Star Trek 2009: Infected

Tarsus IV

Kirk stepped onto the bridge, Spock and Bones close behind. "I want all shields up and weapons at the ready." Sulu turned away with a nod, quickly setting everything up. Kirk looked to Chekov. "If possible, like with Titan, hide The Enterprise until further notice. Keep your guard up!" He looked around the bridge carefully. "...All of you." As soon as everyone agreed Kirk turned quickly to face Spock. "The Conn is yours commander!"

Bones blinked as Spock raised a brow.

Without giving them a chance to talk, Kirk quickly left.

Bones quickly looked to Sulu. "You have the Conn!" Without another word he grabbed Spock by the arm and quickly dragged him out. Chekov and Sulu shared a look as the two vanished, behind them Uhura watched with worry.

Moments later, the three stepped into the transporter room, Kirk now wearing a new golden shirt. "You're crazy for even thinking of beaming down there're not safe, Jim. You got lucky this time but next time you'll only end up dead...yeah, I know that's harsh but it's the truth.." Kirk only rolled his eyes as he stepped onto the transporter pad and turned to face them.

Bones sighed stopping a few steps away, behind him Spock stood with his head down. "What do you even have to gain...What's on this rock but bad memories anyway?"

Kirk only gave him his trademark smile. "Nothing I can't handle Doc." He looked to Scotty standing tall. "Energize!"


Spock grabbed a hold of Bones arm and the two watched as their Captain vanished.

As soon as he was gone Bones quickly pulled away facing Spock. "What the hell are you doing letting him go!? He's going to get himself hurt!"

"Doctor...let me explain...if you will.." Bones sighed quieting down and he crossed his arms watching, tapping his foot hard against the floor. "We will let the Captain go alone and settle into whatever it is he is doing...we will then follow soon after." Bones blinked then he nodded reluctantly, looking away

As Kirk appeared inside the Starfleet Base, he let out a sigh of relief and softly smiled. He was not quite ready to face down anymore of those horrible monsters, especially when he had one breathing down his back, he was glad to be all alone without a care gnawing at the back of his mind. Looking around his gaze landed on a dusty old computer near by and he quickly ran over.

The sooner he could contact Starfleet with Nero's return the sooner he can get farther away from the crazy Romulan. Using a few of his hijacking skills, he broke through some of the old codes and smirked as it started to connect to Starfleet. His smirk became a gap as a familiar face appeared on the screen.


The man on the other side of the screen had the same expression. He didn't expect to see Kirk again for sometime now...seeing him now gave him a shock and the chills. He was lighter, eyes sunken in.

The man was sick..."Jim, is something the matter? Where are you now, you weren't...stranded again were you?"

Kirk quickly shook his head laughing softly. "No no...umm, listen..." He looked down trying to figure out how to bring this up. "You're not going to believe this, Hell, I don't even believe it!" He looked up and smiled seeing the Vulcan's raised brow. Lately he had been seeing that a lot...that of confusion and worry. From both Spock and Bones.

"...That bastard..." Spock Prime smirked slightly on the inside at the Captain's language, the man always had a way with words. It always fascinated him and even pulled at his heart strings. "I don't know how but...he's back...he...he came back!" Spock Prime raised a brow and watched as Kirk formed his hand into fist, shaking his head again. "The bastard Nero came back..."


Kirk quickly looked up laughing softly, nodding as he did. "I don't know what to do either...along with that I'm...I'm having these..." Spock Prime watched sadly as he struggled, fighting for his words, fighting with his thoughts. "These...visions..hallucinations..." He raised his hand to his head sighing some. "..I...I don't even know...I know..nothing!" He quickly pushed away from the computer turning away quickly as he wrapped his arms tight around his chest, huffing as he did. "I'm losing it..."

"Perhaps you should let my counterpart take over for look unwell, if you don't mind me saying."

Kirk quickly shook his head. "I can't do that...not with that bastard breathing down my neck! What kind of Captain would I be if I lay down to rest and just let my crew get tortured again!? ..Not a very good one I'll tell you that much..."

"I assume you have a plan?"

Kirk said nothing looking around. It was entirely too quiet...he was suddenly hit with chills and his body shivered. His eyes went wide as blood started to appear around in different spots. Dripping down from the ceiling, cracks, and shadows on the walls. He shook his head softly putting his hand over his mouth. His voice was low and shaken as he spoke. "...Not again..."

Spock Prime watched with a raised a brow. Worry clear in his eyes, worry and annoyance that he couldn't be there to help his Captain! He was starting to anger at his younger self for not being there at his side. "Jim...What is the matter? What do you see?"

"The blood..." Kirk let his hand drop slowly as he stepped forward, but all motions halted as he was hit with a sudden aching pain in his stomach. He cried out loudly as he dropped to the ground, sending items on a near by desk clattering down with him. Reaching for something to stop his fall. The motion caused Spock Prime to jump up from his seat, the strings pulled tighter at his heart. He opened his mouth to cry out.



Soon, both Bones and his younger self came into view. He sighed in relief and plopped back down into his chair. He was ashamed for doubting his younger half. After all, he was young and probably still fighting with what to do next with his Captain, considering all that had happened between the two, but he was also smart...logical! He knew the safety of his Captain came before anything else.

Kirk lay in a fetal position, his hand over his stomach with a death grip. His eyes were closed tight as he fought for air. Every movement he made caused him to cry and groan in pain. Sweat drenched his forehead as he struggled with whatever was wrong. At his side, Bones fought to move him as slow as possible, not wanting any more pain inflicted on him. All along he whispered assurance to him, every now and then rubbing his arm to comfort and let him know he wasn't alone.

Behind, but not far kneeled Spock, his hands in tight fists, his knuckles white. To anyone else it would have seemed as if he was just observing with fascination...but to his older self, eyeing the boy, he could see as clear as day the fear and worry in his eyes.

A few soothing words, a nice hypo later and Kirk was out like a light...breathing slowed to a calm, sleeping state. Bones wiped away the sweat from his forehead, cooling him off with the rag as he did. He shook his head mumbling softly to himself. Spock watched them both, then slowly stood placing his hands behind his back. He gripped his wrist hiding the shaking of his body.

"Do you know what caused this, Doctor?..."

After putting Kirk in a more comfortable position Bones slowly stood with a sigh, pulling out his transmitter. "I've got a pretty good guess...but I don't wanna assume too quickly." He looked to Spock flipping open the transmitter. "I'll have a better guess when I know that Jim and I are in a safer place!" He looked down to the transmitter. "Mr. Scott, Beam us up!"


Before Bones closed the transmitter Spock quickly grabbed his hand stopping him. "Mr. Scott, please only beam up The Captain and Doctor...There is something here I must do first."

Bones blinked watching. "Aye Commander!" With that the transmitter beeped.

"I'll explain later, Doctor..." With that Spock stepped away as a glow began to surround Kirk and Bones, they then soon vanished and Spock turned his gaze to his older self.

Spock Prime eyed him, then looked down sadly. "I to apologize. It aches my heart to see the Captain like this again..."

Spock raised a brow glancing over his older self. Curious, he sat himself down and leaned close. "Again?"

Spock Prime gave a nod not looking up. His eyes were distant...lost in memories. Memories of his time, Spock had assumed. "The Captain suffers once again because of a small mistake I made...a..logical, but small mistake..." He paused for a breath, Spock continued to watch with a raised brow. His human half was wanting to push, force the words from the older mans mouth! "...If I had know, I would not have mind melded with the young Captain..."

Spock blinked. "You performed a mind meld?..."

Spock Prime nodded keeping his gaze down. "If I had known memories would leak, I would have never done so..."

Spock shook his head, confused. "I don't understand...What did you witness, what did I witness...or what will I witness?"

Spock Prime mirrored his younger self with a head shake. "It was not us, but Jim...As a child, he had witnessed the slaughter of over a hundred people...He was one of the many survivors."

" mean...!?" Spock's reply was of shock and confusion. Had the same happened to the Captain of this time? No...Illogical!

"As you know of the Captain's stubbornness, I did not learn of this from him at first. It took research, and a little worry..." Spock Prime sighed, remembering the stress the memories had caused Kirk, the want it had made him feel, and anger. "...I never wanted this to happen..."

Spock glanced at his older self raising a brow. "You melded with your Captain...?"

"It was not the same day...but days later. The Captain was hit with depression, anxiety...He wouldn't speak a word, not even to the Doctor. I was concerned...So I performed a meld." Leaving the memory, Spock Prime stared hard into Spock's eyes. "I would never wish those memories on anyone! There was nothing but blood...blood and more blood.."

"...And screams..."

Spock Prime blinked then smiled. "You melded?"

"It seems although from different time lines our Captains are one and the same...He too was tight lipped. Nero interrupted though before I could understand any of it..." He shook his head softly. "What can I do?..." For once, Spock didn't have an answer, reason...nothing.

Spock Prime smiled to himself, he had felt the same, lost. A scary feeling... "As a him he is not alone. Stand at his side, you and the doctor both. Help him understand."

"And Nero?..."

Spock Prime smiled eying his younger self. "Trust in your Captain. Despite whatever logic tells you, follow his thoughts." With a Vulcan salute, the screen went black. Spock sat in silence, letting the information sink in. He sighed shaking his head as he pulled out his transmitter. "I'm ready Mr. Scott..." Closing it up, he let out a long sigh as a light surrounded him.

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