Star Trek 2009: Infected

Ice Of Memory

"No signs of a pursuit..." Sulu clicked a few buttons then turned to Kirk with a nod. "I think we are alright."

Chekov smiled softly taking a sigh of relief, he then looked to Kirk. "Are you well, Keptain?"

Kirk hadn't said anything since he sat down. He was pale and breathing fast, his hands were white from gripping the arms of the chair. He gazed around letting his thoughts fall together. Was it that easy...or a trap? He stopped his gaze on the two then smiled. "I'm fine...Good work. Set a course for Delta Vega." The two turned away with a yes sir.

The wounds were starting to take their toll but Kirk didn't dare leave his chair. As long as he could breath then he was fine. To the right he could hear Spock and Uhura talk amongst themselves, both relieved and breathing.

It's alright now...


Kirk glanced over to the lift and sighed seeing Bones. "Yes Doctor...?"

Bones gave him a look and Kirk couldn't help but smile. Bones would never get use to his stubbornness. "Please tell me you have an idea as to why I am here."

Kirk brought his hand up to his chin as though he was thinking deeply, Bones rolled his eyes knowing he was just stalling...a thing he's become a fond friend of. " and I both know if we do nothing any longer you could pass out and never wake again." He looked to Spock who was still talking with Uhura. "I really don't wanna take orders from the Hob goblin again..." Kirk smirked then he looked forward resting his chin in his hand as he relaxed a little looking out the window.

"I have no intention of doing anything else...can I not just sit here and relax a little?"

"Look at you, Jim! If I was anyone else, I would hardly recognize you! You're a dead man walking!"

Kirk kept his eyes forward not replying. Bones watched him quietly and watched the look in his eyes. The man was clearly in pain but he had no intention of showing it...his ego to big to falter before his crew. Bones sighed shaking his head, he then reached into his pocket and he pulled out a hypo. "I'm going to give you a pain killer...then can you at least get a new change of clothes and clean up?"

Kirk growled rolling his eyes. Other then Romulans, his worse enemies were the damned Hypos. It was better then showing off his battered body to the doctor though. With a sigh he sat tall and pulled the collar of his shirt down. "Do it fast..."

Bones sighed in relief and as gentle as possible he put the hypo to Kirk's neck and injected the medicine. He winced as did Kirk, seeing the pained look increase in his eyes. He pulled away putting his hands behind his back. "Now, do you need help to your room?"

Kirk shook his head slowly standing, Bones kept a close eye on him, watching his eyes and followed with his own until Kirk vanished into the lift. "Mr. Spock you have the Conn!"

Spock stood with a nod and stepped up to the chair. "Doctor, is it wise to leave the Captain to himself...especially in his condition? If you must, I suggest you use force to get him to Sickbay."

Bones looked over quietly sighing. "It's not, but forcing him would result in me having to drag him and that would just make things worse...I'll keep an eye on him though so don't worry." With that he left and Spock sat down silently.

As soon as the door closed Kirk slammed his hand against the padd and it beeped as the door locked. He then slid down coughing hard and rest his head back groaning softly. The pain killer did nothing to ease the pain and it seemed much worse now that he had nothing to concentrate on. Closing his eyes, he tried to think of something else but the only thoughts were of the slaughter and cries...that just made things worse. He slammed his fist hard into the wall behind him. What else can go wrong! Opening his eyes half way he looked down over himself quietly. His shirt was barely noticeable covered in blood and dirt, he was afraid to see what he looked like under.

Taking a deep breath, he forced himself up and into the bathroom. He'd hate to hear Bones complain even more, he might as well come out clean even if he didn't feel like it.

Stepping in front of the mirror, Kirk eyed himself quietly as he gripped the bottom of his shirt. He hesitated a little, only imagining the damage...which was probably more then his mind could handle. Taking a breath, he shook away the thoughts in his head and he pulled off the golden shirt. Looking back into the mirror he noticed the under shirt darkened from the blood, pulling on it caused him to wince as it stuck to his body. He sighed fighting with it and it soon joined the gold.

Old wounds were re-opened and covered in bruises and dried up blood. His skin was darkened with fist marks and even hands that had been constantly around his neck. He quickly stepped away from the mirror, sick of his reflection and he started up the shower. Within a few minutes the room filled up with steam and Kirk stepped under the spray. He buried his head under the water and let it drown away all that happened...before he closed his eyes, he watched blood vanish down the drain.

"Why do you think the Keptin wants to go to Delta Wega?" Chekov had asked Sulu quietly. He knew it wasn't really his business what the Captain had in mind but with the way things were going, everything the man did worried him.

"Whatever he has planned, just trust it'll make things alright." He smiled softly looking over. "He got us through the first time...he will do it again. That's a promise." Chekov returned the smile with a nod.

Spock watched the two quietly as he listened. Yes, Kirk had gotten them through the first time but he wasn't suffering from hallucinations and he wasn't covered in wounds. He was running on pure adrenaline and he had a whole plan behind him. This time though he was caught off guard and he wasn't asking for any help... Spock sighed and quickly stood. "Sulu you have the Conn!" With that he was gone.

Bones sat quietly in his office, a bottle of whiskey a arms reach away. An empty yet used glass at it's side. His mind was occupied with what to do next and what was to happen next. They got away too easily and no one was giving least he was hoping not. He shook the thought away quickly as he filled up the glass and just as fast emptied it. He dropped back in his seat with a sigh, then glanced to the door as it opened. He raised a brow sighing. "What is it now?"

Spock raised a brow. "Have you been to see the Captain or has he come to see you?"

"The man needs some space. I told him to get cleaned up and changed...and it's only been a few minutes." He raised his hand to a chair near by. "Have a seat...take a load off." Before Spock could make his sentence logical, he raised his hand shaking his head. "Just...please sit down..." Spock did so with a nod.

"Doctor, do you know why the Captain has chosen to head to Delta Vega? ...I've thought about it for some time now and I find no logical reason to return to such a place...especially since he was...marooned there..." Bones nodded softly watching him, his hesitation was a sign of feeling sorry for what he had done...he laughed softly to himself.

"Even if I pinned the man down he wouldn't tell me..." He quickly took another shot down, then leaned forward with a sigh. "If you'd like, I wouldn't mind going to go check on him...he has been taking his precious time. I'm sure he's trying to figure out away to avoid sickbay." He watched, waiting for a reply.

Spock had his hands together, his fingers twitched as if he wanted to twiddle his fingers together. His brows were together as he thought deeply. Bones raised his brow leaning close to observe the man closely. This was his first time really looking at the Vulcan...other times when he'd see him it was like watching a robot move around. His moves were stiff, emotions...bland, but seeing him now. He shook his head, the man was a wreck on the inside...mind a jumble, trying to figure out the Captain!

The two blinked as eyes met. "...Doctor?"

"Yes Mr. Spock?"

"Is something wrong? Is there...something on my face?"

Bones quickly shook his head standing as he cleared his throat. "It's nothing...come on. Let's go see Jim!" With that he quickly left and Spock, with another raised brow, followed.

All washed up and clean from all but the bruises, Kirk stood quietly in his room looking over himself in the mirror. He slowly ran his hand down the new black undershirt he wore. It hid everything well, and he was glad for that, but he knew he couldn't forever. He let his hand drop to his side as he heard the padd at his door beep.

"Open up, Jim..."

Kirk eyed himself once more, then he quickly ran over and pressed the button. He backed away as the door swooshed open and Spock and Bones stepped in. Bones stepped aside watching him closely as Spock stepped forward with a nod.

"Captain, if you don't mind, can you please inform me as to why we are set on a course to Delta Vega? Was your...visit...the first time not as well as you had hoped?"

Bones turned his gaze to him, same reaction. Spock sure hated the subject and as Bones looked to Kirk he saw that he had noticed.

"I have to do something there, it can't-" He raised his hand to pat Spock softly on the shoulder but he stopped and let his hand return to his side. He gave a smile instead. "I'm not asking you to go down...I know how you feel about the planet, and I forgive you." He quickly took a breath and turned to Bones nodding. "Medical attention is no longer required! I patched myself up and believe it or not...came out a-okay. I can walk, breath...all the stuff that a Captain needs. I'll be alright without any further attention!"

Bones rolled his eyes but before he could say anything, Spock spoke up facing the Captain. "Does the return to Delta Vega have anything to do with what I had witnessed in your mind?"

Silence filled the room.

Bones eyed the two quietly, waiting.

" can no longer hide this. From the Doctor maybe, but not me."

Kirk shook his head softly, keeping his gaze from the two men. "What am I suppose to tell him...I don't even know what those stupid visions are...where they're from, how they got in my mind!"

"I...I don't know Spock. I don't know...anything." He looked to him searching for the right words to use, he shook his head more. "These...these thoughts. They aren't mine...they can't be...I've NEVER witnessed something like this before..."

"What is it, Jim?"

Kirk looked to Bones still fighting for words. He wasn't asking as a Doctor...but as a friend, his eyes showing the concern. Kirk sighed looking between the two, his voice dropping. "There's always blood...blood everywhere. On the walls, the, you, and Spock! And screaming...someone is always screaming and no matter what I do...I can never find them, I can't ever help..."

A soft whistle broke the three apart. A voice spoke up. "Approaching Delta Vega Captain."

Kirk made a move to step towards the padd but Bones pressed the button instead. "Hang tight Mr. Sulu...he's on the way." He then opened the door stepping aside. "...After you Jim..." Kirk gave a nod as he smiled softly and the three headed off to the Bridge.

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