Star Trek 2009: Infected

Calm Before The Storm

The mission was to travel through Space, visit the unknowns and learn all they could for the Federation.

Simple as that, or so Kirk had thought...

He tapped his fingers with boredom against the arm of the chair, looking from the front to the crew behind him every now and then. Nothing changed...if he stopped breathing, there wouldn't be a sound on the Bridge. It drove him crazy!

He quickly shot up from his chair hearing the lift swoosh open and he was relieved to see Bones stepping in. He was tempted to hug him, but he refrained...

"What brings you to the Bridge!" Bones gave a slight smirk hearing the high, happy pitch in Kirk's voice.

"With nothing to do and absolute silence...I got a little scared." He let out a laugh as Kirk gave him a look of what makes you think I was doing anything! "No calls or nothing...that scared me the most. I thought you decided to hold everyone hostage.." He shrugged laughing softly. "...Or something like that." Kirk placed his hands on his waist, a look of disgust on his face.

"How dare you think that way about your Captain! Bones, I could have you locked up!" Disgust was in his voice as well.

Rolling his eyes, Bones crossed his arms and closed the distance between the two. "Save it big're going to pop if you keep that up." He looked around, ignoring the childish huffs coming from Kirk. "Why IS it so quiet up here?"

"It's deafening, isn't it!" Kirk quickly looked around, fidgeting and throwing his arms around as he did. "Believe it or not, I liked it better when someone was screaming and throwing punches...Hell, I'd rather be fighting that bastard Romulan again!" Bones scanned the room. No one else thought other wise, the sudden tense in Spock was a sure sign. His planet was destroyed...that is one thing he'd never wish to witness again. He looked back to Kirk. He had to form his hand into a fist to stop himself from smacking him upside the head.

"Does eating the floor thrill you? Or is it the many fist that greet your face constantly?"


"'s the choking, isn't it?! ...You've got a fetish, don't you?" He smiled seeing the death glare only he knew so well. "Give it a break will ya..." He pointed to the chair. "Plant your ass and don't be such a whiner!"

The death glare continued as Kirk did as he was told. "You've got some nerve...If you weren't my friend, I'd have you..!"

"If the Captain so wish it, I shall take his place for now." Bones and Kirk both looked to Spock who had been working away in silence, they had both thought he had everything on ignore. He stood and made his way to the chair. "Rest if you need to Captain...stretch your legs as well. We have a long journey ahead of us, and it would be an inconveniences if you were to end up passing out from exhaustion."

Not giving him any chance to reply or even refuse, Bones grabbed Kirk by the arm and jerked him from the room. "You heard the man, come on!"

Heading fast down the hall, Kirk only stumbled and let himself be dragged as they continued. Bones still had the urge to hit him as he gripped his arm tightly. "You're a child ya know that...first you complain about just sitting around, now you won't even enjoy the break you got. ...I still wonder why I hang out with you." Kirk continued in silence, his mind elsewhere. He gazed around the ship.

When not running like a mad man trying to stop the ship from going into a trap or fighting off crazy future Romulans, things seemed so different. The atmosphere was the most noticeable, including the people. They acknowledged him, stepped aside for him. It boosted his ego, but it didn't help the strange feeling that surrounded him. He quickly jerked away, skidding to a stop.

Bones looked back to him growling softly. He was in no mood to argue with Kirk. "What is wrong with you?..." After a few more glances around, Kirk looked to Bones, a serious look in his eyes.

"Do you not feel that?'s too damn quiet!" He turned away looking around some more. "Something's not right..." Bones watched him carefully. He must be paranoid. Who can blame him though...with all that he just went through and now launched back into Space.

"When was the last time you slept Jim?"

"This isn't about sleep!" Kirk quickly turned on his heels and he continued down the hall, but Bones quickly caught him by the arm and turned him to face him. As he examined him he noticed his eyes seemed lost but still full of seriousness, for whatever reason, now he really wish he knew. He was never like this...last time he had been this way was when he went up against Spock, took control of the Ship, and fought to get the Enterprise out of the Black hole.

"...What is it about then?"

Kirk looked away opening his mouth to speak, nothing came out though. The thought stuck in his mind. The atmosphere had him again...and still he didn't know what, and that's what bothered him the most.

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