Star Trek 2009: Infected

The Battle Begins

As the lift door opened everyone turned to face it. Kirk, Spock, and Bones stepped out quietly, Bones and Spock glanced to the Captain, seeing all eyes on him. He looked around the Bridge quietly, he was in a new uniform and as cleaned up as he possibly could be. His wounds were only noticeable if up close. Giving one last look around, Kirk quickly stepped up to his chair and he sat down pressing a button. "Scotty!"


"Come to the Bridge!"

"Aye, on the way."

Pressing the button again, Kirk rest his chin in his hand as he fell quiet getting lost in thought. Both Spock and Bones shared a look, Bones then leaned towards Kirk. "Something bothering you Jim?"

"I'm thinking...but you aren't going to like it though."

Bones rolled his eyes shaking his head with a smirk. "So what else is new...What's up?"

"We need to get Nero off of that ship, we do that and we can beat him." Before Bones could ask they all looked as Scotty stepped from the lift and made his way over.


Kirk stood quickly facing the man. "Scotty, I need a way to pull Nero's ship towards ours." Bones, Spock, and Scotty all eyed him with a raised brow which caused him to smirk softly. "You got us on this ship while in Warp, I know for sure you can do something like this, no biggie,...Please, just let me know you can try."

Scotty gave a nod as he thought. "I'm not going to make any promises, but damn, I sure can try!" Kirk smirked and pat him softly on the shoulder as he passed by, he then sat down taking a deep breath as he looked forward hard, Bones leaned close once again.

"So what's going on in that head of yours, Jim?"

"I am curious as well Captain, mind explaining?"

Kirk gave a slight shrug as he rest his chin in his hand. "Like I said, we need Nero off that ship..."

"How is pulling his ship towards ours going to help!?"

"I want him down on Delta Vega."

Bones shook his head letting out a sigh, Spock fidgeted a little looking away. Kirk quickly looked between them then he glared. "What, would you rather me go back onto that ship and get my ass handed to me again? I'd rather not deal with that again and I don't think anyone else here would either!"

"The same will just happen on the planet and not only will you end up broken you'll most likely freeze to death too...whose to say he won't gang up on you anyway?"

Kirk thought quietly rubbing his temple slowly. "I'll figure it out Bones...just let me think..." Bones growled and stomped away, Kirk rolled his eyes then he sighed looking up to Spock. "You're rather you agree with him?"

"I am concerned like him, so yes, Captain, but I feel you know what you are doing and I'd rather not stress you even more then you already are." He gave a nod. "I will let you do as you wish...but I will be staying at your side."

Kirk smiled and he reached out to pat him softly on the arm. "Thank you..."

As Sulu and Chekov kept their eyes out for Nero and Uhura listened for any transmissions, the others stood at the Captain's chair discussing with one another. Kirk eyed Bones and Spock as Bones gave him his usual "Damn it I'm a Doctor" speech and Spock only replied with something much more logical. He then returned his gaze to Scott who was explaining the possibilities of pulling a ship towards their own. It was all driving him crazy.

Kirk raised his hand to Scotty shaking his head silencing him from his ramble. "If it can't be done then what else do you suggest?"

"'s a little dangerous and I didn't want to bring it up..." Hearing this, Bones quickly turned to stop him but Kirk glared and the two shared a look then looked to Scott. Eying them both Scott gave a nod. "..If we get close enough to the ship I might be able to teleport Nero off of the ship, alone, and then I may be able to put him on the planet!"

Bones laughed softly and stepped between Kirk and Scott. "Bullshit, how certain are you anyway!?"

"Well, I'd have to look at a few things..." Scott's eyes moved as he began calculating in his head

"Well you better go do that now!" Scott jumped from his thoughts and Kirk grabbed Bones, pulling him back some.

"Hey Doctor don't you have someone to fix up!?" Bones glared then he looked as Spock stepped up.

"The Captain is right, you should return to Sickbay. You'll be called up if you are needed."

"Not a chance cause as soon as I do..."


Bones rolled his eyes as Spock turned towards Kirk who was eyeing them all. "Bones, get down to Sickbay! That's an order...Spock, take the Conn. Scotty!..." He stepped up and wrapped his arm around his shoulders and he made his way towards the lift fast with him. "Please explain what you have in mind!" With that he was gone and Bones let out a growl shaking his head.

Leaving the engineer room, Kirk slowly made his way down the hall. Scott had gone over the plan over and over again, the possibilities of everything going right was the same and it wasn't as if he didn't trust the man. "If I can teleport two men onto a moving ship and three from two different spots I'm positive I can do this simple task! It's fool proof!"

Nero wouldn't go down easy nor would Kirk be able to take him out with one lucky move. Guards would instantly step up, the ship would be controlled once again...Kirk wouldn't come out alive. Stopping at the lift, Kirk took a shaken breath. As he looked around, the walls flashed from red to normal. The visions would definitely throw him off...

Sighing, Kirk stepped away from the lift and pressed a button on a padd near by. "Kirk to Bridge."

"Bridge, Captain."

"Mr. Spock...Gather up a landing crew. ...I want you there as well." Kirk pressed the button again then headed to the transporter room.

As the crew stepped into the Transporter room Spock raised a brow seeing Kirk sitting on the steps of the transporter pad. He slipped away from the crew and stepped in front of him quickly. "Are you feeling unwell?"

"No no, I'm just resting my legs..." Kirk rubbed his chin softly, then he looked up to Spock. "...Can we do this Spock? ...Can I?"

"Of course you can, Captain, no question about it."

Kirk couldn't help but smile. "Are you just telling me that because that's what logic is saying?"

"Not at all Captain. I believe in you, as does the rest of the crew."

Kirk shook his head laughing softly. "I don't think Bones believes I can do it though..."

"I believe the Doctor is just worrying for you, are his best friend after all."

Kirk gave a soft laugh letting his hand drop as he looked towards the door. "...Sometimes I wonder."

"What do you mean, Captain?"

Kirk shook his head as he stood. "Are you ready to depart?" Spock gave a nod and lead the landing crew onto the transporter pad. Kirk watched then he pressed a button on the controls. "As soon as we are down on Delta Vega, Sulu, I want you to leave the atmosphere and lead Nero here...Scotty will handle the rest after that. Be safe..."

"You as well, Captain."

Kirk smiled hearing a good luck from him and the rest of the crew, he then turned off the communicator and let his finger hover over the Sickbay button. A part of him wanted to drag Bones down with him, but another part wanted him to worry about something else other then him.

"Captain?" Kirk looked to Spock who watched him, then gave a nod and quickly ran over. Turning to face Scotty he smiled softly. "Energize Mr. Scott...Keep in touch."

With a nod and quick click of a button, Scott smiled. "Good luck Captain!" With that they were gone.

"Captain Nero, The Enterprise is up ahead!" Nero looked up and upon seeing the Enterprise, quickly climbed to his feet.

"Go after them, fire all weapons! Take no survivors...but leave Kirk." He let them get away twice, but not again. He was going to slaughter everyone, leave Kirk to watch, then kill him in the worse way possible. The thought brought a smirk to his face as he watched the ship fast approach.

Uhura watched quietly from her chair, she then looked up as the lights began to flash, warning a "Red Alert". As the lift door opened, Sulu and Chekov shared a look when Bones came rushing in.

"Jim, what the..." He stopped seeing the empty chair, everyone looked away in silence. Shaking his head, Bones quickly left. Sulu sighed as he quietly raised the shields, Chekov watched him quietly then took a deep breath looking forward.

"I hope the Keptin knows what he is doing..."

Everyone silently agreed as they eyed the ship before them.

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