Star Trek 2009: Infected


As soon as Uhura finished contacting Sickbay she and the others stood and left the Bridge, leaving Spock and Kirk alone. With the silence, the cries were more noticeable. Soon the lift door opened and Bones stepped in quietly, medical bag hanging over his shoulder. His nose was bruised from the scuffle before. Coming up to Kirk's side, Kirk sat up letting his hands drop. "Doctor...I apologize for what happened in sickbay...I...I just had to help!" He looked around. "...Guess I was too late..." His gaze then stopped on Spock who was standing quiet at his side, he shook his head closing his eyes. "...Damn it..."

Bones sighed, whatever the Captain was seeing before just got a lot worse. "What happened, Jim?" He kneeled down slowly eyeing him. His eyes were sunken and dark and also red from crying. "They're all gone, Bones...even Spock."

Bones and Spock shared a concerned look. "Jim, he's in front of you..."

Kirk glared gripping the chair tightly. "You and I both know the man won't have a pulse!" He sighed resting his head in his hand. "...Look at him, all the others...They're slaughtered..."

"Jim, I'm going to fix everything." Bones slowly pulled a hypo from his bag. "You just have to let me though.." Kirk looked over then he quickly jumped up with wide eyes.

Watching, Spock quickly grabbed Bones and pulled him away. "He sees that as a weapon, Doctor, I suggest you stay back."

Bones glanced at him, blinking at being grabbed "And what, let him suffer!?"

"Let me..." Spock pulled away and slowly approached Kirk, both watched as he kept his eyes on the Doctor. "Captain...?"

"...Spock..." Kirk smiled softly, but sadly.

Bones sighed. "He can't see you Spock..."

The smile faded and Kirk pointed with a glare. "Silence traitor!" Bones blinked getting taken back and watched as Spock raised his hand to Kirk's face. As his fingers touched his face Kirk gasped and both him and Spock closed their eyes.

Silence filled the room and Bones quietly stepped up watching the two closely. "...Spock?"

"The visions, that is all he sees, but instead of slaughter of others it is the crew this time. There is blood everywhere, bodies too, our bodies. I do not know why you are the only one still alive."

Bones shrugged slightly. "...Just lucky I guess..."

"He fears you, Doctor..."

Bones looked to Kirk then he tightened his hold on the hypo. "Can you please explain what the hell is going on here?!" Spock pulled his hand away and helped Kirk sit down as he nearly fell, gasping for air.

"'s Spock...I..saw...He's still alive!"

Spock said nothing watching in silence, Bones shook his head then sighed looking over Kirk. "Jim, I need you in sickbay. I'll fix you up then I'll have this place cleaned up in no time."

Kirk shook his head softly. "I'd rather not leave my friends alone with a traitor..."

Bones rolled his eyes shaking his head. "This wasn't me, Jim!" He ran his hand through his hair thinking, then he stepped closer. "It was Nero, and if you expect to avenge any of their deaths you have to be able to fight. In this condition you'll only end up dying too..."

Kirk quickly stood staring down the Doctor. "I'll take that as a threat..."

"Well you might as well take this as a threat too, you've lost your damned mind, Jim!"

Kirk growled and quickly closed the distance between them. "Why did you do it?..." Bones glanced at Spock telling with his eyes to stop this. He had no answer and no time to make one up. Spock only continued to observe, Bones shook his head.

"No comment..."

Kirk laughed softly shaking his head. "No, no...of course not." He stepped away from the chair and began to walk the Bridge. After a few minutes, he smirked feeling the Doctors eyes watching him. "...You wanted me to suffer...get me alone." He raised his hand pointing as he looked over, smirk growing. "My question is why did you go from good to bad, Doctor? ...Was it something I did in the past!?"

Bones shrugged with a sigh. "Use your imagination, often do."

Kirk's eyes shift around the room in thought, then return to Bones a moment after. "..I'm trying...but nothing good enough shows..."

"What a shock..." Bones gave a roll of his eyes as he replied, he then quickly stepped up to Kirk, but the Captain backed away. He was keeping a safe distance between them. Both Bones and Spock glanced over to the lift near by. If Kirk decided to run and report this they'd have A LOT of explaining to do to Starfleet. "I'm your best friend Jim, give me one good reason why I would kill anyone!"

Kirk shrugged with a smirk as he took slow steps away from the man. "Jealousy?"

Bones stopped in his tracks with a gasp, then let out a laugh as he shook his head. "You think I'm...jealous! Of what?!" He raised his hands toward Spock. "If you think cause of that pointy eared bastard you've got another thing coming!"

"Then what?!" Kirk grabbed a railing near by shaking his head. "What other reason is there to kill!?" His eyes were pleading but wild. "..Please...just tell me!"

Bones shook his head and looked to Spock. "Will you help me out here!?"

Spock faces Kirk. "Captain, it was not the Doctor who did this."

Hearing the Vulcan, Kirk looked in his direction his eyes wandering, searching for the man. "...Who then?..." Bones watched as Kirk made his way back to the chair. "Tell me!" As Kirk stopped in front of him, Spock eyed him quietly. His eyes were still distant and although he looked at him he wasn't exactly looking at him...Spock was invisible to him.

"I will tell you...only if you allow the Doctor to help you." Kirk raised a brow giving Bones a look, Bones only stood in silence watching him. Behind his back he held the hypo, ready to set it off at any given moment. Kirk sighed shaking his head. "...He can't be trusted anymore..."

"Believe me Captain, the Doctor is not your concern."

Kirk shook his head again. " have to listen to me...Bones is..." He jumped suddenly feeling hands on his shoulders. As he blinked, Spock appears in front of him, holding him tight. Looking over him quietly he slowly raised his hands, not believing the sight in front of him. "You''re alive!?" Spock only stood in silence watching him, as did Bones who slowly stepped up behind him.

"Yes, Jim...I am alive..." Kirk quickly stepped back colliding with Bones, then quickly turned with a raised fist but he stopped as Bones jabbed the hypo hard into his neck and instantly injected the medicine. As Kirk dropped to his knees, Bones took a hold of his arms and dragged him to his seat then sat him down as he passed out cold. With a sigh he looked up to Spock.

"Start talking...You know something!"

Spock motioned the Doctor away from the Captain and stopped as they got to the front of the Bridge. "Nero wasn't the only one who came back from the future.." Bones raised a brow as he continued. "My future self came as was a mistake like Nero, but that is the reason the Captain is suffering." He went to continue but blinked as Bones began to laugh softly. "May I ask what is so funny, Doctor?"

Bones shook his hand at him as he calmed down, then gave a smile. "I find it funny that you still annoy him, even in the future."

"That's not what I meant, Doctor...the Captain is suffering because of something my older self did."

Hearing this Bones instantly went into serious mode. "What the hell did you...he...err, you do!"

"Like I did earlier, my older self melded with the Captain, he did not know memories would sink through. For if he had, he would have never done it."

"So...the memories. Are someone elses?"

"The older Captains."

Bones sighed shaking his head. " what do we do now? We can't leave Jim to suffer like this especially with that bastard right behind us!"

"We are going to help the Captain. We will explain the situation and help him understand." Spock stepped aside and quickly returned to Kirk. Grabbing his arm softly he stood him up. "Please help me return the Captain to his room...we will continue from there." With a sigh Bones went over and they left.

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