Star Trek 2009: Infected

Among The Dead

Appearing back on the Enterprise, Spock returned his composure gripping his hands tightly behind his back. All his older self told him mixed through his head, he shook it away mentally. "Wereabouts of the Captain?" He asked Scotty quickly as he made his way fast to the door.

"Sickbay sir!"

Without another word Spock vanished from the room as the door closed behind him.

Arriving at Sickbay, Spock came to a sudden halt at the door. What would be found on the other side? A broken man? A "NO, ILLOGICAL! The Captain was fine!" Pushing away his thoughts he stepped in. "Doctor?"

Bones looked up from his work and he nodded softly giving Spock an annoyed look. "Spock...nice of you to finally join us..." Placing the padd down he motioned the Vulcan to follow him to the back of the room.

Spock followed quickly, raising a brow. "I'm going to assume since you are avoiding the question that something is wrong? ...Other than what is already going on of course."

Bones quickly glanced back at him. "Why must you always assume the worse? You obviously don't know Jim at all!" He grabbed a curtain that hid a bed, Spock eyed the silhouette behind it as Bones watched him quietly. "Let me just's not a pretty sight. With all that Nero did I'm a little shocked to see him alive."

Spock looked away from the silhouette, shaking the worried feeling away. "Perhaps an observation sooner would have been better, Doctor." Bones glared at him letting his hand drop as he quickly turned to face him.

"I'm the Doctor, you're the Commander...Let me do my damn job, on my own!"

Spock simply nodded. "I apologize, you are right. Shall we continue?"

Mumbling under his breath, Bones grabbed the curtain again and he ripped it open, stepping aside as he did. As Spock stepped in, his breath caught in his throat as he looked over the unconscious man in front of him. His front was covered in bandages that went from his neck down to his waist. In some spots ugly bruises showed through. As his eyes went up to the mans face he examined the small cuts and bruises around his mouth and eyebrows, a small bruise had formed on his temple.

Having got the sharp breath Bones sighed softly. "I told you..." He looked over Kirk quietly. He could handle any other patient laying like this in front of him but the thought of his best friend like this always got to him, it made him hate his job.

Spock released the breath he was holding as he continued looking over the Captain. "What was the cause of his distress...?" He looked over a few minutes later not getting a reply. Bones was eyeing Kirk in silence, his face showed no answers...but worry. "Doctor?"

"...I don't have a clue...and if there is something seriously wrong our technology isn't high tech enough to know what." He scoffed. "Unbelievable.." He shook his head grabbing his chin as he thought. Spock listened as he mumbled softly to himself. "Damned pointy eared future bastards..."

"You eased the pain though I assume...The Captain can rest easy now?"

Bones gave an annoyed look as he raised his hands to Kirk. "What does it look like! I may not be a good Doctor but damn it I AM a Doctor!"

"Doctor, there is no point for you to repeat yourself..."

"Oh, will you shut it you damned..."

"I can't get any rest if you two are screaming the whole time..."

Hearing the voice the two instantly fell silent and both looked to the bed. Kirk stared up at them with half open eyes and a small smirk on his face.

Spock stepped up with a slight bow. "Captain, how are you feeling?"

Kirk gave a soft shrug as he began to sit up but he was stopped as Bones grabbed his shoulder and shoved him back down, ignoring his complaints. "Other then annoyed from being woken from a nice dream..." He sighed resting back down and shoved Bones hand away, then gave Spock a smile. "...I'm alright..." Spock nodded sighing softly to himself.

"Then I shall let you rest and I will return to The Bridge." With a nod Spock quickly left the room, Bones growled watching him then he looked to Kirk.

"So...mind explaining what it was you were doing down there?"

"Just checking in with Starfleet...Ya know, regulations and all..."

Bones nodded softly crossing his arms. "Oh, yeah, right. Ya couldn't do that up here?"

Kirk gave a shrug not making eye contact. "Private.."

A roll of the eyes came from Bones. "Stop lying to me, Jim.."

Kirk quickly sat up giving Bones a look. "I'm not lying!"

Bones looked back glaring, he closed the distance between the two pointing. "You went down there to get away from the questions!...Enough is enough Jim, we know what's going on, it's time you sit and talk. ABOUT EVERYTHING!"

"There's nothing more to talk about..." With that Kirk laid back down and he turned his back to him, huffing in the process. Bones rolled his eyes stepping away with a sigh. " a child. The least you can do for me is stay put for once..." Kirk watched as he circled around the bed checking over a few more things before leaving. He rolled his eyes and went to look away but blinked catching a glimpse of something. Looking back to the man something began to pull at his heart...his palms began to sweat and he shivered.


Bones turned with a sigh as he crossed his arms. "Yes Jim?"

Kirk was silent as he eyed the Doctor, he then quickly sat up gripping the sheets tightly. "...Don't go..."

"I don't have time to babysit you!"

"Please..." Kirk quickly raised his hand catching a hold of his shirt. "..Just stay!"

Bones raised a brow eyeing his hand, he then looked up to him carefully. "...What is it?"

As he watched him with a raised brow, Kirk's eyes traveled the room as though searching for something only he could see...his voice dropped as he spoke, hiding a secret from others. "Go get Spock...please. He shouldn't be alone..." Giving a questioned nod Bones began to leave but then Kirk quickly jerked him back. "No!" Bones blinked looking to him as he stood. "On second thought, none of them should!" Ignoring Bones protests he gripped his sleeve tighter and began to drag him from the room, stumbling from his bed.

Seeing his words going to deaf ears, Bones took advantage of the weaker man and jerked away. He then grabbed Kirk tight by the wrist and he pulled him back towards the bed, throwing the curtain closed as he did. "You're not fit for duty Jim so you are staying in here!" Slamming him back down onto the bed he gripped his shoulders tightly, eyeing him worriedly. "Tell me what the hell is going on!"

Kirk's eyes were wide as he stared back. "...Someones going to get hurt...I...I have to help them..."

"Who Jim, Who!?"

Kirk quickly shook his head trying to stand, Bones forced him back down though, his grip tighter. "You have to let me go!" Bones shook his head fighting with him.

"What is going on, Jim!?" He reached for the closest hypo and rigged it to go as soon as it hit Kirk, his hand was stopped though as Kirk caught it, kicked Bones' stomach and jumped to his feet pointing behind him.

"Someone's in trouble!" Bones quickly looked back. Through the curtain all he saw was doctors and nurses going from bed to bed checking on different patients, nothing out of the ordinary. He glanced back at Kirk. "...Nice try but.."

"No...someone is in trouble, look!" Kirk quickly jerked away and shoved past him, throwing the curtain open. Before he could go any further and make a bigger scene Bones quickly grabbed him and jerked him back towards the bed, closing the curtain once more. Without another word he brought up the hypo but as Kirk spotted it he quickly reached for it and the two began to fight over it.

"Jim...What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"I'm doing...what about you?!" Kirk pulled hard on the hypo bringing Bones close to him who fought back, pulling at his fingers. "You're wasting your time fighting with me...when you could be helping out the others!"

"Jim, you're losing your mind...just give me the damned hypo!" Just as the hypo slipped from his grip, Kirk quickly brought his elbow up and slammed it hard into Bones' nose sending him stumbling backwards. He sighed watching as the man crumbled into a table, sending himself and supplies scattering. "Sorry Doc..." He threw the hypo then grabbed his undershirt. As he pulled it on and left, he eyed Chapel with raised brows. "...He slipped!" Then he was gone.

On the Bridge, Spock eyed the crew in silence. Their orders keeping them hidden in Delta Vega and waiting for the Captain's recovery...with an injured man they wouldn't risk losing him again to Nero. He had no further orders for he was lost in thought.

The Captain was stuck fighting off visions that were of his own mind..yet, not his own. Given by his own person, yet, not himself... It made him wonder if anything else slipped in when he was melding with him.

He was knocked from his thoughts at the sound of the lift. Expecting to see Bones he quickly stood. "Doctor is something..." His question fell short seeing the grinning Captain...wearing his scuffed up slacks and black undershirt "Captain?"

Kirk quickly raised his hand with a shake of his head. " questions, Mr. Spock." He looked over the crew quietly and he raised a brow. "...Is everyone alright?"

Spock mirrored his actions, raising a brow as well. "Everyone is fine Captain...were you expecting an injury?"

Kirk let his hand drop as he continued eyeing the crew. "I thought I heard screaming...I first thought it was Nurse Chapel but..."


Kirk shook his hand raising it again, silencing the Vulcan once more. He then jumped glancing towards the front. "Chekov! Sulu!"

Both quickly turned with a "Sir!" hearing their names. They both blinked at the shocked look the Captain gave.

"Mr. sickbay..." Spock went to reply but was silenced once more, Kirk's stare hard on the two men before him. "Do it now!"

As Spock made his way to the chair to call Sickbay he watched as all eyes were on the Captain. The cat was now out of the bag and the man didn't seem to give a care in the world anymore. He placed his hand on the button but stopped as Kirk grabbed a hold of him tightly by the arm. "...My mistake, Commander..."

Spock raised a brow turning to him. "Captain?"

Kirk slowly looked around the bridge with sadness in his eyes. Slowly he placed himself in his chair, his grip loosening on Spock's arm as he went, he then suddenly pulled away as though hurt. Spock stood in silence watching closely.

Kirk pressed a button silently, shivers taking over his body. His eyes distant and full of sorrow and fear. "Captain's log...Star date..." He fell silence resting his head in his hand, thinking. Spock opened his mouth to speak but Kirk shook the thought away sitting tall again. "Doesn't is now the end of the world. My ship is crew is gone. There is nothing left...Captain James T. Kirk, out..." Finishing Kirk leaned forward burying his face into his hands. He let his body get over taken by chills, as Spock gave Uhura a nod. All the others watched as the Captain softly cried.

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