott raised a brow, then shook his head. "Hold on now! What do you plan to do after we get out?"

Uhura quickly turned on her heels to face him. "We're going to fight. Is this not what you want...for your Captain?"

"Of course it is, but we're only four people. There are tons of those Romulan bastards aboard...we don't stand a chance!"

"We will..." With that Uhura turned to Chekov and gave him a nod. With a smile the boy began.

"Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt

Weiß, was ich leide!

Allein und abgetrennt

Von aller Freude,
Seh ich ans Firmament
Nach jener Seite!"

Uhura smirked watching, they then all looked to the door as a guard rammed his hand against it. "Quiet down in there!" Chekov stuttered feeling the death of the glare the Romulan gave but as Sulu stepped before him, glaring at the guard he continued loudly, dancing a little as he did.

"Ach! der mich liebt und kennt,
Ist in der Weite.
Es schwindelt mir, es brennt
Mein Eingeweide.
Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt
Weiß, was ich leide!"

Scott and Sulu quickly stepped forward as the guard burst through the door. He quickly raised his phaser but it was grabbed by Sulu who jerked it away. Before the guard could fight, Scott punched him hard, knocking him unconscious. With a smirk he turned and nodded to Uhura. "Well that was fun!"

Taking the phaser tight in his hands, Sulu poked his head out the door. "...It's clear."

Uhura nodded then smiled to Chekov. "Good job!" With that they all quickly left. Ready to fight to the death to save their ship and fellow crew members!

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