Star Trek 2009: Infected

You're Not Alone

"Thousands of people were slaughtered..."

Screams and blood broke through the air as lightning flashed fast around him. Kirk sat alone in the middle of a wasteland, bodies surrounded him as they continued to drop.

"The Captain had been a witness...he was only a child then."

"So...these memories. You don't think...our Jim witnessed the you?"

Cries surrounded him as more blood covered the grounds, his breathing came fast as he glanced around searching for away to get away from it all. There was nothing...all he could see was more slaughter, he couldn't get away.

"By his reactions to the visions now I'm going to doubt that. He's only suffering because he doesn't understand what is going on and what it is he is seeing."

He shivered as he hugged his body tightly and slowly he rocked back and fourth. The screams continued and more and more blood showed...constantly it continued, it brought tears to his eyes.

"So what the hell are we going to do? We understand it as much as he does...we're all in the same boat!"

"I'm going to tell him all I know..." Spock stepped away and leaned down by Kirk's bed, eyeing the sleeping man quietly. His breathing was unsteady and he gripped the sheets tightly, shaking.

Bones stepped up sighing. "Why can't your older self do it...he knows more, he is the cause for this, he should be the one helping!"

"Doctor, we don't have the time and if we leave the safety of Delta Vega we will only be faced with more problems."

Bones sighed shaking his head. "Then what?"

"I'm going to meld with him again...give him my thoughts to ease his mind. I will do what I can..." He placed his hand softly on Kirk's face as he did many times before. "I make no promises, Doctor." With that he closed his eyes and Bones was again left in silence.

"...Stop it...just stop..."


Kirk looked up in silence then blinked seeing Spock standing before him, sticking out like a sore thumb. "...Spock...Wha..what are you...?"

"Let me explain...Please, just only listen to me." Kirk gave a nod as he eyed his Commander, the screams around him gave his body chills but he fought to ignore it all. "You're suffering from visions from your counterpart...Something happened when he was a child, he witnessed a massacre, the same you have been seeing in your mind."

Kirk blinked, then shook his head softly. "How?..."

"My older self is the reason...but know this, if he had known this was to happen he would have never melded with you."

"How can I get rid of them?"

"You must understand this, are not alone. When you see something, please don't hide it from me and the Doctor. The crew worries for your safety, Captain, as any crew should...but it is us you can confide in." He stepped forward and kneeled before the Captain as he looked down. "We are your not fear letting us know the truth."

Kirk gave him a look, then he sighed hugging himself. "...I...I don't know what to do, what if I tell you? What then, how can they be stopped?"

"They can't...but they can be can learn, grow like your counterpart did."

"...I'm afraid...Spock." He looked down closing his eyes tightly. He listened hard to Spock but the screams fought harder in the back of his mind. "...I can't do this..." He shivered feeling Spock grip his shoulders.

"You can Jim...Remember, it was you who stopped Nero from destroying the saved Earth and the Federation and you were nothing but an acting Captain. You are now becoming one of the best of Starfleet." Kirk looked up some. Spock was opening up to him in a way he never thought...then again he never thought he and Spock would ever be this close. "You may not see it now but by what my older self has not only become one of the best for Starfleet, but you become one of the best for me.." Spock tightened his grip. "You can't do that though, unless you let me in..."

Slowly Spock stood with a relieved sigh, Bones chuckled softly. "You know I can blackmail you with that...losing your composure and all?"

"I'd rather you not would be very unprofessional." Bones gave a soft smile then both looked as Kirk softly began to stir, his breathing calming down. Bones leaned in close pulling a tricorder from his pocket and slowly running it over the man.

"How are you feeling Jim?"

Shaking the thoughts away and keeping Spock's words in his mind Kirk slowly sat up. "I'd rather not answer that..." Opening his eyes, he looked over the two quietly, then he smiled softly. "I do wanna say I'm sorry though...for acting off and what not." He rubbed the back of his head looking away. "I'm probably going to lose my job though..."

Bones laughed softly shaking his head. "You saved the world, I doubt they're going to let you go for going a little crazy."

"The crew is assuming your reactions are because of Nero's sudden return, you have nothing to worry about Captain."

Kirk nodded softly looking down thinking, he then looked up to the two quietly. "How well do you understand this...any of this?..." Bones sat down and looked to Spock quietly who gave a look, then both looked to Kirk.

"As I said Captain...Jim, you're suffering through visions of your counterpart, he got through it with the help of the Doctor and I. Our friendship..." Kirk laughed softly. "It may not be as perfect as there's but we have many days ahead of us to strengthen that...this is the beginning, this is why this is happening."

Bones shook his head then looked to Kirk. "He's got a point...somewhere in all that, but, just gotta let us in, we can't help if you keep your mouth shut. You're Jim, that's not you!"

Kirk eyed them quietly then he smiled softly. "I didn't want to bother anyone with it...but if your willing to carry such a burden, both of you, then damn it, I couldn't have asked for better crew members!"

Bones quickly grabbed his hand and gripped it tightly. "Good, cause whether you like it or not we're stuck with you!"

Spock gave a nod smiling softly. "The Doctor has a point...seeing as we are meant to travel five years together." Kirk laughed as Bones rolled his eyes and he smiled. Whatever worry he had was lifted away.

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