Star Trek 2009: Infected

Taking Back Enterprise

Stepping into an empty room, Scott shook his hand wincing in pain. Romulans not only had powerful strength but their figure was to match. Beside him Sulu wiped away the blood that covered his new weapon, his fencing sword. In the back, Chekov stood gripping the guards phaser and Uhura stood beside him thinking quickly of what to do next.

"Damn Romulans..." Scott let his hand drop with a sigh, then he looked out the door listening. "We need to get to the transporter room. There I should be able to beam up the Captain. ...The rest he'll be able to handle, I'm sure of it! No...Positive!"

Uhura gave a nod softly. The three blinked and looked over as Chekov suddenly burst out happily. "Allow me to go first this time!" He looked over them with a smile. He had been afraid at first, fearing for his and the rest of the remaining crew's lives. After seeing Scott and Sulu fighting hard though, it gave him confidence, the will to fight, to save what he had dreamed about all his life.

His crew members and friends were fighting to the death, it was time for him to do the same. Despite his age. Gripping the phaser tightly, finger ready to pull the trigger, he quickly ran from the room letting out loud battle cry. Sulu smirked watching then soon followed, his sword gripped tight. Behind, Scott and Uhura followed fast.

"If I let your crew go, what will keep you from stabbing me in the back?"

"You've got my Doctor and First officer locked up..."

Kirk was worse for wear, two guards had to hold him up from collapsing to the ground as his legs were as battered as the rest of his body. Before talking with him, Nero decided to have another round with the Captain. This time he let all loose, his anger for the Federation and the destruction of his home. The thought of Spock continuing to live despite what he had caused and the Captain, at the end of it all, his smug look would have been the last thing he'd have ever seen.

"Very wise, Captain...but you still have that look. The thought of escape...the thought of winning again."

Kirk shrugged slightly, a crooked smirk on his face. "I don't believe in no win scenarios..."

Nero chuckled softly from his throne, this is the only thing he admired about the man. Torn and beaten and he could still make jokes...he admired this, for it would get the man killed. The last thing Nero wished to see of the man was the agony in his eyes and to hear the pain filled cries of his final breath. "I'm sure your father was the same...look where he is now though." He smirked seeing the look on Kirk's face change, sorrow and anger filled his eyes. "When was the last time you saw his grave?..." Kirk didn't answer, hands clinched into tight fists. Nero stood and slowly made his way over. "I wonder how he'd react, seeing you like this? The look in your eyes when I brought you to your knees...distant and lost. Tell me Captain, what was it you were so afraid of?"

Kirk eyed him quietly. "Worried it wasn't you?"

Nero smirked, stopping inches in front of Kirk.

Coming into the transporter room, Sulu and Scott quickly blocked it off as Uhura hugged Chekov happily. She quickly pulled away nodding with a smile. "You did well Ensign...Mr. Scott!" She raised her arm to the controls and Scott quickly obliged.

"Do you think we made it in time? Will the Keptain be alright? And...and Mr. Spock and The Doctor!?"

Uhura could only nod eying the transporter quietly. She didn't want to lie to the boy for she wasn't sure of the condition of any of them and that worried her. It was hours, but it felt like days, weeks since they had gone. She feared the worse...but a sliver was hoping for the best.

The smell of his blood was strong and it made the smirk on Nero's face grow wider. "Only thing I've got to worry about is how much longer I have to play with you, before you kill over." Before Kirk could reply Nero rammed his hand forward, hard, knocking the air out of the man and even breaking a few more things. He and the guards stepped back letting Kirk drop to the ground, gasping and coughing up blood as he went.

As Kirk dropped onto his side gasping hard, he shivered feeling a trickle of blood run from his mouth. Fighting for breath, he looked over the many puddles of blood, his blood, that covered the floor around him. The more he looked over it all, the more the visions began to drown out his mind.




He jumped as lightning flashed before his eyes, but then blinked realizing it was something else. He smirked momentarily, lifting his head up, something better. Before vanishing in a flash, he spit blood at Nero who glared, growling in anger. With one last effort he stood and waved before he vanished, a smirk clear on his face.

After clicking away at the controls, Scott looked to the pad and smirked softly seeing three forms beginning to appear before them. Each shared a warm smile, things starting to look up!

With a flash Spock, Kirk, and Bones all appeared, surprised at the sudden pick up. Bones and Spock shared a look then looked to the side quickly. Kirk ignored all the bruises and blood covering his body, with a nod to Sulu and quickly ran from the room. "Shields up, I want this ship as far away from the Romulans as possible!" He quickly looked around. "Everyone at your stations!"

Not having to be told twice, everyone scattered. This was the only chance they had to get away, Kirk didn't want it ruined or delayed.

Now standing at the Bridge, Nero watched the Enterprise blast off into Warp, vanishing into a flash of light. He lashed out and shattered a screen near by as he gave a loud angered roar. Behind him a guard stepped up casually. "..Your orders, Commander?"

Nero took gasps of air, regaining composure, he stood tall shaking his head, his eyes still on the screen. "Gather up the rest of the crew...Weapons at the ready!" He smirked slightly. "We will let them think they have won...for now."

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